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Discover the Top Christmas Markets in Ontario, Canada: Must-Visit Holiday Markets in 2023

Discover the Top Christmas Markets in Ontario, Canada

It’s that time of the year again when everyone is filled with energy, excited to delve into fun-filled activities, and impatiently waiting for the Christmas holidays. Ontario is famous for its incredible Christmas markets and is among those cities where the largest and most exquisite Christmas markets are arranged yearly.

If you are planning to visit Christmas markets in Ontario to enjoy a pleasant and unforgettable experience during the Christmas season, there are several options to go to. Although the concept of the Christmas market was initiated in Germany in the Middle Ages, today, we see major cities arranging attractive Christmas markets during the holiday season.

In this blog post, we have compiled a list of the best Christmas markets in Ontario where you can enjoy a trip to a thrilling journey of the holiday season.

Top 20 Christmas Markets in Ontario, Canada

Ottawa Christmas MarketOttawa Christmas Market

Ottawa has several festive things and occasions to delve into and is also considered one of the pleasant road trip destinations in winter. The very famous Ottawa Christmas Market takes place at Lansdowne Park, where the outside plaza is decorated with several twinkling lights and Christmas shenanigans. Right in front of the Aberdeen Pavilion, a lightning magical tree indicates the beginning of the fun-filled activities at the Christmas market, and the fun continues for fifteen days. The snow-capped buildings and intricately designed wooden chalets surround the Ottawa Christmas Market, which truly depicts the winter beauty. Here, you will find numerous handmade stuff like soaps, jewelry, cookies, etc., at the stalls of more than 35 vendors. You can also enjoy alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at Blitzen Bar while enjoying live music. The market has also arranged a night disco and skating to elevate your fun.

Location: Casino Lac-Leamy Plaza at Lansdowne Marché Way, Ottawa

When: November 25th to December 23rd: Friday to Saturday

During the last week of Christmas, i.e., December 20th to December 23rd, Tuesday to Friday

The Distillery Winter VillageThe Distillery Winter Village

The winter wonderland that is arranged every year at the Distillery Winter Village, Toronto, is one of the stunning Christmas markets in Ottawa. Santa strolls the historic cobblestone streets, festive food, comforting holiday drinks, a big Christmas tree, and eye-popping photo walls are just some of the worthy experiences in the market. The photo-worthy backdrops give you a perfect background for some insta-worthy snaps. The tree lighting ceremony took place on 16th November, which officially announced the beginning of the delightful and blingy festivities of The Distillery Winter Village. This year’s celebrations will continue for more than a month so you can plan your visit.

Location:  Distillery District in Toronto

When: November 16th to January 7th

Niagara Falls Christmas MarketNiagara Falls Christmas Market

Niagara Falls hosts a stunning light display in Ontario every year, which is also a center of attraction for visitors. During the holiday season, you will find an incredible Christmas market in the downtown area where you fill exciting handmade stuff for your loved ones to take along. Over 50 vendors are showcasing their products and delicious food stalls, which every visitor would love to munch on. With over a hundred festive events, including a Santa Claus parade, tree lighting, traditional wooden chalets, and much more, it’s the largest Christmas market in the Niagara Region. You can relax by the fireplace, shop for anything, or snap as many selfies as you want to keep the memoir of the winter holidays with you. Entry is free, and numerous activities are waiting for you inside the market.

Location:  4284 Queen Street, Niagara Falls

When: November 12th to December 18th

Collingwood Christmas MarketCollingwood Christmas Market

This popular Christmas Market is a perfect spot to spend your Fridays during the Christmas holidays, where you can be a part of the endless festivities of the town. Walk through Hurontario Street, which takes you to the market, where you will find a sensational light show. Dance your heart out with the dancers and jugglers in the Christmas market and feed on your favorite food delicacies from around Ontario. Say a big hello to Santa and take memorable pictures at your favorite stall.

Location: Hurontario Street in Collingwood

When: December 2nd, 9th, 16th

Swedish Christmas MarketSwedish Christmas Market

This very innovative Christmas Market is organized by a Swedish organization (Swedish Women’s Educational Association) and is held annually in downtown Toronto. If you are fond of the Toronto Christmas market, this is the place where you can also get to know Swedish culture through Swedish food. You will also find a Lucia Pageant, attractive huts, and several other entertainment facilities to keep you hooked. A large selection of Swedish-designed products, the Swedish Folk Dancers, the Book Corner, and the annual exhibition of handmade crafts are just a few of the attractions that draw thousands of visitors each year to the Swedish Christmas Fair. The extensive assortment of Swedish cuisine offers the adventurous Canadians and the Scandinavian community all they need for their Christmas treat.

Location: Daniels Spectrum at 585 Dundas Street East in Toronto

When: November 18th to November 19th

Kingston Holiday MarketKingston Holiday Market

Visit the Kingston Festive Market if you’re seeking for that real-life festive atmosphere. The market is the ideal family-friendly event that takes over downtown, close to City Hall. There are more than a dozen vendors, a photography display, and live music performed by local artists. Among the many items on your holiday list are handcrafted, cute things, locally produced maple syrup, and more. Purchasing a Christmas tree is also a nice idea if you want to take a memorable thing along with you from the Holiday market. There are fire pits and hot chocolate to keep the visitors warm so they may stay cool when enjoying the Christmas market. Kingston Holiday Market is now available online, showcasing over 90 vendors and giving you a chance to purchase unique, customized goods with just a single click.

