Why Should You Choose an Online Gift Registry

Receiving unwanted gifts can be disheartening. Though the gift buyer might have taken a lot of trouble to figure out what to buy, it might not suit your likings or interests. The gifting process can thus get stressful at times.

To ease the hassle of your invitees, you can opt for an online gift registry. It spares you from receiving unnecessary or duplicate gifts, too. A conventional gift registry allows you to make a wish list of gifts you desire, and the guests can buy you anything from that list.

However, there may be a mismatch between the cost of your gift and the buyer’s budget. Also, the guests may feel compelled to buy something they hadn’t planned for.

It is advisable to create an online gift registry where the invitees can load the desired amount on your MasterCard. The card can be used to purchase what you like. It is suitable for all occasions, including birthdays, engagements, baby showers, house warming, and even weddings.

There are ample reasons that make the gift registry suitable. They are:

Easy and Seamless Process

Inform the registry provider about the occasion and the design that you want for your card. Accordingly, they can create and activate your account where your invitees can contribute as per their budget.

You can share the link to your account with your guests, who will then get access to load the funds to your card. You may alternatively mention the registry link on your invites.

Each contribution is brought to your notice, and the invitee is thanked on your behalf for contributing. The loaded card gets delivered to your mailbox, and you can use it to purchase anything you need.

Access to a Wide Range of Products 

In the traditional gift registry, you are confined to selecting products from a particular range of items. The card, however, imposes no such restrictions. Moreover, it is not limited to your city or country.

You can use the card to buy any product from any national or international store that accepts MasterCard. Hence, you can always explore options like new experiences, trips, or other indulgences. The cards typically have an expiry of at least three years, which saves you from shopping in a rush and gives you the flexibility to spend when needed.

Safe and Secure

Every connection with the website is secured with the use of SSL encryption. The total contribution is also loaded in multiple cards, keeping in mind the minimum allowable amount per card. This safeguards you from losing the entire money in case any card gets stolen.

You will receive the cards via registered post, thereby enhancing the security further. Moreover, the cards are issued in a deactivated status to refrain use by an unauthorised person. A manual review is also conducted to ensure all the transactions are properly accounted for in the card.

Hence an online gift registry is an intelligent gifting option that makes the gifting process enjoyable for you and your guests. Be selective to choose the right platform, though. Ask your questions and look at the safety measures before finalizing it.

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