Automatic Coffee Machines for Hotel and Office Needs

Automatic Coffee Machines for Hotel and Office Needs

Do you know that coffee fanatics are more productive at work? If you run a business, productivity is all you need from your employees, right? Before COVID, we have seen offices giving more importance to providing a better working atmosphere to their employees and, even post-COVID, the urge to provide comfort and pleasure to the employees stay there.

An automatic coffee machine is one of those tiny pleasures that are time-saving and instantly encourage a stress-free working atmosphere. On average, over 1,000 cups of coffee are consumed daily in an office space, equating to almost 20 minutes of making and drinking a cup of coffee daily. The fact that coffee drinkers are better at work and feel less tired at the end of the day makes an automatic coffee machine a staple in the office atmosphere.

But does this huge investment really worth it? Let’s explore below.

Reasons to Invest in an Automatic Coffee MachineInvest in an Automatic Coffee Machine

Our taste buds react differently to a shot of coffee, but one thing that remains common is the freshness a freshly brewed coffee brings to the table, especially on a hectic Monday morning. You don’t have to piss off your busy and work-loaded morning with that little and slow espresso machine when you have the facility to enjoy your favorite shot of coffee directly from an automatic coffee machine. The size and efficiency of an instant coffee machine make it a perfect choice for large office spaces, and with a plethora of advanced features, it makes the coffee-making process instant and fresh. The coffee beans are ground into the flavor fullness of a coffee shot within no time, and you can enjoy the freshness of coffee during your office hours without any time wastage.

The remarkable advancements in a coffee machine over the last few years have made it a contemporary and efficient part of an office place, and with so many benefits that it provides, an automatic coffee machine really worth the investment.


No need to work in large queues or nip out from work to visit a coffee shop when an instant coffee machine gives you the fresh aroma of a coffee only with the push of a button.  A strong cup of cappuccino does not take much longer when brewed directly from an instant coffee maker.

Coffee Around-the-Clock

It is crucial in hotels to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for customers. Key contributions in the best-class hospitality services also include automatic machines, which give customers a convenient way to enjoy coffee instantly. The automatic coffee machine ensures a constant stream of freshly made coffee, whether a customer wants it late at night or just wants to enjoy freshly brewed coffee in the early morning.

Freshly Brewed Coffee

When roasted and ground, the coffee beans give your coffee a fresh taste instantly, which is impossible otherwise. The oils that are extracted after the coffee beans are ground inside the built-in grinder of the automatic coffee machine give your coffee a much-needed, revitalizing flavor. Whether you want to test new coffee beans or just want to indulge in artisan flavors, you are given any number of choices to try coffee beans of your choice.


The traditional coffee setups require more regular maintenance, and the staff always remains busy in up-keeping with a low level of consistency. The automatic coffee machine has eliminated the need for regular maintenance, and with automatic brewing conditions, making coffee from your favorite beans easier, relieving staff from an additional burden.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Automatic Coffee MachineThings to Consider Before Purchasing an Automatic Coffee Machine

For all those coffee enthusiasts who cannot work without indulging in their coffee obsession, an automatic coffee machine is the best investment you can make. Whether you want it to be installed in an office setting or a hotel or just want to place an automatic coffee machine in your home, it is crucial to look into a few things before investing in it.


The instant coffee machine should be user-friendly, have a sturdy build quality, and is safe to use. While choosing the coffee machine, look at the label and go for the one that says ‘BPA-free.’ The inside of the coffee maker should be free from plastic as any plastic build can be extremely dangerous for the stomach.


A large-capacity machine could be necessary to keep up with the demand for freshly brewed coffee in a crowded hotel or office timing. On the other hand, a more compact model can be advantageous for a smaller office. The model of the coffee machine majorly depends upon its usage and how frequently it has to brew coffee in a day.

Machine Features

Look into the advanced features a coffee machine is embedded with, such as different cup sizes, coffee options, the speed of coffee making, type of machine, etc.

Customer Support

When choosing an automatic coffee machine, looking into the manufacturer’s credibility and customer support is important. Sometimes, you will be required to seek for customer support in case of technical glitches, etc.

Our Top Picks for Super-Efficient Automatic Coffee Machines

Admit it, an automatic coffee machine does not come at a low price, as even the most basic one comes at quite a considerable price tag. If you plan to invest in a coffee machine, you should do it according to your financial budget. With an automatic coffee machine being such an expensive investment, many customers find it overwhelming to choose a coffee machine that justifies its price tag while serving its purpose the best way possible.

If you are struggling to find an efficient automatic coffee machine, we have enlisted our top picks available in the market, which are super-fast, efficient, and worth each penny invested in it.

Jura Z10Jura Z10

Something that is made to enhance your kitchen aesthetics and lets you enjoy a revitalizing cup of coffee with a noiseless coffee grinder. Whatever beverage you are preparing inside, the grinder gets adjusted to it accordingly, and with its 3D brewing technology, brewing your special cup of coffee is just a matter of seconds. Its cold extraction process makes preparing your espresso at lower temperature settings possible. The exquisite design, touch-screen display, and intellectually crafted smart control features make the Jura Z10 a perfect amalgam of beauty and versatility.