Location: Tett Centre for Creativity & Learning

When: December 3rd, 4th, 11th, 17th, 18th

Niemi Family Farm Christmas MarketNiemi Family Farm Christmas Market

Head over to Niemi Family Farm Christmas Market if you want to enjoy the true colors of Christmas. The Christmas scenes created here appear to be taken straight out of a storybook at the magnificent Niemi Family Farm Christmas Market in Mount Albert, Ontario, which features a contemporary design. The picture-perfect market is made more visually appealing by elements like a trail of lights and tall pine trees. A roaring bonfire beckons visitors and warms up with a hot chocolate. Sourdough, potato buns, and cinnamon buns are just some of the popular baked goods that are hugely popular among visitors. The Christmas market is a vital part of the farmland where you will find exciting rides, twinkling lights, and bonfires; this quaint family farm has expanded its market. The market has many delicacies, most of which are made locally. The Polar Express takes you through the farm, where you will see farm animals, Christmas lights, a Santa, and much more.

Location: 18463 Highway 48, Mount Albert

When: November 12th to December 22nd

Once upon a Christmas in PerthOnce upon a Christmas in Perth

Perth is home to several Christmas markets, but Once Upon a Christmas is significant due to the alluring lighting on the giant trees across Downtown Heritage Perth. The location itself greatly entertains the visitors with its breathtaking views. With this massive and vibrant Christmas Market, you may expect to spend your holidays in the best way possible. Take a hot beverage of your choice and wander around the streets of Downtown to witness the historical treasures and buildings that exhibit the craftsmanship of Ontario. Horse rides and live music will amuse visitors of all ages.

Location: Downtown Heritage Perth BIA, 80 Gore St. E. Perth

When: November 25th

Orangeville Christmas MarketOrangeville Christmas Market

The Orangeville Agricultural Society (Orangeville Fair Grounds) has been organizing the Orangeville Christmas Market every year since 2017. This enormous indoor holiday market has 50,000 square feet of area for vendors, kid-friendly events, and other exciting things for all individuals. This Christmas market is centered around charity, so the visitors who visit the market are encouraged to donate canned food to the organization. The entry is free, and you can delve into thrilling stuff, meet Santa, and enjoy food and goods from almost 125 vendors.

Location: Orangeville Fairgrounds: 247090 Side Road 5, Orangeville, Ontario

When: November 18th

Merry MarketMerry Market Ontario

Last but not least in the Christmas Markets Ontario 2023 list is the Merry Market, organized every year at Canada’s biggest complex, London. The Merry Market is an indoor and outdoor Christmas market that is open throughout December. Some interesting sections like Twinkle Town and The Winter Village are also associated with the market. The Merry Market is full of quaint wooden tents selling hand-crafted stuff, including jewelry and delectable baked foods, and also provides the local manufacturers to showcase their talent. Good food and beverage options, such as the White Hot Chocolate with Peppermint Vodka, add more to the happiness. An entry fee of $5 takes you to everything for the entire weekend.

Location: 100 Kellog Lane, London, Ontario

When: November 30th to December 17ththe other experiences to relish upon in the Holiday market.

Bottom Line

Christmas markets in Ontario are filled with people, and each city and modest community in Ontario has a Christmas festivity. There are various Christmas markets where you will find the historical roots of Canada to give the visitors a demonstration of the rich culture of the land. Moreover, the merchants sell privately made products, delightful food and unlimited beverages, music, and numerous other exciting activities at the Ontario Christmas Market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the famous Christmas market in Toronto?

The historic and iconic Distillery District is considered the most popular and the largest Christmas market in Toronto.

Which city has the most Christmas markets?

Vienna has the greatest number of Christmas markets, i.e., 20 Christmas markets around the city, where an unlimited number of people gather and enjoy several playful activities.

What happens at a Christmas market?

Every year, the majority of cities around the world arrange Christmas markets where visitors enjoy fun-filled activities, engage with attractive stalls, and enjoy their favorite treats.

What is the famous Christmas market?

Strasbourg Christmas Market in France is known to be the most famous Christmas market, and its popularity has increased every year since 1570.

Is the Toronto Christmas market worth it?

Toronto Christmas Market definitely worth a visit due to its unlimited attractions. Its stunning décor, amazing stalls, and delicious treats and beverages attract visitors annually. There are several games planned for every age group, which excite the visitors, and for shopping freaks, there are shopping cabins as well.

Which Christmas markets are better?

Vienna, Strasbourg, Berlin, Brussels, and Prague arrange the finest and the most entertaining Christmas markets every year.

How long is the Toronto Christmas Market?

Toronto Christmas Market remains open from November 16th to December 31st, and during these days, you can enjoy fun-filled activities, indulge in food delicacies, satisfy your shopping spree, and do much more.

Is Toronto good at Christmas?

The Christmas event in Toronto is the most memorable event celebrated in the city. Not only is it the beginning of the holiday season, but the fun and excitement of the people living here is just on another level due to the planned activities with their families and friends. Christmas festivals and markets are arranged these days, which are huge attractions for everyone.

Which city is considered the capital of Christmas Market?

Strasbourg in France is the oldest Christmas market in the world. It started back in 1570 and is considered the ‘Capital of Christmas.’

Does Canada do Christmas markets?

Yes, Canada does Christmas markets; the Christmas season is considered a memorable and fun-filled time of the year. The Christmas market elevates the happiness around the Christmas season even more in Toronto.

Is it free to enter a Christmas market?

The majority of the Christmas Markets offer free entry so anyone can enjoy their time with family and friends. You have to pay for other attractions inside the Christmas market, such as shopping, food, stalls, etc.

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