How To Make Your Gold Bracelets Shine Forever

Bracelets are jewelry styles that women particularly like. Some people like gorgeous gold bracelets, some people like jade bracelets with aura, and some people like silver bracelets with powerful exorcise evil spirits effects. Having a box of bracelets of different materials and styles is the dream of many women.

Although bracelets are made of different materials yin yang necklace, no matter what kind of material the bracelet is, it is inseparable from maintenance. Only if we maintain it properly can it continue to shine on our wrists?

With so many bracelets on the market, which one do you think is the hardest to maintain? Many people’s first reaction must be jade necklaces for girlfriend, compared with other materials, it looks beautiful and expensive, is it true?


Advantages: stable texture and gorgeous feeling
Disadvantages: soft texture, not fashionable enough

Maintenance tips:

The texture of gold is very stable. As long as it is not in contact with some special chemical reagents, it is usually hard to change. But don’t neglect maintenance just because it is “wear-resistant”.

We all know that gold has many merits, but its hardness is too low, so there are often plots in the costume dramas that use teeth to bite to determine whether it is a gold infinity bracelet.

Because of its low hardness, gold bracelets are prone to deformation and even breakage, so you should avoid bumping when wearing, and do not rub with other high hardness things to avoid scratching.

How to maintain: The slight deformation does not affect the wearing of the gold bracelet. If the deformation is too serious, do not pinch it back by yourself, it is best to send it to a gold shop for repair.

Although the texture of gold is stable, it also has rival: mercury. If it stick a little mercury, it will immediately turn white name bracelet(bracelet with name) and look like it has faded. Some cosmetics and perfumes add mercury elements illegally. If you wear gold bracelets and accidentally touch them, they will turn white – this is why many people think that their gold jewelry “fades”.
How to maintain:

If you find that the bracelet has turned white, first make sure you have not been exposed to mercury- it is very harmful to human health. As for the albescent gold bracelets, don’t worry, you can send them to a gold shop and burn them to recover custom birthstone rings!

Advantages: sterilization and ward off evil
Disadvantages: The hardness is not high, and it is easy to turn black

Maintenance tips:
Compared with gold bracelets, silver bracelets are much harder to maintain.

In addition to being “soft and easy to deform” like gold bracelets, silver bracelets have another problem: they are easy to turn black fingerprint jewelry.

Although this is a normal oxidation process, no one wants their shiny bracelets to turn black! If you want the beautiful silver bracelet to maintain its beauty, you need to pay more attention to it.

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