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Top Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Men & Women in Canada: Embrace the Festive Season

Top Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Men and Women in Canada
Top Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Men and Women in Canada

‘Jingle Bells are on the way’ as the favorite part of the year is about to begin. Who doesn’t love Christmas festivities? The gigantic Christmas markets, the Santa arrival, the decorated nooks and corners, the holiday special events, and the theme parties – you can expect a bundle of joy and surprises this Christmas season.

But nothing beats the fun and laughs one can have at an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. As the name suggests, the party theme revolves around wearing ugly, funny, and tacky attire to make the party attendees laugh their hearts out.

While the theme is simple, it can get your brain tested as choosing a perfect and unique ugly sweater for the party is not easy. But, here, we have made your selection pretty easy with our best ugly Christmas sweaters for men and women in Canada, as this guide suggests a myriad of options to choose from, along with their possible buying links.

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What is the Purpose of Celebrating an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party?

Celebrating an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Why would one dress up ‘ugly’ to go to a Christmas party? Don’t scratch your head, and let’s explain to you the idea behind celebrating ugly Christmas sweater parties worldwide.

In Canada, we see the majority of people celebrating the ugly sweater-themed Christmas party, which originated back in the 1950s. Individuals wearing oversized shirts and sweaters with 3D pom poms, reindeer printed on the front, and the Christmas vibes from the entire outfit make the perfect Christmas attire. The purpose of an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party is to dress up in gaudy attires and celebrate the holidays with laughs and fun that is associated with picking a silly and funny outfit.

Previously known as ‘Jingle Bell Sweaters,’ the ugly Christmas sweaters are now celebrated at a higher level, where we see Hollywood celebs flaunting their ugly sweaters confidently and in the funniest way possible. You may consider it an endearing expression of joy where people are dressed up without showing off their fancy sides. If not elegant, an ugly Christmas sweater dazzled with snowflakes and Christmas charm looks extremely cool and makes your favorite holiday season memorable. Dress in tackier attire to enjoy the wholesomeness of the ugly sweater Christmas party, but be careful with the selection if kids and co-workers are present.

Top Picks for Ugly Christmas Sweaters in Canada – A Guide for Men and Women

If you are invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party again this year, you wouldn’t want to join in with the same outfit from last year. Obviously, seeing you in the previous year’s tacky outfit won’t give the people at the party the same laugh again. This year, you have to try some other options to rock your ugly attire. Also, if you have never attended an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party before, choosing a dress appropriate for the party’s theme could be daunting.

The guide below will help you choose a unqiue, funny, and obviously ugly sweater to wear at the party to give people a good laugh.

Best Women’s Ugly Christmas Sweater

Best Womens Ugly Christmas Sweater
Girls Wearing Ugly Christmas Sweater

Women’s Christmas Reindeer SweaterWomen’s Christmas Reindeer Sweater

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A classic Reindeer sweater is a must in every girl’s closet to don at a Christmas party. And interestingly, you can adapt this outfit for an ugly Christmas sweater party as well as it has the vintage, cute, and perfect Christmas vibes coming out of it. Wearing this sweater on a cold Christmas party night would also calm down your body temperature, and with this cozy, thick sweater wrapping around your body, you can enjoy Christmas Eve without shivering too much.

ELF Christmas Sweater Dress with Hood-GreenELF Christmas Sweater Dress with Hood-Green

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It’s that time of the year again when you can effortlessly flaunt an elf Christmas sweater that comes with a green hood. This dress has all the cute vibes attached to it, and wearing it will make you feel like an elf at the ugly Christmas sweater party. The side pockets add charm to the attire, making this attire drool-worthy.

‘Home Alone’ Ugly Christmas Sweater‘Home Alone’ Ugly Christmas Sweater

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If not, with the patterns and images, you can still add a tacky touch to your ugly Christmas sweater through funny and sarcastic phrases. This is a perfect warm sweater with ‘Merry Christmas, ya Filthy Animal’ written on the front, and the statement itself is unforgettable in many ways. Also, who doesn’t remember this famous phrase from our all-time favorite movie, Home Alone? We don’t see many Christmas outfits with funny and tacky statements written on them, so finding a sweater like this definitely makes it a unique outfit choice for your ugly Christmas sweater party.

