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Yoga is an ancient technique that reduces weight, improves mental well-being, and stimulates positive energy. The versatility and flexibility of Yoga make it a favorite and comforting way of losing weight that people of all age groups and fitness levels can easily adopt. Even those who have any disability or feel unfit for any reason can find any style of Yoga that suits them.

People who do Yoga to achieve their weight goals want to track their body’s performance in losing calories, and for this purpose, there are several yoga calories burned trackers, The purpose of these trackers is to provide you with the number of calories that are burned during a Yoga session based on your weight and height. Below is a fast and effective calculator that helps you track your performance during Yoga workouts and offers several health benefits.

Does Yoga Help in Reducing Calories?

Yoga helps in weight reduction. However, the number of calories burned during a Yoga session varies from one person to another. Whatever exercise you do, the results significantly depend on your fitness level, intensity, duration, and body weight. The person with more body weight moves his body with more intensity, and while doing so, more calories are burned. On the other hand, a person with a low to normal weight does not have to put much effort into moving the body, so fewer calories are burned.

No two people of different body weights and fitness levels consume the same number of calories by following the same Yoga routine. There are several types of Yoga; some are more effective in body toning and rapid weight loss than others. According to a rough estimate, a person who weighs 140lbs can lose around 180 calories after a one-hour session of Yoga, while a person having 200lbs of weight consumes almost 250 calories during the same Yoga session.

Different Types of Yoga and their Effects on the BodyDifferent Types of Yoga and their Effects on the Body


Hatha is the most common type of Yoga you will see most people doing. This popular Yoga of Yoga comprises simple and slow-paced postures that combine stretching and meditation and are helpful in keeping the body more toned.

Hot Yoga

Also known as Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga combines 26 poses and is performed at high temperatures to ensure that the body organs and tissues work rigorously. Due to being intense on the body, Hot Yoga helps in reducing almost 180 to 480 kcal.

Yin Yoga

It is a soft form of Yoga that targets the body tissues and not the muscles. During Yin Yoga, the specific Yoga pose is held for longer, which helps in improving blood circulation and improving overall body flexibility. The beginners may hold a specific posture for almost 2 minutes, while the advanced practitioners can hold it for up to 5 minutes.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is considered effective for strengthening core muscles and improving your entire body’s motion. This type of yoga comprises varying postures and transitions from one posture to another in a flow. While doing it, you must focus more on your breathing patterns, which helps improve cardiac performance. Vinyasa helps in burning around 500 calories.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga follows Vinyasa yoga’s patterns and breathing patterns to move from one posture to another. Due to continuously being involved in several movements, the power yoga carries the benefits of an athlete’s workout. During a 30-minute power yoga session, a person may lose 100 to 300 calories depending on gender, age, fitness level, intensity, etc.

How to Use the Yoga Calories Burned Calculator?

With advancements in the field of fitness and health, it has become easier to monitor your body’s performance and overall well-being at home. While practicing Yoga, it is a common concern to determine how many calories are burned. There are several tools that can help you give nearly precise results instantly soon after you put in certain measurements.

To use our Yoga Calories Burned Calculator, you need to follow just a few simple steps:

  • Choose your preferred measurement system, either imperial or metric.
  • Enter your weight.
  • Enter the number of minutes you have spent doing Yoga.
  • Choose the type of Yoga you are doing.
  • Enter Calculate.

This calculator instantly tells you the number of calories that you have burned during a Yoga session. On average, a person can burn up to 300 to 600 calories in an hour session of Yoga, depending upon weight and the type of Yoga.

Health Benefits of YogaHealth Benefits of Yoga

Knowing the multiple benefits of Yoga on health will keep you motivated to practice it more often. Yoga basically works by relaxing your mind and improving the coordination among different body parts. Due to its numerous health benefits, Yoga is considered a popular form of exercise.

  • Various chronic diseases may result in excessive inflammation in the body that worsens over time. Yoga helps in reducing inflammation by positively interacting with the immune system.
  • Yoga teaches stability coordination, and gives the body much-needed support. All of these benefits combine to build strength and encourage overall physical fitness.
  • Practicing Yoga more frequently helps combat chronic pain and is especially beneficial for those with knee osteoarthritis.
  • Yoga helps improve breathing patterns, which improves lung capacity and even helps resolve breathing complications in those with mild asthma.
  • Yoga is a physical exercise and trains your mind through meditation. It is an excellent way of breaking down stress and relaxing your body through improved sleeping patterns, boosting positive thoughts, and improving the quality of life. People with PTSD have also reported to have a positive impact on their health after frequently practicing Yoga.

Bottom Line

Yoga is a highly effective way to shed calories by engaging several body parts in the Yoga postures. There is a lot to learn about Yoga, but once you start practicing it, you will see your body reaping the maximum benefits from these Yoga sessions. While it can take several months to see any weight loss, you can visibly experience that your body will progressively leaner and stronger. The type of yoga you practice, its intensity, your weight, and the length of your session will all affect how many calories you burn. Our easy-to-use Yoga Calories burned calculator helps monitor your performance during Yoga sessions so you can easily track your journey towards your fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many calories does Yoga burn?

A 60-minute Yoga session helps burn almost 300 to 600 calories, depending on your overall body weight and type of yoga.

Which is the better way to reduce calories between Gym and Yoga?

While the specific purpose of Yoga is to de-stress the body and reduce calories, people who go to the gym are 1.5 times more likely to lose calories than those who do Yoga only.

What are the health benefits of Yoga?

Yoga helps improve athletic performance, cardiovascular health, weight reduction, and increased muscle strength.

How often should I do Yoga?

You should do Yoga almost 3 to 5 times a week. Take a gradual start; you may do it more intensely once your body gets accustomed to it.

How many types of Yoga are there?

There are several types of Yoga, including power, hot, yin, vinyasa, and power yoga.

Is Yoga safe to do every day?

If you have a good health status, it may be safe for you to do Yoga every day. You might not feel comfortable with certain Yoga postures, so you can easily skip them and choose the posture that suits your body.

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