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5 Ways of Staying Safe at the Beach

5 Ways of Staying Safe at the Beach

We’re progressing through spring, and summer is not too far around the corner. When it arrives, you can be certain that many individuals and families will be making their way to the beach. America boasts some beautiful beaches and resorts, and they’re excellent places to spend a hot summer day.

However, while the beach can be fun for the entire family, you need to make sure to respect the sun and its fierce heat. Climate change means hotter temperatures are now the norm, and even a little bit of time in the direct sunlight can burn you or your family members painfully.

Let’s look at some of the best ways to stay safe as you enjoy your beach time this year.

Set Up a Shelter Tent

set up a shelter tent at the beach

One way to solve the heat is to buy and set up a shelter tent for the beach. There are several companies that make shelter tents that are inexpensive and easy to erect.

You can look at some of the different options that are out there and choose from among them. You can get larger ones that can accommodate several people or smaller ones for just a couple of individuals.

Make sure to practice setting up the tent at home before you do so at the beach. You want to make sure that if you need any tools for the setup process, you bring them along on your beach adventure.

Stay Out of the Sunlight at Peak Times of Day

Stay Out of the Sunlight at Peak Times of Day

You should also avoid spending any time in the direct sunlight when the sun is the hottest and the most intense. That’s probably going to be approximately from the hours of ten in the morning to two in the afternoon.

If you bring the family to the beach in the early morning when the sun has just come up, or you wait until late afternoon or early evening when it’s about to go down, that way, you can dodge the most punishing rays. If you are out and about while the sun is at its peak, make sure that you get under your tent’s shelter and stay there rather than swimming, making sandcastles, and so forth.

Wear Lots of Sunscreen

a woman applying sunscreen at the shoulders of a child at the beach

You should also bring your sunblock along and make sure to slather it on multiple times during the day. You need to remind your kids to wear it too, so they don’t forget.

If you’re not sure what SPF sunblock you should get, do some research, or talk to the family doctor. You might also want to go with spray-on sunscreen rather than the lotion-style version. If you use the spray-on version, you don’t need to rub it into your skin and then wash your hands or wipe them off on a towel.

Protect Your Feet

a pair of shoes on the beach

As you and your kids enjoy the beach, you may want to consider wearing flip-flops or sandals. At the day’s hottest times, the sand can heat up to the point where it is practically scalding. Even if you only walk on it for a few paces barefoot, you can hurt your soles quite a bit.

You should also wear protective footwear because there might be broken glass or sharp shells on the beach. If you are in an area where there are drug users nearby, as happens in some resort communities, you might even need to watch out for used syringes.

You may encounter jellyfish washed up on the beach as well. If you step on one, it can deliver a nasty sting. Some of them have potent neurotoxin, and you never know if you or a family member is allergic to it.

Don’t Swim When There’s No Lifeguard on Duty

Warning sign at the beach no lifeguard on Duty Swim at your risk

You should also only spend time on the beach when there is a lifeguard around. If you’re staying at a resort, there will probably be guard towers and times of the day when guards are on duty.

If you’re out on the beach at night or very early before any guards are out, you’ll have to swim at your own risk. That’s probably a poor idea, especially if you have your kids with you.

Your kids might want to swim, but if the undertow catches them, you may not be a strong enough swimmer to get out there and save them. It’s better if you only use the beach when there is a trained lifeguard around.

If you follow these tips, you and your family should enjoy your beach vacation time.

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