Ugly Christmas Tree Hoodie

Ugly Christmas Tree Hoodie

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This classic hoodie is embellished with pom poms and extra glitter donned over a Christmas tree. The hoodie is shaped like a pointy Christmas tree, and the patterns add extra oomph to your overall attire. This is a sharp pick for your ugly Christmas sweater party that will definitely grab all the eyes.

Christmas Sweater Cardigan

Christmas Sweater Cardigan

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A long cardigan is a perfect pick for your office’s ugly Christmas sweater party, and with its slightly dorky vibes, it makes a perfect outfit for the night. It is well-made and can be won in larger sizes as well. The quality of this sweater is top-notch, so it is sure to stay with you for a long time.

Reindeer Hoodie

Reindeer Hoodie

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This is yet another funky hoodie to wear at your ugly Christmas sweater party that is designed with a pointed reindeer hood. Not only does this hoodie look adorable, but also cozy for your cold Christmas season. This hoodie is knitted with soft acrylics, which feel comfortable on the skin, and with exclusively creative design, you can effortlessly flaunt your attire for the Christmas night.

Christmas Turtle Neck Dress

Christmas Turtle Neck Dress

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The dresses with turtlenecks always look trendy and super cute, and the one mentioned here makes a perfect turtleneck dress for your Ugly Christmas Sweater party. The pockets on the side are for added warmth and also because pockets always look super cute. You can pair it with matching leggings and high heels to complete the look. There are several patterns to choose from, each with its exquisiteness and can also be worn on casual occasions other than Christmas parties.

Funny Cat Prints ugly Christmas SweaterFunny Cat Prints ugly Christmas Sweater

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For the cat parents, this sweater comes at the right time. Not only does it make a perfect ugly Christmas sweater, but it also exhibits your love for cats. The multiple cats’ popping faces are printed in 3D images throughout the sweater and make a tacky and distinctive outfit to wear at the ugly Christmas sweater party night. You can also ask your friend to match the outfit for you and rock the party in your unique way.

Best Men’s ugly Christmas sweater

Best Mens ugly Christmas sweater
Boys Wearing Mens ugly Christmas sweater

Men’s Holiday Reindeer SweaterMen’s Holiday Reindeer Sweater

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This men’s holiday reindeer sweater by Daisysboutique complements your entire Christmas look. It has a slim fit, and the fabric quality is beyond excellence. The dress depicts a black canvas with colorful Christmas icons printed on the front.

LED Ugly Christmas SweaterLED Ugly Christmas Sweater

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This is a unisex pullover that truly exudes festive vibes with its creative design. Pom poms and tinsel are on the soft acrylic fabric that feels extremely soft on the body. This knitted Christmas sweater has a loose fit and is suitable for all occasions during the holiday season. For a party or special occasion, dress it up with denim or sweatpants to keep it casual.

Jesus Joseph Family Picture sweaterJesus Joseph Family Picture sweater

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If you want to become the center of attraction at the ugly Christmas sweater party, don’t wait to buy this sweater. This is made of 100% acrylic, comes with a crew neck, and is popular for effortlessly pulling the Christmas vibes.

Men’s Gaudy Garland Ugly Christmas sweaterJesus Joseph Family Picture sweater

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This innovative, ugly Christmas sweater for men features glittering baubles that catch everyone’s attention instantly. You can literally feel the garlands around your body with this gaudy garland sweater and get into the Christmas mood. This outfit will most definitely go to win you the ugly Christmas sweater contest this year.

3D Cat Ugly Christmas Hoodie3D Cat ugly Christmas Hoodie

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The sweater has a cross-eyed cat printed on it with hair decked out like a Christmas tree, complete with a garland and hanging ornaments. Nothing else can rival it at your upcoming gathering of ugly Christmas sweaters. The giant cat’s face popping out is also a perfect Christmas sweater for those who want to attend the party with their beloved cat.

