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5 Excellent Tips On How To Grow Your Instagram

Tips on how to increase followers on Instagram

Instagram is a social network platform where people share videos and photos. However, it can also be used for more than just sharing photos and videos. And it also presents an opportunity for building loyal followers that can help the business grow.

Did you know that researchers have estimated that over 500 million users browse Instagram daily? Based on that, Instagram is one of the platforms with the most engaged audiences in the world. The platform can be used as visual marketing and advertising channel for a person’s brand. The challenge most people face is finding clever ways to utilize this platform to make a fortune. Here are the top tips for growing your Instagram audience:

Ways to Grow One’s Instagram

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Having inactive, fake followers can make Instagram boring, but with the right followers, Instagram is one of the most interesting platforms to utilize for one’s profit. Using the right strategy can help one grow their profile and increase engagement with many followers over time. To monetize and Grow your Instagram, you might consider following these tips below:

  • Consistency

    The secret is that people tend to follow others not based on the list of things one posted before; rather, the individuals check one’s profile and follow based on the promise of what one will post next. It is about the future, which is why consistency is very important. Consistency has an impact on growing followers and monetizing the platform.

  • Hopping on trends

    Grow your Instagram by taking advantage and hopping on trends. This is done by aligning your content with hashtags and topics that are trending. You will find this as one of the most effective ways to improve engagement and increase the chances of being discovered by more potential followers.

  • Organizing stories into highlights

    You have a very short time to convince people who come across your business profile to hit that follow button. Therefore, every microsecond counts and a glimpse is what it takes to attract one’s attention. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using the highlights feature. That way, you can organize your Instagram stories that make it easy to understand what the Instagram account is all about. 

  • Snatching competitor’s followers

    You can take time to engage with the audiences of your competitors. If done right, it is one of the most effective ways to lure these people to follow one’s account instead. This step is easy because your competitor’s followers have shown interest in the products both accounts are promoting. Therefore, you can be sure this is the right group of people to target.

  • Posting at the right time

    Timing is everything; using the targeted approach to post requires assessment. This approach can help you analyze the history to determine what works and what does not determine the appropriate time to post.


There are so many ways to grow an Instagram audience, of which this article has only highlighted a fraction. But, although these methods have proven to be some of the most effective ways to grow your Instagram, it is important to note that it is just like any other social media platform. That means that the best strategy is usually to be authentic, social, and making sure that what one content to post and at the right time.

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