How to Reduce Muscle Aches and Soreness

How to Reduce Muscle Aches and Soreness

Muscle aches can lead to jerky or limited motions. Bumping or jostling your body awkwardly to avoid using a sore muscle can actually cause damage and more soreness elsewhere! Staying on top of muscle pain, no matter the source is a good investment of your time and supplement choices.

Cause of Muscle Pain

Muscle pain, like nerve pain, travels via electrical impulses through the neurons throughout your body. You can reduce muscle soreness after a hard workout by adding edible CBD tinctures, due to its pain relief benefit, to a variety of foods, including:

  • smoothies
  • hot beverages
  • fruit juices

Once you’ve ingested these, they will take time to work as your body digests the beverage. However, this is a very effective way to use CBD in small doses over time to manage the ache of sore muscles and joints.

Types of Infections That Cause Muscle Pain


We can suffer from body aches with a bad cold or a bout of the flu. If you’re tired, achy, and miserable, a full dose of CBD under the tongue can help you quickly fall asleep.

Even with the flu, you may feel slept out. Other ways to reduce your discomfort can include a warm bath, a hot shower, or wrapping up in a warm fleece blanket. No matter what you do to warm your body, make sure you are getting enough liquids to avoid dehydration. Cramping is the worst muscle pain you can suffer.

Why Do Our Muscles Get Sore in the First Place?

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Generally, muscle pain is caused by tiny tears that occur when the muscles are under stress. If your workout has recently increased, or if you pushed your number of reps, these tiny tears will result in pain as the muscle cools off. The time between damage and pain is usually less than 24 hours. With the proper diet and gentle stretches, new tissue will fill in these tiny tears.

Tips on How to Reduce Muscle Aches and Soreness

workout Hurt

Make sure you end each workout session with an appropriate round of stretching. Stay hydrated and add protein to the meals after a hard workout. Should you find that a very sore muscle has a great deal of swelling, a lot of bruising, or a hot, burning feel, it’s time to see your doctor. You may have a tear. At the very least, you will need to ice and rest the site.

If soreness is making it hard to work or study, consider experimenting with CBD tinctures, such as those from HempFusion, which allow you to tailor your serving to the amount that works best for your body.


Be ready to back off your workouts if you are constantly achy and sore. First of all, soreness is an indication that your body is doing some repair work. Give it the time to do so. Secondly, being in constant pain will make your workout process unsustainable over time. Small gains over time are much healthier than pushing too hard and doing serious damage.

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