How To Fix Sinks, Tubs, and Drains When They’re Not Draining

How To Fix Sinks, Tubs, and Drains When They’re Not Draining

An overflowing sink is one of the worst things that any homeowner can encounter. It’s not just that the water will quickly cover your floor and do damage to your furniture and furnishings. You also need to consider what is in the overflowing water.

If your sink drain is blocked then the overflowing water may simply be water. It’s going to ruin your furniture and floor coverings but it’s not as bad as a clogged drain that allows sewage to back up into your home. That’s something you never want to deal with.

The good news is that sinks, tubs, and drains that aren’t draining are usually quite simple to fix. All you have to do is have the right tools to hand.

Reasons Behind Clogging

Reasons Behind Clogging


The majority of draining issues are due to clogged pipes. There are many reasons why pipes can become clogged. Hair and soap can combine to create a blockage. Equally, putting sanitary products or anything inappropriate down the toilet can cause a clog.

It’s also possible that the clog is caused by a collapsed pipe, this often happens when a tree root grows into the pipes.

Tools You’ll Need

It’s a good idea to have a few wrenches available, including a sink wrench. This will allow you to get to all the pipe connections, even those awkward ones behind the sink. You’ll also want some old clothes, in case you get anything on you.

Alongside this, a plunger can be useful, as can a drain auger, and you’ll also appreciate finding a sewer camera for sale.

You’ll then be ready to tackle your draining issue.

How To Fix The Draining Issue

How to fix the draining issues

The first step is to identify the clog. If all your sinks and toilets are failing to drain properly then the clog is probably in the main sewer pipe. However, if it’s just one appliance with an issue the clog is likely to be in the ‘P’ trap under the appliance. This trap is designed to hold water and prevent methane gases from entering the house from the sewer pipe. It also makes it the perfect spot for a clog.

Start by using the plunger in the affected appliance. Use plenty of force and make sure the drain stays covered by the plunger. This will create a vacuum that can shift the clog.

Once you have the approximate location of a clog you can feed your drain auger in. This thin piece of metal will snake around the curves in your pipes until it reaches the blockage. It should be possible to push the auger through and, by moving it around, release all or part of the clog.

Should this not work you’ll need to switch tactics and run the sewer camera into the drain. This will help you find the clog and assess it. It will also highlight any damaged sections of pipe and allow you to repair them.

The camera can be used to focus your auger attacks or simply to verify the pipe is clear after you’ve unclogged it and the water has drained away. You’ll then be able to take a shower.

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