Are Nuisance Birds Able to Damage Your Home?

To many, birds are incredibly interesting creatures, as their unique ability to fly makes them stand out among other animals. While they may be interesting, they are also a real nuisance in many cases. While it might be surprising, birds can cause serious damage to your home and can also potentially harm you and your family. Some species are worse than others, but birds, in general, can be quite the pests. Continue reading to find out how nuisance birds can damage your home.

Are Nuisance Birds Able to Damage Your Home?


If you have ever been around a large group of birds, you have more than likely seen large amounts of droppings that they leave behind. Bird droppings contain chemicals that cause very quick corrosion in most metals, especially when there are large groups of birds situated on or over the metal structure. Corrosion eventually weakens the metal and can lead to leaks and even collapse potentially. Pigeons are a big contributor to this type of damage, as they generally leave a lot of droppings. It’s important to protect your structures by preventing birds. You can find some pigeon prevention tips here.

Are Nuisance Birds Able to Damage Your Home?

Structural Damage

Many birds will not bore into your wood structures, as they would rather find shelter among trees or bushes. There are a few types of birds, however, that can cause some pretty serious structural damage to any wood materials of your home. Woodpeckers are one of the most common birds that love to dig into wood objects with their beaks. They do this to search for food or to make a nice home for themselves and their young. While these holes might not seem like a big deal, over time, it can lead to serious structural weakening. In addition, these holes provide access for other nuisance animals to enter your home.

Are Nuisance Birds Able to Damage Your Home?

Health Issues

One of the most important problems that birds inside of a home can cause has to do with the health of you and your family. Bird droppings, and birds themselves, carry all kinds of nasty viruses and diseases, such as E. coli, salmonella, cryptococcus, and histoplasmosis. All of these diseases and viruses are potentially fatal. In addition, birds carry parasites like mealworms, mites, and ticks, creating an even more serious problem. Even though your bird problem may be contained in the attic or within your walls, they will eventually find somewhere to access the interior of your home. Oftentimes, these nuisance birds can be carrying the newest avian flu, and that can be easily spread to humans. The health issues birds can cause is often one of the biggest concerns of home and business owners. That’s why if you are dealing with a bird infestation, it is vital to find a pro in your area to remove bird pests.

Are Nuisance Birds Able to Damage Your Home?

Fire Risk

Besides the health issues that can be caused by nuisance birds, fire risk is probably the most dangerous and potentially deadly of all of them. It might sound crazy, but in many buildings that go ablaze, the blame can often be attributed to birds. Birds commonly build nests and shelter inside of tubes, pipes, vents, and many other places. In homes, the most common place they will nest is inside of chimneys. Obviously, if hot air or cold air cannot get through a pipe or vent, it can create heat and pressure, which can potentially lead to a fire. In chimneys, it is even easier for the nest to catch fire and cause a serious fire in your home.

Are Nuisance Birds Able to Damage Your Home?

Flooding Risk

Flooding is a serious problem that birds often have a hand in when it comes to homes and businesses. If these nuisance birds, most likely pigeons, sit on your house or business’s roof, they will leave all kinds of feathers and droppings everywhere. These feathers may eventually back up your gutter or drain, creating a flooding situation. In addition, they may decide to build nests in your gutters, creating an even more serious damming up of water. Flooding is a big deal, and it is important that every effort is made in preventing it.

How to Keep These Problems Away

There are many steps you can take to keep nuisance birds like woodpeckers and pigeons away from your home and property. One of the best investments you can make is to hire a professional wildlife control expert to inspect your home and give you recommendations on how to prevent bird infestations. In addition, they can install preventive measures and even take care of pre-existing infestations. If you are a DIY-er, there are a couple of things you can do. One important one is to trim your trees so that no large branches are hanging over your home. This provides a perfect place for birds to nest and leave their droppings right on your home. One other step you can take is to place a chimney guard on your chimney that will keep birds and other nuisance animals out.

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