Tips & Tricks for Removing Hair Dye Stains from Clothes and Carpets

Removing Hair Dye Stains from Clothes

When coloring our hair in the desired shade, most of us accidently get splotches of hair dye on our skin, clothes, and the floor underneath. Trust us; it can happen to any one of us besides having the towels wrapped all around. Unfortunately, the hair dye stain is extremely stubborn and gets tougher to remove if it sits anywhere but the hair. The longer this witty stain is left untreated, the more difficult it gets to remove.

Interestingly, hair dyes are made with various ingredients, so their stains should be treated accordingly. People usually need to be made aware of how these specific hair pigments will react to the fabric. Any harsh scrubbing of the stain upon the cloth can make the stain penetrate deeper into the fabric layers, making it impossible to remove. Also, since the nature of each clothing fabric differs, it is important to know which types of chemicals or cleaning agents should not be applied to the stained fabric. Females usually expose their garments to the hair dye during the at-home hair dye process. Even a tiny splash of hair color can make your clothes look entirely damaged, and once it is left there for more than a limited time, your clothes are going nowhere but inside the trash box.

In this blog post, we have enlisted the ways of getting the hair dye out of the clothes, but it is always suggested to look into the tag inside the fabric where the recommended washing method is suggested.

How to Remove Hair Dye Stains from Clothes?

How to Remove Hair Dye Stains from Clothes?

Different types of fabrics have different types of cleaning methods; for example, denim, polyester, and linen can withstand vigorous scrubbing if it gets stained. If soaked in hot water, the fabric does not break down. You may follow the steps to remove the stain from clothes.

  • Once you drop a splash of hair dye on your clothes, immediately take it off. Put liquid laundry detergent with stain-lifting enzyme on the stained area and rinse it well with a soft-bristled brush. Use oxygen-based bleach according to the manufacturer’s instructions in a bucket or sink filled with cold water. Soak in the stained garment and leave it overnight. Wash it and see if the stain has gone. If still some stain marks are left, soak it again in the fresh bleach solution.
  • If the fabric is white, add 1/4th cup of chlorine bleach into one gallon of water and soak the fabric in the solution for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash it completely with clean water. Soaking a fabric in the bleaching solution for more than 20 minutes can loosen the fabric and damage it completely.
  • If a red hair dye produces the stain, it would be removed differently. Add ½ tablespoon of liquid dishwashing into 1/4th gallon of water and one spoon of ammonia and mix them thoroughly in a plastic container. Soak in the stained area and let it rest for 15 minutes. Pull out the fabric and rub the stain gently with your fingers. Soak it again for a good 15 minutes.

Prepare another cleaning solution in a separate plastic container by adding 1/4th cup of distilled white vinegar into 1/4th of a gallon of water. Soak in the stained area for another 30 minutes and then wash it. Adding oxygen-based bleach to cold water will remove the remaining stain marks. Soak the fabric inside the solution overnight and wash it.

How to Remove Hair Dye Stains from the Carpet?

How to Remove Hair Dye Stains from the Carpet

The scraped surface of the carpet is an entirely different texture from the usual clothing fabric and so requires a different method to remove stains from its surface. If the carpet gets stained by a hair dye, you may follow the given instructions to save your carpet from being damaged or wrinkled.

  • Use a butter knife to scrape off the excessive hair dye from the carpet’s surface.
  • Take 2 cups of lukewarm water and add one tablespoon of liquid dish soap and one tablespoon of distilled white vinegar in it.
  • Take a clean piece of cloth and soak it into the mixture. Now, dab the cloth on the stained area and clean it with a dry cloth.
  • Dab the area with clean, cold water and let it dry.
  • If the stain is still left, take 1 cup of warm water and mix it with one tablespoon of liquid dish soap and three tablespoons of vinegar clean the stain with this solution and let it rest for half an hour. Dab the stain with cold water and let it dry.

Things to Consider While Removing the Hair Dye from Your Clothes

Things to Consider While Removing the Hair Dye from Your Clothes

The entire process of removing hair dye stains from any fabric requires precision and patience. There are a few useful tips and things to consider while eliminating these stubborn stains.

  • If the fabric is labeled ‘dry clean only,’ do not throw it in any deterging or bleaching agent. Take your garment to a professional dry cleaner to save your fabric from any damage.
  • If the stain has not been removed from the fabric, do not use a drying machine, as it can transfer into the fabric’s deeper layers.
  • If the stain is not removed after all the stain removal treatments, you need to take it to fabric cleaning professionals.
  • If a bedsheet gets stained with a hair dye, you need to soak only the stained area, and once the stain is removed, launder the bedsheet in hot water.
  • If you remove stains from the carpet, always test the stain-removing treatment on a smaller area. If it gets wrinkled or starts discoloring, do not apply the stain removal procedure to save your carpet from any further damage.
  • The faster you treat the stain, the better it goes away. Pull your fabric out and put it in the sink beneath the cold running water as your fabric gets stained. You may also apply to rub alcohol to avoid the stain getting into the deep fabric layers.
  • It is always suggested to wear an old T-shirt while coloring your hair so you never feel bad about damaging your new clothes if you get any stains.
  • Wear gloves while applying hair color so the dye stain does not come in contact with the skin.
  • Always use a soft-bristled brush to rub the stain so the fabric is not damaged during rubbing.

Bottom Line

Hair dye is one of the most difficult stains to get rid of from clothing and carpets. But there are still some effective ways to get them off, which require patience and perseverance. Try to treat the stain as soon as you see it, no matter what surface your hair dye adhered to. The longer it stays, the more difficult it will be to eliminate it. Suppose the stains are not removed after all the treatments at home. In that case, you may need to ask for help from professional dry cleaners, as they use high-quality chemicals and detergents, making it easy to remove the stain without damaging the fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does hair dye stain permanently stay on the fabric?

The hair dye is manufactured to color your hair permanently for some time, after which it starts fading away. Its stain is very difficult to remove once it touches the fabric. If the stain is left untreated for a long time, it becomes even harder to remove.

Can vinegar remove hair dye stains?

Vinegar has excellent properties to remove different types of stains, even stubborn ones. Soak the stained fabric for 30 minutes into the mixture of 1/4th gallon of water and 1/4th cup of white distilled vinegar. Launder the garment after 30 minutes. The smell of vinegar might feel disgusting, but it tends to fight even heavy stains, including hair dye and bleach.

What is the best stain remover for hair dye?

The best and most effective hair dye stain removers include Framar Kolor Killer Wipes, Green Harmonies Miracle Barrier, Manic Panic Dye Away Wipes Color remover, King research Dy-Zoff Lotion, and Ion stain remover.

Can baking soda remove stains?

Baking soda has amazing stain removal properties and is a strong agent to remove stains from the fabric. All you need is to add 5 to 6 tablespoons of baking soda into 1/3rd cup of warm water and create a paste. Rub it gently on the stained area and let it rest for a few minutes. Rinse it with clean water.

Can baking soda damage clothes?

Yes, baking soda is a fabric-friendly agent and does not damage it. It is safe to use on any type of fabric and does not ruin the fabric’s quality.

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