Bathroom Tile Types and Materials: The Ultimate Guide

Bathroom Tile Types

When you are having a rough day and want to wash it off, there is nothing a long, hot shower can’t fix! There is great comfort if your bathrooms look and feel perfect. That is why treating the bathrooms equally important as your living rooms and bedrooms becomes very important because that is where you rejuvenate yourself. When it comes to designing the bathrooms, the right kind of bathroom tiles makes all the difference in the world in deciding the fate of your bathrooms. If you decide to enter the market, you will witness a zillion options in bathroom tiles combinations that sweep you off your feet! Furthermore, let’s understand the different types of tiles you can consider having for your bathrooms.

Porcelain TilesPorcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are an excellent choice for your bathrooms. If you compare them with ceramic tiles, they are harder, more durable, and more scratch and stain resistant. Although porcelain is a part of the ‘ceramic tile’ family, porcelain clay is kiln-dried at higher temperatures than ceramic clay, which explains the performance of porcelain tiles. There are great options available in porcelain tiles that suit the tastes and preferences of every homeowner. The only downside to porcelain tiles is that they come at a cost, but that cost is definitely worth it if you want your bathrooms to last long.

Ceramic TilesCeramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are another option to consider for your bathrooms. These tiles are made from similar materials, but the only difference is that they are less finely ground. This is where they may take a beat in performance from porcelain tiles. But if installed well and sealed well, these tiles would still be a durable tiling choice. They are super affordable and are installed easily. They are also very easy to maintain. Again, there are innumerable options available in designs, colors, textures, and patterns that would suit the preferences of every homeowner in home improvement.

Marble TilesBathroom with Marble Tiles

If you want your bathrooms to exude richness and luxury, then there is a clear winner. Subtle, beautiful, and natural Marble is the ultimate flooring option to add the right amount of texture and design elements through its naturally formed vein designs. Marble goes well with any interior design, whether vintage or contemporary. If we have to speak of the cons, marble comes at a heavy cost and needs to be handled with care since it is not a factory-made tile.

Mosaic TilesMosaic Tiles style

Mosaic tiles are catching up very well with the trends today and are loved by many. They are usually made with ceramic, marble, and glass chips, making your bathrooms look fashionable. The best way to use these tiles is by creating an accent wall or using them behind backsplashes to make your bathroom stand out.

Vinyl TilesVinyl Tiles Bathroom

This is the most cost-effective and long-lasting option for your bathrooms. Vinyl tiles are low maintenance, bear good wear and tear resistance, and are very price friendly. Over the years, Vinyl tiles’ designs and color options have improved dramatically, and there are endless choices to make from them that would suit each one’s tastes. So if you’re someone who is on a budget, then Vinyl tiles are your answer.

Terracotta TilesTerracotta Tiles for bathroom

Terracotta tiles are also catching up with speed these days. Look no further for those who want to give your bathrooms a rustic, Mediterranean vibe. Terracotta tiles come in earthy shades of orange and red, adding the proper drama to your bathrooms, thus making them look more exotic. Not to mention that the bathrooms will also look very natural, warm, and inviting.

Glass TilesGlass Tiles bathroom

Again, Glass tiles are another excellent option for your bathrooms, available in a wide range of colors, designs, and patterns. They reflect light in the bathrooms, making them appear spacious, and they can be customized to any shape and size you desire. Apart from the fact that they are not strong and cannot hold much traffic, they are water resistant, and they do not stain. Glass tiles can be best used as wall tiles for their best performance.

Granite Bathroom TileGranite Bathroom Tile

Granite is a natural stone tile and is harder than most natural stones, which is why they are widely used for countertops in the kitchen and bathroom. It has a relatively smooth surface, and therefore, it is not recommended to use them for flooring as it may be dangerous, especially in a bathroom, being a wet and slippery space. They come in versatile colors. Thus they may be great for countertops for your bathrooms.

Limestone Bathroom TileLimestone Bathroom Tile

Another member of the natural stone family, limestone comes in muted colors that add that warmth and comfort, making them perfect for bathrooms. They have a strong and solid surface, making them ideal for bathroom flooring. Limestone is a natural stone and is a porous and soft one. You need to ensure to seal them well to avoid damage. Also, it could stain easily, so care must be taken to clean the surface with mild or natural cleaning agents.

Redoing a bathroom comes with its own set of challenges. If researched well, there might be confusion in choosing bathroom tiles. But with the right guidance, it can get fairly uncomplicated and easier to execute. All you need is patience and good Wi-fi to help you dig the internet!


In conclusion, there are numerous options available for bathroom tiles, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits. From porcelain tiles that are hard and durable to vinyl tiles that are cost-effective, to glass tiles that reflect light, to limestone tiles that add warmth and comfort, the options are limitless. When it comes to redoing a bathroom, it is essential to do thorough research and seek guidance to make the process simpler. With patience and good research skill, choosing the right bathroom tiles can be made much easier and result in a beautiful and rejuvenating space.

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