Fox Eyes Thread Lift Surgery Trend, Results, Risks & Benefits

Fox Eyes Thread Lift Surgery Trend, Results, Risks & Benefits

Today, we live in a world where we can freely change any aspect of our body that we don’t like. Do you think your nose has a bump? Well, you have non-surgical injections for that. Do your lips seem too slim? You have lip fillers for that! While these cosmetic procedures have gained popularity, one of the most rising trends today is what you describe as the “Fox Eye,” also called “Designer Eye.” 

This non-surgical method has gained worldwide game as more and more celebrities and stars join the trend. Recently, Bella Hadid, the popular Instagram star, became a part of the almond-shaped eyebrow uplift trend. While you won’t find many people having this unique eyebrow shape naturally, this look can be artificially created with surgical and non-surgical procedures. Do you want to join in the trend? This article is for you. Here, you’ll know everything about the new fox eye trend that has turned into a new beauty standard today!

The Rising Fox Eye Thread Lift TrendThe Rising Fox Eye Thread Lift Trend

The simple term “Fox Eye” represents a fashion trend that emerged in the US and Asia. It involves pulling the eyebrows to create a specific look. It isn’t hard to make fox eyes. Just lift the eyebrows using a thread of tweezers. One thread can work for one eye or multiple discrete ones as well. However, the trend isn’t just that. Many people have gone far with the trend of opting for fox eyes thread lift and even permanent fox eye plastic surgery.

What is the Fox Eyes Surgery Thread Lift?fox-eyes-thread-lifts

The fox eye thread lift procedure is one type of lateral brow lift that, for a long, has been used as a form of plastic surgery for old patients. For older patients, the long-known brow lift procedure was performed to reduce eyebrow drooping, but the recent fox eye thread lift trend is a little different. As a rising trend on social media, this procedure is performed on young patients where the aim isn’t to reduce eyebrow drooping, but rather to change the upper eyelid and brow shape. 

This minimally invasive eyelid surgery procedure improves the upper eyelids, outer eyes, and eyebrow shape.

How the Fox-Eye Thread Lift Surgery WorksHow the Fox-Eye Thread Lift Surgery Works

The procedure of the trending surgery is minimally invasive. To begin with, the doctor starts by giving local anesthesia given through an injection. The injection is given on both outer sides of the eyes to reduce the discomfort or pain during the procedure. 

Next, the doctor inserts a thread under the skin with a hollow needle or a blunt cannula. These dissolvable threads are injected under your skin at the eye’s outer corners. When they are gently pulled, the eyebrows are lifted, elongating your upper eyelid, and elevating the sagging tissue. Small cones in these threads give the lifting effect and anchor the skin below. Additionally, they also help in creating volume beneath the skin, thereby boosting the production of collagen. Guess what? You get double the benefit! 

A few weeks following the treatment, regenerative effects of the collagen-stimulating particles are left while the threads dissolve naturally over time without a trace. The process takes around 30 minutes or even less. The results of the surgery are noticeable and improve as weeks go by. 

Fox Eye Thread Lift: Who Is a Suitable Candidate?Fox Eye Thread Lift Who Is a Suitable Candidate

You’ll first need to go through a complete examination to see if you are suitable for the procedure or not. The fox eye thread lift procedure is suitable for those aged above 18 years who don’t have very sagging skin. 

Two distinct groups of people go for this procedure. Young women who want to change the shape of their eyebrows, and mature women who want to reduce sagging eyelids, wrinkles, and lines. The fox eye can also work well for those who have asymmetry issues. 

Nevertheless, people who suffer from acute infections at the treatment time, blood clotting disorders, or keloid scars cannot opt for this procedure. 

How Long Will the Treatment Last?

The results of fox eye thread lift are instant and can last for around 6 months to around 1 year, based on the type of thread used. The threads used mostly in this treatment last for 6 to 12 months. 

The good part about the fo eye treatment is that it also boosts the body’s process of healing in these areas because of increased collagen production. As a result, your skin remains firm and tight and also reduces sagging, often an issue as you age. Nevertheless, if you want the results to last longer, you’ll need further thread lifts or other treatments.

Benefits of Fox Eye Thread LiftBenefits of Fox Eye Thread Lift

With the thread lift gone wrong cases, people often doubt the effectiveness of the fox eye thread lift procedure. But this won’t always happen, and if you go for a reliable doctor, you may never face such an issue in the first place. When you look at the benefits of this treatment, you may consider it. Let’s have a look at the benefits.

  1. If you need a bold, fox-eye look, you can achieve it without surgery. 
  2. The procedure reduces the sagging of your upper eyelid. 
  3. Your skin is lifted and becomes smooth. The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is also reduced.
  4. Downtime time is minimal 
  5. Skins look younger and rejuvenated 
  6. The skin tone, elasticity, and texture are improved.
  7. The process doesn’t involve any incisions so there is no scarring. 
  8. Elastin production improves and collagen production is stimulated. 
  9. You get natural, real-like results. 
  10. Gives a real, customizable effect.
  11. Little to no side effects 

Fox Eyes Surgery Cost

The cost of the thread luft procedure may vary based on the clinic. Neverhtless, if we talk about the average cost of fox eyes thread lift, it is around $2050. 

