4 Reasons You Might Want To Move To Eureka, California


You may have dreamed of moving to California but were scared off by the high cost of living. Yet, there are affordable places to live in California, believe it or not. Although such places are far removed from the celebrities of Los Angeles and the tech millionaires of San Franciso, they are affordable, community-oriented cities that offer a lot in terms of scenic beauty and air quality.

One such city is Eureka. You may not even have known Eureka is a city, but it’s considered the heart of the U.S. redwood coast. Eureka is located in northern California and is the largest coastal city between San Franciso and Portland, Oregon. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider moving to the town.

The Region’s Beauty

The Region's Beauty of Eureka

Living in Eureka, you’re surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the country. Eureka is about 50 miles from Redwood National Park, which contains some of the world’s tallest and most impressive trees. In addition, the city itself is incredibly picturesque, as it’s situated near the Pacific Ocean. And the remoteness of the area only adds to its beauty.

There are also man-made structures that add to Eureka’s beauty. For example, the Carson Mansion is a large Victorian mansion located in Eureka, a historical landmark that every tourist should visit. Considered the standard for American Queen-Anne-style architecture, the house is widely regarded as the most ornate Victorian home in America. And this is just one of Eureka’s many Victorian homes.

The Low Cost of Living

The Low Cost of Living of Eureka

You’ll probably be left with sticker shock after finding out the average prices of homes in San Francisco and Los Angeles are $1.5 million and $1 million, respectively. But the average price of a home in Eureka is just $350,000, which would make Eureka an excellent place to consider investing in rental properties. In addition, the area is popular with tourists and is also highly sought after by people looking to migrate to the state.

And it isn’t just the real estate that’s relatively inexpensive in Eureka. The average costs of groceries, utilities, and transportation aren’t just lower than in the rest of California but lower than in the rest of the country. The medium income in Eureka is about $48,000, while the average U.S income is $31,000.

Good Public Schools

Good Public Schools

If you have a family and you’re wondering what the schools are like in Eureka, you’ll be happy to learn that Eureka holds up well. Public schools in the area are good and rank high on national and statewide levels, ensuring that your kids get quality early education.

The students at Eureka Senior High School can take Advanced Placement exams and courses to bolster their college credit; unsurprisingly, the AP participation rate at the school is about 38 percent.

A Cool, Clean Climate

A Cool, Clean Climate

If you’re one of those who don’t like scorching weather or freezing weather, Eureka’s climate would be ideal. This is because it’s a place that doesn’t get very hot or cold. For example, the average high and low temperatures in January are 56 and 41 degrees, respectively, while those in July are 63 and 52 degrees.

With temperatures like those, it’s clear that Eureka isn’t for those people who dream of moving to California for the endless sunshine and warm weather. But, of course, you can’t expect to have all that beautiful greenery without some rain. But, on the bright side, if you live in Eureka, you’ll be breathing some of the cleanest air in the state.

Eureka may not be the typical choice for those desiring to move to California, especially those looking for fun in the sun. But the city has a lot to offer in terms of its year-round beauty, its affordable cost of living, and the quality of its public schools. It also has a temperate climate that those who don’t enjoy extreme temperatures will appreciate. Because of its rugged character, Eureka may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it may just be yours.

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