3D T-Rex Plushie Ugly Christmas Sweater

3D T-Rex Plushie Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Now, this is the funniest. Isn’t it? Carrying a 3D plushie with you to the party will get you the eyes and show your creativity with the party theme. This stuffed T-Rex sweater is also a crazy addition to the closet for dinosaur lovers, and a dino face bursts from the front while its tail resides at the back of the sweater, just like a perfect 3D image.

Tips for Choosing a Perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater

Your Christmas holidays don’t have to be boring when you can add a spark of fun and laughs with an Ugly Christmas Party and make your friends appreciate your creative attire choice. However, you just cannot pick a randomly purchased outfit from your closet with a funny quote written on it. It will probably look a little outdated, and you won’t wear it later. There are a few guidelines that you should consider before choosing a sweater to wear at your Ugly Christmas Sweater party.

  • An ugly Christmas sweater is meant to be worn once a year, so it is not wise to spend a huge amount on it. While an ugly sweater you choose to wear is supposed to be unique, you shouldn’t be paying a hefty price for it. You may also borrow it from a friend or relative to save money or browse through local thrift stores in Canada to pick a pre-loved sweater to wear on the Ugly Christmas Sweater Eve.
  • The sweater you choose shouldn’t be inspired by pop culture. It should have visible stitching of Christmas pom poms and some funny quotes written on it rather than a funky, colorful sweater that looks more like a pop-culture-inspired attire.
  • If you want to keep it classy and right according to the theme, you may wear a sweater with a turtleneck at the ugly Christmas sweater party. A turtleneck always looks cool on both men and women, so it is definitely a perfect choice to wear at the party.
  • An ugly sweater made by hand is always a hit at any gathering. If your grandmother sewed it, your mom crocheted it, or you knitted it during your holidays, it is good to tell everybody about the creativity and customization that is embedded in the sweater.

Bottom Line

If you’re lucky this year, you might get invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party, or you could throw your own. You might not want to wear the same Christmas sweater the next year. Ultimately, once you’ve garnered the attendee’s appreciation, you might not receive the same response twice. The ugly Christmas sweater guide above will help you pick a sweater that is funny and ugly and, at the same time, brings out the Christmas vibes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where did the ugly Christmas sweater come from in Canada?

The ugly Christmas sweater trend started in Vancouver, Canada, in 2002. The ugly Christmas sweater’s theme is wearing the ugliest attire and was first introduced by John Birch and Chris Boyd.

When was the first ugly Christmas sweater made?

The first ugly Christmas sweater was introduced in 1950, and then in 1980, the ugly Christmas sweater party gained massive popularity and became a part of the culture.

What are ugly Christmas sweaters called?

The ugly Christmas sweaters are normally featured in comedy shows actmas sweater was named ‘jingle bell sweater.’

Are ugly sweaters supposed to be ugly?

Conventionally, an ugly sweater was not supposed to be ugly but a piece of art depicting the sweater wearer’s creative side.

What is the purpose of Ugly Sweater Day?

The Ugly Sweater Day was originally celebrated to give the holiday season a touch of fun by wearing artistic yet the ugliest sweater to create light humor in the gathering.

What is the right time to wear an ugly Christmas sweater?

There is no time or event specified to wear your ugly Christmas sweater, as you can wear it during the Christmas holidays and also during cold nights when you want to make yourself feel warm and comfy.

Do ugly sweaters have to be ugly?

The theme behind the ugly Christmas sweater party is wearing sweaters, which depict art and make everyone laugh their heart out. The funny quotes, images, and prints on your sweater are unique and show your humorous side to others.

Do you wear a shirt under an ugly Christmas sweater?

Yes, you may wear a shirt underneath an ugly Christmas sweater. Although no one will notice the shirt worn under a Christmas sweater, wearing it will add an extra styling element to your overall outfit that looks unique.

Are ugly Christmas parties still celebrated in Canada?

Yes, the ugly Christmas parties are still celebrated in Canada, with people participating in them with more energy. There are several areas where the ugly Christmas sweater contest is held every year to see who can appear wearing the ugliest sweater.

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