Continuous Ink System; Improve Printing Technique

Large and small scale business incorporates Continuous Ink System in their designs in order to extend the capacity of their printings. If you are looking for extending the capacity of your printing, then this article may help you.

Continuous Ink System:

The first Continuous Ink System (CIS) was marketed by EnCad NovaJet plotter in 1993-94 but later we have the upgraded Continuous Ink System which has a multi-channel and flexible silicon tube to supply ink to the print heads.

To provide exquisite services for consumers, CIS INKS provides our clients solid industry knowledge on our products annually. We don’t want to stay outdated in the market but to notify our clients of any newest types of ink products.

We have a great experience in this industry for nearly a decade and this has made us to be part of the few leading CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) sellers for all types of printers and models. Part of our services is to provide office equipment needed by our clients in a wide range of products.



Continuous Ink Supply is a new product which contributes to the plug and play of the CIS installation. CIS INKS is a one-stop-shop that provides extended services in selling office supplies and also delivering them. Therefore, you can easily search through our categories and make your choice in the perfect product that suits your needs.

Our mission is to also help our clients to save incredibly by comparing our affordable prices to other industries. We will also provide you a perfect partner business in supplying you if you are into inkjet printing business, internet café, office, schools and home.

Companies and private clients need refilling printer ink which could be quite expensive but with CIS INKS, we surely provide you an affordable way for our clients to refill their printer ink on their own and there won’t be a need of getting new cartridges each time with no messy refills.

You can compare our prices to other industries to see the huge different in our price system which is another way of helping you to save wisely.

Our Vision:

It’s still the same stand we have on our vision, that is, to expand our services and introduce more high quality products at very affordable prices to our clients. We strongly believe this vision will guide our operations for years to come and also give our clients the best services in those upcoming years.

Our Services:  

Yes! This is the right place for you to get high-quality office supplies. We provide standard quality solutions for all your printing needs. Just give us a try and you will be amazed with our great services and perfect products. Browse freely through our constantly updated categories to find the perfect product for you.

No matter what you need, here you can find a comprehensive selection of the best products. We support the most popular printer models ranging from Brother, Canon and HP, to Epson Printer and Lexmark.

Some printer manufacturer installs chips in their cartridges in order for people to buy more of their expensive inks. Our service in CIS INKS is to find you the best way of refilling your printer inks without getting new cartridges and also to modify a microchip to always read 100% full regardless of the amount of ink in the system.

Part of our services is to provide versatile cartridges compatible with a vast array of models. Screen Printing Supplies, ECO-Solvent Ink, Heat Transfer Supplies, Printer Accessories, LED Lighting and 3D Printing, you name it!


Further questions can be answered by our team of professionals. You can contact us via phone, e-mail or using the live chat system where you can speak with one of our highly trained support agents.

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