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4 Benefits of Using VR Occupational Therapy at Home

Benefits of Using VR Occupational Therapy

Due to the vast advancements in technology, virtual reality is no longer limited to the gaming industry and entertainment. In fact, VR has slowly made its way into other fields as well, with healthcare being the most common one recently.

From aiding medical professionals to carry out more accurate diagnoses to providing patients with more efficient care and treatment, VR can be applied in various healthcare sectors. One sector where this technology is being significantly implemented is occupational therapy.

Generally, VR in occupational therapy focuses on mental health and chronic pain recovery and neurological rehabilitation. Whether you are suffering from phobias or have had a stroke that resulted in partial disability, undergoing virtual occupational therapy sessions can help you get back to your normal way of living and improve your gross motor skills, all that from the comfort of your home.

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of using VR occupational therapy at home.    


More Engaging Therapy SessionsVR engaging therapy sessions

Compared to conventional treatment methods, VR occupational therapy is undoubtedly much more engaging and encouraging. Using a VR headset, patients are placed in an immersive virtual environment that captures their attention and allows them to interact with 3D worlds using multiple senses, such as vision, hearing, touch and movement.

In a virtual experience, patients will not feel tired or frustrated when repeating the same exercises repeatedly. In fact, the VR game will be so interactive that it will take their mind off of the fact that they have just finished several attempts at the same movement as they achieve a high score. They will receive immediate feedback which will further encourage them to continue their therapy.

Improved and Constant Communication with Your TherapistVR communication

Every patient has different needs, so a specialized and licensed degree-qualified VR occupational therapist will be assigned to you to assist you along the way. Your therapist will design a personalized treatment plan based on your needs and condition, monitor your progress, and update your plan as needed.

This will certainly help improve your communication with your therapist by allowing you to chat with them between sessions. You can do this through an in-app messaging system or via private videos to ask for their assistance and guidance during your therapy. You can get in contact at any time, rather than having to wait until your next appointment.

Greater Comfort LevelsVR Greater comfort levels

The truth is not everyone is a fan of hospitals, which is the reason why many people often refuse to undergo any therapy sessions. This is where the VR technology comes in handy as it will allow patients to receive their treatment right from the comfort of their home. Patients who use the 3D world for treatment receive the care they need to improve the quality of their lives in a less stressful environment.

This can be especially helpful for those suffering from anxiety or phobias that interfere with their daily lives. The immersive setting will make people feel safe and comfortable and free to engage in their therapy without worrying about elevated anxiety levels.

Improved Cost-EffectivenessVR Cost Effettiveness

Another major reason people don’t like in-hospital treatment is that it can cost them more money. If they live far from the facility, they will have to use some means of transportation to get to the hospital and receive their treatment, paying more for gas or buying a bus fare.

However, with VR therapy, you can enjoy your sessions in the comfort of your home without having to commute to undergo your sessions. This will certainly help you save more money on traveling and other unexpected expenses that may come along with your treatment. This includes medication as VR occupational therapy is also drug-free, meaning you won’t need to spend money on medications to improve your condition.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are suffering from PTSD or have had a spinal cord injury that prevents you from completing your everyday activities, VR occupational therapy can help you recover and improve the way you complete your tasks less painfully.

The great thing about all of this is that you can do it all in the comfort of your home, using a VR headset and receiving medical care and treatment remotely from a specialized VR occupational therapist.

For more information on the matter, read our guide to learn about the benefits you get from using VR occupational therapy at home. 

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