Benefits Of Natural Oils For Healthy Hair

Natural Oils For Healthy Hair
Benefits Of Natural Oils For Healthy Hair

Natural oils are definitely the hidden secret to the perfect hair, but why aren’t more people aware of their amazing properties? Here, we are going to give you an insight into the benefits of these natural oils and how they can help you have the healthy hair you always wanted.

Regulate Blood Circulation

By adding this level of stimulation to the scalp, you are then increasing the overall blood flow. This is key as this will help to maintain the health of the scalp and strengthen the lengths of the hair from the base to the tips. This is great for those that have been suffering from hair loss as this can aid the recovery process following a Turkey hair transplant as there will be increased blood flow helping the implanted hair to take to the scalp and grow in a similar way to the existing hairs.

Lavender Oil For Hair Growth

One of the best benefits of natural oils for your hair is aiding in the growth of your hair. Lavender oil is the perfect way to make sure that your hair grows whilst maintaining the health of the follicle. Lavender oil not only smells amazing, but it also cleanses the scalp, helping to calm irritation and maintaining the health of the hair. This is key to your overall hair care routine as it helps to regulate blood flow and keep the hair looking as healthy as possible.

Adds Shine To The Hair

Another benefit of natural oil for your hair is the shine that it gives. This is perfect, particularly if you are travelling a lot during the summer period as it helps to regulate the blood flow, allowing the hair to grow. This is key as this will unclog the follicle and allow dormant hair cells to grow. Although this can take time to achieve, prolonged use will help to keep your hair in a much healthier condition than perhaps it once was. This is particularly useful for those that have used a large amount of dry shampoo as it can lead to the hair looking dull with pores becoming clogged.

If you are someone who uses a vast amount of dry shampoo, you may be experiencing dandruff or irritation of the scalp with some shampoo unable to remove the blockage of the pores. If this is not dealt with quickly, this can prevent the growth of the hair and leave it feeling limp and lifeless. Although peppermint oil will leave a tingling sensation on the scalp, this will unclog and sooth as well as boosting the moisture and shine, leaving your hair smelling great and looking even better.

Kills Harmful Germs

Oils such as Tea tree oil and peppermint oil can be applied directly onto the hair and have a cooling effect that is perfect for those suffering with dandruff or an irritated scalp as this will help to stimulate blood flow, unclog the follicles and kill any harmful germs that may have begun to grow on the surface of the scalp. To get the full effect of the natural oil, mix it in with your normal shampoo and apply to the scalp, lather this up and rinse. By this time, it is important to follow this up with a conditioner as the oil can leave your hair feeling slightly drier than usual.

In addition to this, it is also important to ensure that you do not add too much natural oil to the hair as this could lead to an excess of sebum being produced by the scalp. Not only can this lead to your hair becoming oily more regularly, but it can also stunt the growth of the hair in the long term should it continue.

How To Use Them

When looking to use oils on your hair, it is important to look at whether or not they are safe to apply directly on the scalp. If it is an essential oil that you are looking to use, these are not safe to be put on the scalp and will need to be combined with a hair product in order to get the desired effect. However, natural oil such as olive oil and lavender oil can be placed directly on the scalp and used as a leave in treatment, to not only retain moisture but leave the hair looking as healthy as possible throughout the week. This is key to the health of your scalp also as it unclogs the pores, allowing for the hair to grow naturally without the need for other stimulants.

In addition to adding the oil in a shampoo, you can also purchase products that have these oils in already.Tthis is great for those that are in a rush and are looking for a simple hair care routine as everything you need is all in one place. With popular brands such as Herbal Essences and Gariner all harnessing the power of these natural oils to reduce the use of harsh chemicals, you can get the perfect shampoo for your hair without breaking the bank. If you are looking for a product that is slightly higher end, there are a number of expensive products available in the drugstore’s, allowing you to have easy access to the products as and when you need them.

Other Oils For The Hair

In addition to natural oils, there are several other oils that are also beneficial for the hair. With the likes of onion juice and the juice of an orange having a great effect on the hair, you can create a hair mask that is perfect for your hair without using any harsh chemicals. This can be created at home and stored in the fridge to be used as and when you need it for the perfect solution to all natural hair care.

However you decide to care for your hair, it is important to remember these benefits and how they could help you to get the luscious flowing locks that you want in no time at all. Which natural oil will you choose first?




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