8 YouTube Makeup Artists to Inspire Your Next Makeover

Love bright and bold eye makeup? How about glowy, bronzy skin? Do you love the look, but you’re not sure how to get it?

Maybe you’re struggling to start makeup, or you’re looking for new inspiration. If you need some instruction, turn to these YouTube makeup artists. This platform is full of well-known, up and coming, and just-starting talent.

If you need an everyday no-makeup makeup look, there’s a YouTuber who’s done it. Need a review of a product you’ve been wanting to try? A beauty vlogger has done a review.

These eight YouTube makeup artists will help you with beauty tips and makeup tutorials.

Haley Kim

If you’re looking for inspiration for your natural glow, Haley Kim’s channel is one you should check out. She’s the queen of the no-makeup makeup look. No matter the video, Haley’s skin has that coveted base glow.

Her “less is more” philosophy emulates through her makeup and skincare routine videos. Dewy skin, natural eyebrows, and light mascara are staples of her look.

Subscribe to Haley’s channel for no foundation makeup tips, beauty brand reviews, natural and neutral makeup tutorials, and glowy, clear skincare routine. Her channel is self-titled Haley Kim.

Samantha March

Samantha Match couples beauty reviews with comments on overbuying makeup. She’s a real and unfiltered beauty blogger who steadfastly gives her opinion, whether it has supported or goes against the grain.

Her makeup looks are a soft glam, mixing a flowy face and bold, colorful eye makeup. She shares her favorite new products in a well-known series called “Will I Buy It?”. She reviews makeup releases, ranks products, reveals products she no longer buys.

She’s passionate about reducing overconsumption and encourages subscribers to limit excessive spending. You can watch Samantha’s content on her self-titled YouTube channel and Instagram account.

Tiffany Jones

Need a tutorial for all-out glam makeup looks? The beauty YouTuber Tiffany Jones is your answer. Tiffany is a chameleon, excellent at playing with colors and styles, and continuously transforming her look.

Her channel focuses on a variety of soft glam looks for a full face. Achieving a look with flawless skin, bold lips, colorful eyes, and glamourous false eyelashes is her specialty. She finishes her looks with hair inspiration, often using various stylish wigs.

Standing out with creative elements is what makes this girl a must-watch. If you need help putting on a full face, subscribe to makeuptiffanyj for all the creative glam inspiration you could ever want.

Jovita George

Jovita George’s channel perfectly mixes skincare tips and glam makeup tutorials. She’s an advocate for having healthy skin and good beauty habits to have the best canvas you can. Her makeup looks are glowy with bold eyes and lips.

On her channel, Jovita reviews makeup and skincare products, giving her honest opinion on each. She tells you which product she would buy again, which ones she’s getting rid of, and what products she recommends you buy.

Her frank opinion and beauty tips make her a well-loved YouTube makeup artist. Subscribe to her self-titled channel, Jovita George.

Want to refer back to your favorite beauty tutorial? Download YouTube videos with so you can easily save videos.

Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang brings much-needed representation into the beauty industry. As a dark-skin beauty vlogger, she brings attention to the lack of shade ranges in makeup brands. Testing products on herself, she shows what works and doesn’t on darker skin.

She regularly offers to Get Ready With Me videos, creating both bold and neutral makeup looks. Her tutorials show how to wear bright colors like yellow and orange as well as how to achieve a glowy skin look on darker skin.

If you want an honest review of the shade ranges or brands that cater to a variety of skin tones, Nyma Tang’s channel is one you must subscribe, too.

Vanessa Funes

Are your eyes your favorite feature? Are you trying to bring more attention to them? Vanessa Funes can help with that.

Gone are the days of simple, classic eyeliner; instead, it’s all about the colorful graphic looks. If you’re trying to stay on trend with bold eyeliner, the cutcreaser channel is your go-to. Designs from floating lines to graphic flames offer major inspiration.

Vanessa has put on eyeliner down to a science. So even if you don’t want the super trendy graphic looks, her tips and tricks can be applied to traditional eyeliner as well. Subscribe to cutcreaser for colorful and graphic eyeliner looks.

Rachel Tyler

Some makeup can really break the bank. So if you’re looking for beauty on a budget, you need to check out Rachel Tyler’s channel. She reviews drugstore brands worth buying, no matter how much you have to spend on beauty products.

Her makeup looks are minimal but nothing short of glam. Focusing on bold eyeshadows, fluffy brows, and trendy style, Rachel’s channel is ideal for a young, fresh look. She also focuses on getting glowy skin through skincare routines.

All makeup enthusiasts know the worth of a good affordable brand. Rachel’s channel, Rachel Tee Tyler, is a great place to see what those brands and products can do.

Alba Ramos

If you’re into clean beauty, Alba Ramos is a must-watch channel for you. Both clean beauty rookies and pros will find her channel helpful, entertaining, and informative. She shows how easy an organic and clean beauty routine can be.

On her channel, she reviews clean beauty products. She takes care to find “organic” and “non-toxic” makeup, haircare, and skincare products. Her makeup tutorials range from minimal makeup to a full face, all with natural products.

The best starting place for everything clean beauty is Alba Ramos’s YouTube channel, SunKissAlba.

Learning From YouTube Makeup Artists

Many YouTube makeup artists are self-taught so their skills are totally achievable. These beauty bloggers are great if you’re a makeup newbie or trying to get some inspiration to mix up your routine.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your natural, everyday style or a bold night-out look, there is probably a makeup tutorial to help you.

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