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Curtain Bangs: A Timeless 70s Revival | Styling Tips for Effortless Chic

Curtain Bangs How to Style Them Like a Pro!

From your favorite Hollywood celebrities to Instagram’s fashion influencers, we have seen curtain bangs being flaunted by top fashion icons. While talking about the curtain bangs, the style inspiration takes us back to the 70’s fashion industry when this specific hairstyle used to be trending. In the mid 60’s and 70s fashion era, this cute and versatile hairstyle thrived everywhere as it was a fresh break from the typical hairstyles.

Curtain bangs do not look like those average bangs but are of various lengths depending upon various face cuts. From a shorter length just below the cheekbone to slightly longer, a stylist cuts your fringes from the middle of the face so they may look like curtains shedding on your face. A professional hair stylist understands your face shape and directs the bangs which are suited well to your face curves. Keeping the scissors at the down angle, he gradually cuts your fringes up to the length of the cheekbone.

Should I Get Curtain Bangs?

If you are concerned about whether you should or shouldn’t wear the curtain bangs, you need to read this.

We understand that growing hair is a long process, and when it comes to adding inches of length to the bangs, the time these need to regrow might be overwhelming. This is probably the reason stopping you from getting those dreamy curtain bangs. Another reason could be your face cut, as people with different facial cuts do not adore the curtain bangs the same way. If you are struggling with the do’s and don’ts of curtain bangs or muddles around the decision of getting the curtain bangs, let us tell you that curtain bangs might be the best decision you would ever make take.

For people who are struggling with their hairlines or bigger forehead, getting these fringes might be your savior. The soft bangs flaunting towards your cheekbone enhance your facial features; interestingly, these are much easier to maintain. Whether you have an oval face shape, round face, heart face, or squared-shaped face, these bangs will help your facial features look prominent with either soft and sweepy fringes or denser and bolder bangs. Talking about the versatility of curtain bangs, you may opt for this excellent hairstyle without losing the length or going for multiple layers.

How to Style Curtain Bangs?

Although curtain bangs are among the low-maintenance types of hair bangs, it could be difficult to style them according to the face cut. Whether you are looking for that perfect signature swoop or want to add a voluminous touch to these super cute curtain bangs, we have enlisted some easy ways which you may follow to style your bangs.

Using a Flat Iron

Using a Flat Iron
A Girl Making Curtain Bangs Using a Flat Iron
  • Pull out your bangs and secure the rest of the hair behind the ears with the help of hair elastic or bobby pins.
  • Create two sections from the middle of the bangs, and with the help of the flat iron, curl each section into a ‘C’ like shape. The outer C section should be loose than the inner one making the ‘C’ shape more prominent.
  • Let the curls cool down, flick the tips of the bangs away from the face using your fingers and brush them gently.

Using Curling Iron

Using Curling Iron
A Girl Using Curling Iron

If you have straight bangs, styling with the help of a curling iron provides better results.

  • Take out the bangs and tuck the rest of the hairs behind your ears. Wrap the curtain bangs tightly around the curling barrel while folding the iron underside of the bangs.
  • Curl the bangs in the forward direction while rolling the barrel downward till the ends of the hair.
  • Once the barrel has curled the bangs, carefully put the bobby pins to clip the curled bangs in place and let it cool down.
  • When the bangs have cooled down, unpin these and let them fall on the face. With the help of a round brush, gently roll the bangs away from the face.

Using Velcro Roller

Using Velcro Roller
A Girl Making Curtain Bangs Using Velcro Roller

If you are looking for heatless styling methods, this one work great for you. The method works only on towel-dry hair, so ensure that your hairs are damp and not completely dry.

  • Apply some hair styling cream on your hair before starting with this styling technique. Roll your bangs around the Velcro rollers and clip them on place using pins.
  • Depending on your hair type, you may choose a medium-sized roller or the smaller one. After you have pinned the bangs in place, you may wait for an hour till you get ready.
  • Once your hairs are completely dry, remove the clip and add some fluff to your freshly styled curtain bags with the help of your fingers.