Phillips 3200 SeriesPhillips 3200 Series

Your cravings for iced coffee, steamy hot coffee, or a thick layer of milk froth are satisfied rightly with the efficient Phillips 3200 series, which has an exquisite touch screen and almost six coffee settings. The grinder inside this instant coffee machine gets adjusted to a number of grinding settings, including coarse and ultrafine. The freshness of coffee beans is not affected at all, thanks to its aroma sealing feature that does not soil the smell and aroma of freshly grounded coffee. Cleaning this instant espresso machine is quick with the availability of a removable brew. Phillips 3200 Series lets you enjoy your favorite beverage with seamless and rapid cleaning.

Miele CM6350 Countertop Coffee MachineMiele CM6350 Countertop Coffee Machine

This instant coffee machine’s beautiful minimal design beautifies your kitchen space and looks elegant. Although there is no touch screen, the buttons on the top keep the functionality of the Miele CM6350 super easy and allow you to prepare two shots of coffee at a time. The high-quality machine build quality is wear-resistant, and the machine components are dishwasher-safe. With an 8-cup capacity, it is a worthy investment that gives you a wide range of hot milk, coffee, and espresso to choose from.

Gaggia BabilaGaggia Babila

Gaggia Babila provides quality and versatility with its several adjustable settings and two boilers. The dial on the dispensing spout makes setting up the flow rate easy, giving you more control over this coffee machine. The construction quality of Gaagia Babila comprises stainless steel and not too much plastic, which makes it a safe coffee maker for daily consumption. The compact design looks stylish on the kitchen shelf and is not bulky at all. The ceramic burrs inside the grinder of Gaggia Babila prevent overheating, and the coffee beans do not lose their natural aroma and fragrance. Moreover, a manual steam wand makes it possible to create milk froth manually.

Breville Oracle Touch Espresso MachineBreville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine

Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine is definitely more than a coffee machine; it is a luxurious amalgam of a stylish machine and a manual steam wand. This instant coffee maker is quite a worthy investment for coffee droolers who love to make some Barista-level coffee at home instantly. It also has a PID sensor for milk texturing and a dual boiler heater. This advanced beast comes with five built-in coffee options, including cappuccino and latte as well. An adjustable grind controller and integrated temperature sensor make the Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine a lucrative coffee machine to look at. The stainless steel build ensures this stylish espresso machine’s long life and completely justifies its hefty price tag.

Bottom Line

The value of delivering a joyful and effective experience cannot be emphasized much in the fields of hospitality and office management. The convenience, quality, and customization features are combined with an automatic coffee maker to create a space catering to visitors and staff. These devices improve office productivity and visitor pleasure while also making coffee preparation and maintenance easier in hotels.

The above-mentioned smart coffee machines are advanced and have a sleek design packed with numerous features. There is no excuse for not enjoying your favorite shot of latte, cappuccino, or iced tea at home, and with these versatile automatic coffee makers, preparing your favorite shot of coffee is seamless, exciting, and instant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I invest in expensive espresso machines?

If you are a coffee fanatic, investing in a high-quality automatic coffee is worth the investment as it helps you instantly enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee at home.

What features should I look into while purchasing an automatic coffee machine?

While investing in an automatic coffee machine, it is important to look into the machine’s user-friendliness and other essential features, including grinder, temperature settings, milk system, cup size options, and shot quality.

How easy is it to use an automatic coffee machine?

Anything that looks difficult or requires a thorough reading might distract the user from using it for longer. Luckily, this is not the case with automatic coffee machines. Obviously, you need to learn the processing of the home brewer, but its functionality is not too complicated to discourage users from using it to prepare their favorite cup of coffee.

Are automatic coffee machines worth it?

The automatic coffee machines give more control over the user’s preference. It does not require any outside support, but with more customizable options, you may enjoy several different coffee options and a myriad of pre-programmed machine settings. You can enjoy a completely hands-off experience and indulge in the richness of your favorite coffee shot.

Is there any side effect of an automatic coffee machine?

Some automatic coffee machines require regular cleaning from the inside; if not cleaned properly, it may spoil the taste of your coffee shot.

How long does a good automatic coffee machine last?

The construction and build quality of an automatic coffee machine is of a sturdy nature that may last years of wear & tear. A reliable and good-quality automatic coffee machine may last up to 6 to 10 years.

Which coffee-making machine does Starbucks use?

Starbucks has been using the Mastrena Machine for several years, and is considered a staple in their coffee-making process worldwide.

What is a smart coffee machine?

Smart devices such as smart speakers, smartphones, etc., can control a smart coffee machine via connectivity.

How is an automatic coffee machine different from a traditional coffee machine?

The basic major difference between an automatic coffee machine and a traditional one is the automation level in the coffee brewing process. Moreover, the design and features of an automatic coffee machine are more advanced and give you more control over preparing your favorite shot of coffee. An automatic coffee maker gives you more adjustment options and coffee extraction time.

Bottom line

The value of delivering a joyful and effective experience cannot be emphasized much in the fields of hospitality and office management. The convenience, quality, and customization features are combined with an automatic coffee maker to create a space catering to visitors and staff. These devices improve office productivity and visitor pleasure while also making coffee preparation and maintenance easier in hotels.

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