A Guide to Building a Resilient Team Through Employee Recognition

Guide To Building A Resilient Team

Employers are looking for ways to build resilient teams in the workforce. Employee recognition is one of the best ways to show appreciation and boost morale in a workplace, so it pays to learn how to create an effective recognition program. Employee recognition goes a long way in cultivating a culture of appreciation and strong bonds. But the benefits are not just for the employees.

You get so many benefits as an employer when you build your workforce with employee recognition in mind. And there are ways to do it, too! This article will cover employee recognition benefits, tactics on how you can practice employee engagement, and some motivation tips for your team.

1. Employee Appreciation Events/ Days

Employee Appreciation Events or day

Employee recognition is best for employees who have worked for an employer for years. This kind of recognition sets up a bond with the employer that will last way beyond the celebratory event. It also allows the experience to be more personal. If the employee is a senior, they are more likely to feel special while they are being recognized; if they are junior, they will be sharing the moment with more people.

When you give a day off to senior employees, they have time to rest and recuperate. Being given time off allows younger employees to bond with the older employees. The team members are also free from their usual daily routine and responsibilities. This allows them to spend more quality time with family and friends on activities that they enjoy. Also, this is a great way for employers to solve work-life balance problems.

2. Bonus/ Treats

If your company does not have a regular bonus, treat, or even paid leave policy, employee recognition events are a great way to keep employees happy. This is because they are also able to take home bonuses and gifts. Moreover, when you give employees an extra day free from work, they will also have time to rest. This helps boost productivity for the next week. It is important to remember that your employees are human beings and rewards will motivate them more than being told what to do.

When you give them cash, it can be perceived as an incentive towards their work while if you give them something tangible like jewelry or even an Apple iPhone X, they will feel valued too.

3. Team Building

Having a team-building event is helpful for building strong, cohesive teams. If this policy is extended to all team members, it can bond even individuals in different departments together as well. Team building events allow employees to learn about each other’s personal lives, interests, and skills.

It also gives them an opportunity to practice social skills such as being more extroverted and engaging with other employees. Just like in a classroom setting, team-building exercises will require one group to work together against another group or even individuals. This can be done through their individual skills or by thinking outside the box.

4. Awards

A Guide To Building A Resilient Team Through Employee Recognition is Awards

Employee recognition awards can be given to employees who have reached a certain goal. For example, if they have achieved a specific sales target or maintained a good performance report. You can also reward your employees with “employee of the month” awards to boost their morale and yours! Furthermore, these awards can be found in a trophy store and can be customized according to your requirements. They are great for celebrating success, sales, or just a general achievement that you want to recognize.

5. Holiday/ Vacation


Holiday and vacation days are part of the employment contract. However, if your employees need these days to feel whole and happy during this time, employee recognition events are made for you! Employees will appreciate the fact that they are being given a break from work while they do something fun during their time off. Furthermore, it will also help them to relax and even spend more time with loved ones.

6. Employee Recognition Wall

A Guide To Building A Resilient Team Through Employee Recognition is Employee Recognition Wall

If you have an employee recognition wall prominently displayed at your premises, you are doing something right as an employer. This will create a sense of unity and camaraderie among the team members. Even if your employees hail from different departments, it will give a feeling that they are more than just colleagues, but family to each other. This will help the morale of the group get a boost and they will be able to share their experiences with each other and learn from their mistakes too.


Employee recognition is always a great idea to boost productivity, retain employees, and provide inner satisfaction. It is important that you motivate your employees from time to time to avoid demotivating them by expecting too much from them. If you continue to do this regularly, your team members will feel appreciated for all the hard work they have put in for the organization.

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