Using Blow Dryer

A Girl Use Blow Dryer for making Curtain Bangs.
A Girl Use Blow Dryer for making Curtain Bangs.

If you don’t have any hair styling tool and just a blow dryer to do the trick with those curtain bangs, we got you covered.

  • After you have washed your hair, dry using a towel. Before doing anything else, put some hair styling cream or spray on your hair that will add texture and volume to your hair.
  • Brush your bangs down in front of your face with the help of a round brush and curl the brush upward. Using a blow dryer, blow the roots while moving the brush through your hairs upwards. For added help, you may place a nozzle before the dryer to direct a controlled air throw onto the hair.
  • For soft and flowy bangs, curl these in a direction away from the face. You may also create an inward flick by rolling your fingers inward through the bangs.

Some Extra Useful Tips for a Perfect Style

  • If you have just cut your hair into curtain bangs, managing it while sleeping can be a little intimidating. However, to train yourself, you may clip your bangs through bobby pins to make it easier for you to style them.
  • Since the curtain bangs are more likely to fall on your face, they collect more oil and sweat directly from the face. To protect your bangs from the aftermath, it is important to rinse your curtain bangs daily.
  • A blow-dryer is your best friend in styling those bangs, so you may consider investing in a good blow-dryer.
  • If using hairspray is necessary, use light hairspray only so the bangs might flow naturally with the hair.
  • Always blow dry your hair when they are wet.
  • The bangs grow faster, so you need to go for the trimming process after every five to six weeks.
  • Since the tiny curtain bangs are more likely to be damaged by the heat styling tools, you are suggested to avoid too much use of flat iron.

Bottom Line

Curtain bangs are a classic look that takes little maintenance. Although the styling procedure is fairly straightforward, it will take several trial-and-error sessions to perfect it. Be kind to yourself, and remember that these bangs will grow again if you don’t love them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the different types of bangs to try?

Baby bangs, curly bangs, textured bangs, curtain bangs, and braided bangs are some of the popular bangs to try.

How do I make my curtain bangs look good?

To make curtain bangs look good, you may style these with a medium-barrel round brush or a blow dryer. You may start styling these bangs when they are wet, as it will give them a more defined shape.

How do you style curtain bangs naturally?

If you want to style your curtain bangs without treating them with any heat, apply some leave-in conditioner to your damp hair, twist and pin these bangs backward and let them dry naturally for 30 minutes.

How do beginners wear curtains bangs?

Make your hair partitions from the middle and blow dry each section. Wrap a section of hair away from your face around the round brush and blow-dry it. While wrapping your hair around the brush, fold the hair till the end so that voluminous styling may be achieved.

Do curtain bangs need to be styled?

A few types of curtain bangs need to be styled properly so they may be flaunted effortlessly.

Which face shape suits curtain bangs?

The curtain bangs are well-suited on the diamond-shaped face, oval-shaped face, and round-shaped face.

What are the easiest bangs to maintain?

The curtain bangs are easiest to maintain as they do not require too much effort and flow freely with any hair style and texture.

How can I make my bangs look good all day?

Using anti-humidity hairspray, moisturizing hair products, and dry shampoo makes your bangs look great throughout the day.

Is it OK to style curtain bangs every day?

Styling your hair using hair styling tools might damage your hair cuticles due to heat. However, if you style your bangs without any heat treatment, it does not bother the hair texture and is safe for the hair.

How to style curtain bangs overnight?

If you want to style your curtain bangs overnight, roll them around a medium-sized roller and ensure they are properly secured. The next morning, you will wake up with perfectly flowy curtain bangs without treating your hair with any heating tools.

Can I go for the front braid with my curtain bangs?

Sometimes, when you are late for work or are not in the mood to style your curtain bags in any styling technique, you may go for light braid styling or add some twist away from your face.

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