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75 Soft Challenge for Fitness Goes Viral

75 Soft Challenge for Fitness Goes Viral

Today, we live in a world where social media trends take no time to go viral! The start of the year comes with new challenges, goals, and motivations for almost everyone. One of the new challenges that took the internet by storm this year was the 75 soft challenge. It didn’t take long for this trend to go viral! Since the 75-hard challenge wasn’t for everyone because of its strict nature, this challenge came as a good alternative, encouraging people to adopt good lifestyle habits for a time frame of 75 days. Wondering what the viral trend is? How does it work and how you can take it? If you’re here to know more about the 75 soft challenge, you’re at the right place. Let’s not keep you waiting!

75 Soft Challenge: What is It?75 Soft Challenge What is it

The 75 soft challenge emerged after the 75 hard challenge, aiming to give people an incentive to adopt a healthy lifestyle and keep them motivated. As the trend went viral, many people joined in and reported a visible positive change in their health. The challenge has certain rules as we have covered below that participants need to follow for a 75 days.

In contrast to the earlier one, this challenge consists of four rules and offers more realistic goals. The challenge includes workouts, flexible meal plans, and personal development.

The Checklist for 75-day Soft Challenge

The 75-day soft challenge checklist was designed after consultation with personal trainers and nutrition experts, so don’t worry about the risks. The checklist isn’t about an all-or-none thing. It’s about structuring your days so you can achieve your goals.

The 75 Soft Challenge RulesThe 75 Soft Challenge Rules

Now that you have an idea about the challenge itself, let’s have a look at the soft 75 challenge rules. Don’t worry, the rules of the challenge aren’t very hard but rather a simple way to improve your overall well-being.

Everyone can give the challenge a shot. Here are the rules of the challenge!

  1. Train every day for 45 minutes for 75 days. No days are to be taken off, but you can take one day off every week as an active recovery period.
  2. Eat healthy and well, and drink only on social occasions.
  3. Take in 3 liters of water per day.
  4. Read ten pages of your favorite book or any other every day.

Yes, those are all the rules. Seems very simple, right?

75 Soft Challenge: Why it Went Viral

What made the challenge go viral? Well, most of the popularity of this challenge is because of its realistic approach. Most people found this challenge more approachable and realistic compared to the 75 hard challenge. Hence, more and more people followed the trend and joined in. As the goals are more approachable and easy to adopt and follow daily, many people jumped onto the bandwagon. Many people who had fitness goals and wanted to adopt a healthy lifestyle took this challenge as a way to achieve these goals realistically. Hence, the trend went viral, and many social media stars joined.

75 Soft of 75 Hard Challenge: Which is Harder?75 Soft of 75 Hard Challenge Which is Harder

If we look at the earlier 75 hard challenges, the participants were expected to follow some serious rules, including a diet (not specified which), cut out on alcohol use, a strict 45-minute workout every day whatever the weather conditions are, reading 10 pages of any inspirational non-fiction book, and drink 1 gallon of water. Moreover, people also needed to take a picture of their body every day to track the everyday improvment. Many people believe that such strict rules could lead to the development of dangerous habits over time. This challenge focused more on maintain your mental health habits than weight loss, but taking photos shifted the focus to transformation.

On the other hand, the 75 soft challenge seemed to be easier. With this challenge, participants needed to move their bodies but also take a rest in between. Instead of completely cutting off alcohol as with the previous challenge, this one focused on limiting consumption. Also instead of dieting, the focus is on eating healthy and well.

Because of the less strict restrictions, the 75 soft challenge seems to be a better option for most people who cannot take follow the 75 hard challenge. Can’t take the 75 hard challenge? Try the 75 soft challenge instead!

75 Soft and Hard Challenge: What Do the People Have to Say?75 Soft and Hard Challenge What Do the People Have to Say

While many people have dared to take the 75 hard challenge, others have complained about the rigid rules of the challenge, believing they could trigger negative habits and behaviors.

With the 75 soft challenge, however, people seemed to give a positive response, loving the challenge as a good way to start of their healthy routine. Many have expressed joy over the fact that this challenge has less extreme rules, hence is more realistic. Other than that, many people have made their personal versions of this challenge, removing healthy eating and replacing it with mindfulness and journaling. Are you inspired enough yet? You can also get the  75 soft challenge printable free and get started with it today!

Final Words

In our social media-dominated world, any trend that starts spreads like wildfire! What began as the 75 hard challenge some while ago, paved way for the 75 soft challenge that took the internet by storm at the start of 2022. Yet, we aren’t done yet! More and more people are still joining in the trend. Those who found the 75 hard challenge a little too daunting, took the 75 soft challenge as a softer alternative to improve their lifestyle and well-being.

It’s never too late to start. Even if we’re half way through this year. Do you like the new trend? Do you think it can really help you achieve your fitness and health goals? You’ll never really know till you try it out for yoruself! If you think you’re up for it, be a part of the viral trend today!

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