How To Prepare For A Tarot Reading?

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Tarot Reading

Tarot reading is an art and science which can guide you towards the right direction. The best tarot readings happen when both the reader and the querent come with some amount of prepping. Unless you have the right mindset, you will not be able to enjoy the session. The reader as well as the querent should be well prepared and have an open mindset. A hasty reading is never done well and a reading done with an unfocused mind might lead to the lack of clarity in terms of answers.

A reader as well as the querent will have to prepare for the reading. The reader can prepare for a reading by following the below mentioned points.

  • First and foremost, the reader should be well rested. If the reader is tired, it will lead to a lackluster reading.
  • Always be sober and do not consume a lot of caffeine. Most importantly, you need to be present mentally and physically.
  • You should meditate before you open the practice for the day. Even a little exercise of walk will be really helpful.
  • Take up some form of energy work so that the chakras remain balanced and chi is moving through the body.
  • Ensure that the office is quiet for a successful reading. Even soft music can help get you in the right mindset. You need to ensure that the kids and dogs are not present there. Switch off the phone and remain focused.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Start by giving the client an oracle card to read before the session begins. It will give them a moment to calm down and will allow them to clear their brain. A lot of clients come straight from work and they need time to center themselves.
  • Cancel work if you are not well. You will have to remain present for the client and if you are ill, you will not be able to do justice to the client.
  • Cleanse the space before your client arrives. Open a window, light a candle, do everything that will get you in the mood for a successful tarot reading.


The querent can prepare for a reading by following the below mentioned steps.

  • Never get into a reading if you are freaking out. It is not possible to have a clear mind unless you are centered. If you need to wait, you should. A trippy, aggressive or impulsive mindset will only hear what it wants to hear. You might not be able to enjoy the reading unless you approach it with a clear mind.
  • Take out time before the reading to reflect on what you expect from the reading. You can list down the questions before you visit the reader so that you can cover all the information you need.
  • Go for a reading when you are sober. You should not consume too much caffeine. The reader and the querent should be centered. The calmer you feel, the clear your answers will be.
  • Tape the reading if you need to. It will enable you to listen to it at a later stage. You can also choose to take down notes during the reading if you are comfortable with it. You will be able to find a number of tarot reading tips on

Tarot reading

Phone Reading

If you are going for a phone reading, the rules will apply to you but it is important that the querent has a quiet space so that they are present for the reading. If you have a phone reading and there is a lot of noise in the background, you might not be able to hear what the reader was saying. The reader will also be required to have the same space for their client on the phone. He should ensure that the office is calm and quiet. You need to be present for the client and should not be checking email or watching soaps on the background.

Alternatively, if you are going for an email reading, you need to take out time so that you can formulate the question. Your question should be as clear as possible and do not mix them as it might lead to confusion.

The main requirement for a successful tarot reading is to be present in every manner. You should have a present mind so as to manifest and help the client. The suggestions mentioned above can help you prepare for the reading and will ensure that your mind is calm and you are present.

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