Are Herbal Supplements Good for Sexual Problems?

Millions of men all over the world suffer from some problems with their erection, the medical term for this condition is erectile dysfunction or impotence. The pharmaceutical industry has already created a number of medications that could help with this disorder (you can read about these preparations on However, many men still either do not believe in medications or believe that they cause more damage than benefit. That’s why they turn to herbal supplements hoping that natural remedies are more effective and less harmful.



But can herbal supplements be really helpful? In the first place, it’s important to understand that erectile dysfunction is not just an age-associated disorder, it can happen to any man of any age. In addition to age-related causes, erectile dysfunction can be provoked by various chronic health conditions including diabetes and cardiovascular diseases; it can develop as a complication after a surgery or side effect of certain medications or result from an unhealthy lifestyle, psychological issues, etc. Sadly, most men try to solve this problem on their own and start using herbal preparations without finding the real cause and get proper impotence treatment.

Eco Friendly

Nowadays, it’s conventional to love everything labeled “eco-friendly” or “100% natural” and such approach applies even to erectile dysfunction remedies. However, in reality, herbal supplements for male potency can be divided into two conditional groups: “harmless-ineffective” and “really dangerous”. Although, depending on the dosage, duration, and dose frequency, even those that are safely ineffective can become toxic.

It’s rather difficult to make sure that those herbal supplements filling the Internet contain all the ingredients listed on their labels. Many of such supplements, although claiming to be completely natural, can contain pharmaceutical agents like PDE-5 inhibitors. And, even if they do contain only herbs, they can still be dangerous for aged men with chronic diseases of the heart, liver or kidneys. Moreover, these supplements can interact with the medications that a man takes on a regular basis and cause pretty serious and dangerous adverse reactions.

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