Fox Eyes Thread Lift Surgery: Recovery Time and AftercareFox Eyes Thread Lift Surgery Recovery Time and Aftercare

The recovery time from a fox eye thread lift is minimal, and most people get to work within a day of the procedure. Between 24 to 48 hours of the procedure, you may feel a little bruising and swelling, but you’ll be able to handle most things without struggle. Try not to rub your face for a week after the procedure to avoid accidental damage. Your doctor also may advise you to avoid smoking, pouting, or using a straw to drink water. You also should avoid vigorous exercise, sauna, and sleeping on the side for a while. Because of the anesthesia, some patients complain of nausea, but this can get better by drinking water. Here are some aftercare instructions and tips.

  1. If you see swelling or minor bruising after the fox eye thread lift, apply ice to the area 4 to 5 times a day for a few minutes. 
  2. Limit your activity for a day. Get some rest after the treatment and avoid strenuous activities or lifting heavy objects for a few weeks. 
  3. You can take painkillers to keep the pain at bay. But make sure to take them only after meals so risks of nausea is minimized. Try not to take aspirin 2 weeks following the treatment.
  4. For the next 48 hours, try not to use creams or cosmetics. 
  5. Try taking soft foods and fluids for a week at a minimum. Also, don’t use straws.
  6. Avoid taking chewing gum for 2 weeks at least. 
  7. For the following week, keep your head up.
  8. Avoid rubbing, pulling, massaging, or exfoliating the skin for around 3 weeks. 
  9. Don’t touch or wash your face for 12 hours following the procedure. 
  10. Follow whatever aftercare instructions and guidelines your doctor or surgeon gives.
  11. Try to sleep on your back as this can help with swelling. Don’t apply pressure or force to your face as this can misalign the strands. 
  12. For almost 2 weeks following the procedure, try to avoid dental treatment 

In the first two days after the fox eyes thread lift procedure, you may experience a little discomfort or pain. No need to worry because this is temporary and will reduce with time if you are more conscious than follow the easy ways to keep your eyes healthy. However, if the pain or swelling is too much or doesn’t reduce, consider visiting your doctor to get the appropriate treatment. 

Risks Involved in the Fox Eye Thread Lift ProcedureFox Eyes Thread Lift Surgery risk involved

Like any other medical procedure, the fox eye thread lift surgery comes with certain risks that you need to know. Specialized eye procedures whether surgical or non-surgical, involve some complications or risks. 

Pain, bruising, and swelling may commonly be experienced after the procedure but subsides with time. An immediate complication, however, is puckering which can happen immediately or shortly after the fox eye thread lift procedure. Another immediate complication is infection. 

Big-scale issues in the orbital region include delayed or prolonged swelling and lumpiness. This may result in a skin stretch causing festoons, a condition that is very hard to treat. In other cases, the complications can even be severer. 

In the few weeks after treatment, complications include blanching, bluish skin discoloration, hypersensitivity, and nodules. While it is rare, fox eye thread lift surgery can result in vascular complications that can cause a person to go blind. 

To minimize the risks of complications, make sure to consider the best fox eyes surgeon for reliable treatment. 

Fox Eyes Surgery Before and AfterFox Eyes Surgery Before and After

The results of a fox eye thread lift are visible instantly and will further improve in the weeks ahead. Here are some before and after pictures of the surgery that clearly show the results and improvements. 

The Verdict

Today, TikTok played a central role in bringing the fox eye trend into the limelight. As this trend grows, more individuals and celebrities join in to achieve a fox-eye look. The fox eye look suits well to most people and looks beautiful, but in some cases, it may not look as good. This customizable treatment is an easy way to achieve the fox eye look as it lifts the corner of your eyes. 

Many people dream of achieving this look as the trend rises. If you also want to join the trend and opt for a fox eye thread lift surgery, we suggest you consider everything in detail including the risks involved. Moreover, to achieve the best results and ensure your safety, make sure to consult an experienced and skilled professional. 


How to get fox eyes without surgery?

If you don’t want to opt for surgery, you can get fox eyes with a non-surgical method known as blepharoplasty, whereby injections are used to raise the eyebrow. To achieve the look, your doctor will use derma fillers to create the plump effect and give the fox eye look. 

Why do People regret fox eyes surgery?

For some people, the fox eye thread lift procedure may turn out to be a regret. Based on your facial appearance, the procedure may result in an asymmetrical look on your face. Moreover, it can also result in scarring and pain in some cases. 

Who are the top celebrities with fox eyes?

The upturned, almond-shaped eye-brow look has become the new social media trend as more and more people join in. Many celebrities have followed the trend and achieved the fox-eye look. Some of these celebrities include Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Megan Fox, and the Kardashians.

What is thread lift in fox eyes surgery?

A thread lift is used in the fox eye procedure to pull the eyebrows to achieve the fox eye look. These threads are inserted under your skin using needles. Having barbs or cones, these threads hold your skin tightly as they set in place.

At what age I can get fox eyes surgery?

The fox eye thread lift surgery is performed for two different age groups based on the cause of treatment. You can get the procedure done at 18 years or above if you want to change the brow shape to get a fox eye. Alternatively, treatment at an old age is linked to sagging of the eyebrows. The common age group here is 40 or 50’s. 

Is fox eyes surgery permanent?

The fox eye treatment is not a permanent procedure. While thread lifts on other parts of the face last around 18 months, the fox eye thread lift lasts only 6 to 12 months. Since the treatment isn’t as permanent, you’ll need to repeat it to achieve this look for a more extended period.

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