Hitachi C10FCG Review

Hitachi C10FCG Review

Hitachi C10FCG is one of the best miter saws for cutting almost all types of wood. The device has an amazing design specially made to cater to the needs of woodworkers, farmers, and carpenters. This item is highly versatile, reliable, and precise to help you do your job right. Hitachi C10FCG offers compound capacity and flexible angles to assist you in cutting. This tool is constructed with all the professional features and specifications.

Why You Should Consider Getting the Hitachi C10FCG Miter Saw


Hitachi-C10FCG on the table

Hitachi is one of the most good looking power tools as it has got a pleasant design. This C10FCG looks simple but classy and is one of the most professional tools in the market. It has got amazing functions and features. The tool is lightweight having a weight of about 24 pounds which makes it easy to handle and use. The device is easy to carry all day long by professionals. This amazing tool can cut any size and type of wood including trim molding, hardwoods, stiles and rails, and baseboard.

C10FCG has got wood cutting blade but if you want to cut metals with this tool, you are recommended to get a special metal-cutting blade designed for this device. The table it has is very sturdy, strong, and reliable which makes even the toughest cuttings easy for you. There is also a 15amp powerful motor.

The best thing about the usage of this tool is that it is designed so well to handle all the dust and debris during cutting. The miter saw has a port on its rear which can be attached to the vacuum cleaner and thus it sucks out all the dust and debris while cutting. So you rarely have to do any extra cleaning after doing the cutting.


A person using Hitachi C10FCG miter saw

Below mentioned are some amazing features of Hitachi C10FCG:

1- Performance

This Hitachi C10FCG is a miter saw perfectly designed to cater to the needs of woodworkers, specialists, DIYers, and weekend warriors. The saw is specially designed for professional work to help them by providing accuracy, adaptability, and great value. There is an engine motor of 15amp. This tool is one of the most accurate tools you can use for cutting wood of any type.

2- Miter Angle

The machine has got a variety of angles so that you can work flawlessly and accomplish any type of cuts comfortably. The angles can be adjusted from 0-52 on right and left readings which makes this tool even more special. Moreover, the 15amp motor with it provides the required lift to you while cutting even the toughest woods.

3- Design

Hitachi miter saw has got a simple but amazing design that provides a lasting impression to its users. It is one of the best-looking miter saws present in the market. The tool has a large table which helps you in better cutting and adds more accuracy to your cuts. The table is highly stable, durable, and dependable.

4- Bevel Range

The bevel range of Hitachi C10FCG is from 0 to 49 degrees which adds accuracy, cleanliness, and significance to the slices. Using this device, you have the option to immediately add alterations to the cuts and modify them in the best manner.

5- Lightweight

Hitachi C10FCG is designed so lightweight that it is easy to carry and manage. The device has a weight of 24 pounds which makes it convenient for the professionals to carry effortlessly on the site. This lightweight feature of the device helps clients in making bevel cuts easily. The best part of this device being lightweight is that it doesn’t cause exhaustion.

6- Blades

Hitachi C10FCG has 24 teeth blade which helps in the smooth cutting of wood. The blade is so solid and tough with which you can cut any type of tough wood.

7- Dust collection

While using a miter saw, all you need is accuracy and the essential element of Hitachi C10FCG helps you have fine and accurate cuts while collecting all the dust and debris. Dust and debris may cause a disturbance in your work and can damage the procedure too. Though the dust collector doesn’t completely collect the dust it helps you in concentrating on your cutting and stop worrying about contamination and precision. You just need to attach the vacuum cleaner to it and the device sucks away all the debris and dust.

8- Accuracy

A man cutting a pile of wood with Hitachi C10FCG Miter Saw

This Hitachi C10FCG is one of the most accurate miter saws to use if you don’t want any compromise on quality and precision while cutting. Hitachi C10FCG doesn’t have any laser light but still, it manages to provide you with exact cuts. The consistent power and easy adjustments of this device make it easy to use.


  • This miter saw has both left and right angles for bevel cutting.
  • The cutting range of Hitachi C10FCG is 0-52 degrees.
  • The device is easy to use and handle for all its buttons can be used easily with the thumb while using.
  • The table it has is large and strong.
  • Hitachi C10FCG has got a horizontal angle rather than a vertical.
  • The device makes accurate and clean cuts.


  • The device lacks a well-written instruction manual and the manual it has is hard to follow.
  • The body this device has isn’t robust enough as steel. Hitachi C10FCG’s has an aluminum body.
  • There isn’t any laser guide with the device.
  • The fence isn’t as sturdy as other miter saws.


Is the Hitachi C10FCG a safe tool?
Yes, Hitachi C10FCG is a highly versatile, functional, portable, and safe tool. It provides you with the finest and accurate cuts on almost all types of wood.

Can I use a replacement metal cutting blade rather than the one it has?
Yes, this device and its blade are specially designed for cutting wood and it won’t be sturdy enough to cut metals. So you can have a separate specially designed blade for cutting metals.

What is the bevel range of Hitachi C10FCG?
The bevel range of Hitachi C10FCG is from 0 to 49 degrees which adds accuracy, cleanliness, and significance to the slices.

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