5 Wonderful Ideas For Decorating Your Bedroom With Throw Pillows


When you want to add some uniqueness and your own style to your bedroom, there are many ways to do it from changing the design of the whole room to adding some eye-catching elements to make the bedroom more interesting and individual.

Of course, redesigning the bedroom is always exciting, but what if you don’t have time and money to do it? Or probably, you have just made new repairs to your bedroom but it still looks too boring? In this article, we will provide you with easy and low-costing ideas on how to decorate your bedroom with bright throw pillows to make it nicer, and cozier.

There is no secret that decorative pillows can change the atmosphere of your room significantly. With them, you can add new textures, colors, characters, and make your bed look modern and stylish. Needless to say, a bed without pillows may look empty, but overloading the room with pillows can make it look a bit messy. Different people prefer various styles, and we will provide several ideas for decoration to match your taste. Create your bedroom’s unique style and emphasize your individuality by adding some pillows to your interior!

Minimal Design

Minimal Design For Pillows

If you prefer minimal design and a stylish look without too many colors, just stack your standard pillows at the bed’s head to make a backrest for a couple of decorative pillows in pastel colors. You can lay them down or stand up, on your choice.

If you want to create a symmetrical look, choose even numbers of throw pillows. Any variants in sizes and shapes are fully acceptable to make a unique and cozy atmosphere for your bedroom. You can change decorative pillows in colors similar to walls, curtains, or a carpet to keep the chosen palette of the whole room and also accent your bed perfectly. Decorative pillows are great to make your bedroom stylish, but these are perfect things for reading in the bed when you can use them to feel more comfortable.

Mixing Up Pillows


If you are ready to experiment with colors, let’s start! Usually, when designers style a bed, they start with four white pillows and bed linen. Of course, white is a great color for a bedroom – it is fresh, versatile, and provides many variants to make new combinations of various colors as well as adding different accessories and furnishings.

If you have white pillows and linen but want to add some colors without overloading your bed, the best decision is to use custom pillows in a couple of colors similar to your bedroom’s design. For example, if you have green walls, select two throw pillows in a green tone similar to walls and two pillows of the same size in another color that can be well-matched to green, for example, light-beige. Mix up throw pillows on your standard pillows to create a stylish and sophisticated look in minimal design. You can put them symmetrically or make your own design for an eye-catching look.

Add Some Color


Try to put odd numbers of decorative pillows on the bed to make it look more interesting and individual. Just stack a couple of pillows on each side of your bed and place one in the middle. You can mix shapes and sizes to create an interesting and even unusual look. Put a textured colorful pillow at the front to be a final point of this design. Take colors from other elements of your bedroom to keep the color palette.

Of course, some bold colors are acceptable too! If you have a bedroom in white or beige tones but feel you need some daring elements to make it brighter. Try to choose decorative pillows in brighter colors (yellow, pink, blue). You can select all the pillows in one color or mix colors to create a fun and unusual style!

Create a Luxury Bedroom


If you want to make your bedroom look elegant and luxurious like a hotel room, you can use European large pillows. They can create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere if you choose them correctly. Combine these big pillows with decorative throw pillows in a range of different sizes and cascade them down to bed.

It’s better to select patterned throw pillows to create a sophisticated look. You can also try to add dark pillows to a white bed to make a contrasting and impressive bedroom. Experiment with colors and pillows’ sizes to make a perfect look. Choose classic colors and traditional patterns with flowers or ornaments. You can add an even number of pillows and put them symmetrically for a perfect look. So, now everything is done? Welcome to the best hotel room of your dreams!

Play With Shapes

Beautifull Pillow

Who said you need to choose only standard square pillows for your bedroom? You can experiment with styles, colors, and even shapes to create an incredible look in your bedroom! Everything depends on your taste and style: you can choose round, oval, or even heart-shaped decorative pillows to add some uniqueness to your bedroom.

And what about funny pillows that look like apples or watermelon slices? Provide some creativity with throw pillows in the shape of various smiles, and meet every new morning with a smile on your face! The most creative people may try to decorate their bed with a custom human pillow you can find on AllAboutVibe. Create your own designs and express yourself using various pillows!


Decorative elements in any room play a huge role, including your bedroom. People spend about ⅓ of their lives in bed, so it’s important to make this room inviting, distinctive, and cozy. If you want to make your bedroom more interesting and unique, try to choose acceptable throw pillows to decorate your bed, and the whole room will look different.

Do not be afraid to experiment with sizes, colors, and shapes to create your unique design! We hope that our tips were useful, and you have changed your bedroom for the better with new pillows!

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