How to Make Yourself Sneeze? 9 Effective Yet Easy Methods

How to Make Yourself Sneeze

Sternutation is something you cannot control. It is also known as sneezing in daily life. Sneezing is an important aspect because it helps the body get rid of irritants and many small pathogens. When you sneeze, you release air from the nose and so the trapped allergens are also headed out. But many people face problems in sneezing. It’s like they have an urge to sneeze but can’t. It is not clear why this happens but if you are one of those, you can induce sneezing and get rid of this irritating sensation.

If you are looking for answers to how to make yourself sneeze, you are at the right place. Here are some handy solutions to induce sneezing if you have an urge for it.

1. Tissue Paper

How to Make Yourself Sneeze Using Tissue

Every house has tissue paper and it helps in sneezing. How? Roll a tissue and make it pointy at one end. Insert this end in one nostril and slowly move it to and fro (back and forth). It will tickle you and this is the stimulus for the trigeminal nerve that results in sneezing. However, if you go too far it may be painful and even harmful.

2. Brushing

How to Make Yourself Sneez Using Feather

Feather and other lighter objects are significant in creating a tickling feeling. All you have to do is brush your nostrils softly with one of these and you will eventually end up sneezing. Again, using a real feather for this cause is neither recommended nor healthy. So be careful.

3. Light is a Stimulant

Light is a Stimulant for Sneezing

It may sound weird but some people sneeze voluntarily by just looking at light. It is known as reflexive sneezing. As the trigeminal nerve is placed right behind the optic nerve, the light may stimulate it. Photic sneeze reflex results and the person is forced to sneeze. Surprisingly enough, this reflex is hereditary.

4. Perfumes

Sniffing perfumes or other strong scents help sneeze

You may already have thought of it. Sniffing perfumes or other strong scents help sneeze. The scents irritate the nose and become a stimulus for nerves necessary for sneezing. But inhaling it directly can result in acute allergy and hence, we should not directly spray it in the nostril.

5. Pluck a Nose Hair

Plucking a Nose Hair Can Help Sneeze

Try and twee the hair of your nostril, it will irritate the nostril lining and stimulate the respective nerve. Although it is simple, plucking a nose too strongly may result in bleeding or root damage.

6. Dark Chocolate Has A Lot to Offer

eating dark chocolate can help in induced sneezing

Cocoa is a brain stimulant. It not only keeps you awake but also aids in normal body functions. Scientists have also found that it is important in sneezing pathways. The reason behind it is not known. Therefore, eating dark chocolate can help some people, not all, in induced sneezing.

8. Exercise

Exercise To Make Yourself Sneeze

If you have an urge to sneeze but cannot, tilt your head back and forth. But don’t do it quickly. Lean back for a while and keep your eyes focused. It helps in sneezing.

9. Spicy Items

Like perfumes, spices, like pepper, cumin, and coriander are irritants that are associated with a runny nose. Sniff it and your mucosal pathways are alarmed, leading to sneezing.


It often happens that we have the urge to sneeze, but we’re unable to do so. It’s nothing serious to worry about. There are different scientifically proven methods to make yourself sneeze; such as using a rolled tissue to tickle the nostril, creating sensation inside the nose using a feather or soft material like brush, sniffing perfumes & spices, plucking a nostril hair, going into the light, and eating dark chocolate can also help you make yourself sneeze when needed.

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