How to Help a Nervous Pet Socialize More with Other Animals?

How to Help a Nervous Pet Socialize More with Other Animals?

Just like humans, pets can become extremely anxious too. Overwhelming sounds, too busy parks, and a lot of new smells can completely overstimulate them. As a result, you might have your hands on a pet who doesn’t like socializing and who shy away from social interaction. 

In the same way as it is good for humans to be around other humans. It is good for your pet to socialize with other cats and dogs. Not only does it teach them new skills (doggy see, doggy do), but it also helps them cope with depression and loneliness. 

First, let’s see what are the signs of a nervous pet – here are a few key symptoms you can look out for: 

  • Shivering and shaking
  • Running away when new pets approach it
  • Hiding under furniture on in the corner of the room
  • Destructive behavior like chewing clothing and furniture
  • Excessive chewing or licking at its fur and skin
  • Constantly barking and/or howling

There are many different ways how you can help your cat or dog deal with anxiety. One of the most natural ways to help them cope with anxiety and stress is to give them a CBD supplement. These supplements are great to calm them down and allow them to cope with sound sensitivity. 

After you’ve introduced a calming CBD supplement oil or treat into their diet, you can try any of the following methods to help them become more sociable. 

Going for Walks

The first step to getting your pet out of the house is by taking it on daily walks. Even though cats aren’t as natural as dogs on a leash, you can carry them in a cat-friendly backpack. Dogs will become more comfortable with the world around them, when they start taking walks outside. 

This will give them an initial feeling and familiarization with car and crowd sounds in public. At first, avoid places with too many other dogs and keep walks short. Monitor their reaction and don’t scare them off too quickly. 

Watch this video for examples of fearful behavior in a dog: Take it one step at a time. 

Stay Calm

One of the most important things you can do for your pet while being out and about, is to stay calm. Don’t scream at them or act frantically when they start showing nervous behavior. Always reassure them and don’t push them towards something that they are evidently too scared to go towards. 


Now, it’s time to expose your dog to a variation of different people and animals. This is important to allow them to get accustomed to all different types of living being. A mix of men, children, women, and teens are good. 

When they want to pet your pooch, make sure that it’s within your dog’s eye sight. Let them pet him either on the chin or chest – definitely not their back or hind legs. 

After they’ve been petted by other humans or after they’ve sniffed at another dog, reinforce their good behavior by giving them a treat. Don’t forget to use loads of delicious treats to teach them routine and discipline. 

Exposure to other pets, might not go as smoothly as planned. This is why you should take it very slowly. Don’t just unleash your pooch and allow them to run freely in the dog bark. Walk alongside them and follow their cues. 

Your pooch shouldn’t spend too much time with another dog, give them some time to test the waters and then you move along. 


Comfortable at Home

If your dog or cat has extreme anxiety, then it’s best to keep them at home and bring a friend to them. Identify a friendly dog from a friend or neighbor and let them come over for a playdate. 

Make sure that your pet is calm at all times. You can make your pet feel more comfortable by applying any one of these expert tips. Once your dog or cat has warmed up towards their new friend, then you can take both of them outside or to a park. 

As long as you remain calm and practice a lot of patience, your pet will soon climb out of its shell.


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