Best Bike Exercise For Weight Loss 

man using bicycle exersice machine

man using bicycle exersice machine

People who are bulky always look for ways to burn their calorie and fats so that they can lose a good amount of weight. Everyone is used to stationary bikes because people nowadays hardly get time to ride a cycle on the road. Stationary bikes serve as a plausible solution to regular cycling because it produces the same result, you can easily fit it in your house, and they are available in the gym. A stationary bike is suitable for all kind of people, and you can vary type of weight loss exercise with ease and without worrying about the outside weather condition.

People mostly believe that for losing weight they need to join a gym, but in reality, they can easily burn their fat by having a stationary exercise bike in their home. To lose weight effectively, you have to work out on a daily basis you should never make a high expectation, but you can stay assured that you will get a positive result.

However you will not only lose weight, but you will also lose calorie and gain muscles gradually. Here is the list of some best exercise you can perform on your stationary exercise bike for weight loss program.

Steady Riding

Steady riding on a stationary bike is a simple task to shade out excess fat and calorie and gain a fit body. You have to spend at least 30 minutes for this workout routine, and you should perform it six days a week. This is a mild to intense workout process on a stationary bike that can raise your heart rate to fifty percent. This exercise needs normal continuous pedaling for 30 minutes, but if you are unable to perform this continuously, then you can break it. You can cut this practice in three intervals with a little amount of rest period.

girl using bicycle exersice machine

20 Minute Interval Workout

20 minutes interval workout program is a vigorous exercise on a stationary bike that can be done at various levels. This workout routine goes through different difficulty level that starts comfortable level and goes up to high-level intensity. However, depending upon your stamina and heart level, you can stop at the moderate or hard level, but it is always best to reach a high degree of exertion. You would start the pedaling with little resistance, and you can easily pedal for long hours as you won’t feel much pressure. But in moderate and hard level, you will notice that you are breathing heavily, and in the top level, you will pedal with high resistance.

Athlete using bicycle exersice machine

At first, you need warm up yourself by pedaling slowly to moderately for about five minutes, and you won’t maintain any interval during warm up. Then pedal for 30 seconds at hard level and then 30 seconds at a moderate level. These two intensity level should be repeated for four times.

Then again pedal for at comfortable level for one minute and then again then pedal hard for one minute. After this, you should pedal for 30 seconds in moderate level and perform the interval routine four times.  After this, you have to again pedal for one minute and then pedal for one minute at a high level. Then you should lower the difficulty and take five minutes to cool down.

Varied Level Heart Rate Exercise

Monitoring heart rate while pedaling is a great exercise that can assist you to lose weight without curbing down your health condition. Long or interval workout serves as an excellent way to lose weight on an exercise bike but combining them with simple aerobic workout program can provide a better result. However, it might take the time to burn the fat, but you can stay assured that you will get a result. You can check heart rate on your bike, and if you don’t have it, you can easily buy a heart rate monitor it in the market.

Heart rate monitor of bicycle


To perform this exercise, at first, you need to pedal for at least one minute by keeping your heart rate at seventy-six to eighty-five percent. Then recover from this high intense cycling by pedaling at sixty percent of your heart rate. The whole exercise on the stationary bike should be repeated six times with no rest other than recovery interval. You can start this workout with normal steady state pedaling which includes pedaling for at least one hour at sixty percent heart rate.

Tabata Bike Workout

Tabata bike workout is an intense exercise that assists people to lose weight with ease and keep themselves fit. In Tabata workout, you have to change your rate of perceived exertion by notching up or down your speed and resistance. At first, you need to start the exercise with little warm up for at least five minutes by keeping your rate of perceived exertion either four or five.

happy woman using recumbent exersice machine

After warm up, you should start pedaling for twenty seconds and by keeping your RPE within eight to ten. Then pedal for ten seconds by keeping your RPE at zero and subsequently pedal for one minute by keeping the RPE at around 4. The whole workout process apart from warm up should be repeated four times in total. After completing the entire process, you should opt for cool down process by pedaling for five minutes at four to five RPE.

HIIT Workout

HIIT workout is a meticulously designed 10-20-30 workout process that has been developed to keep the body free from excess fat and calorie. At first, you need to go for warm up for seven minutes by keeping RPE within four. After warm up, you should first pedal for thirty seconds at five RPE, then twenty seconds at eight RPE and lastly for ten seconds at ten RPE. Then recover yourself and again repeat the whole pattern. You should repeat it for five times and then cool down yourself.

sexy athlete using bicycle exersice machine

These are the best bike exercise for weight loss.

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