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Weight Gain with a Fast Metabolism: Proven Strategies for Healthy Transformation

Weight Gain with a Fast Metabolism

At some point in our lives, we all considered weight loss an ultimate goal from a health perspective. The majority of us are struggling to lose weight, but there are a lot of those individuals as well who are trying to gain weight. Weight gain is a gradual process that may take longer than expected for those with a high metabolism. Weight gain can be extremely challenging under high metabolic rates when your body is not responding to the calorie intake and rather burning the calories, leading to weight loss.

What is Metabolic Rate?

The metabolic rate is the amount of energy released during the body’s vital metabolic functions, such as blood circulation, respiration, water removal, and other processes. You may define metabolism as the body’s natural ability to convert food into energy When the body is in the resting state, the metabolic rate or also known as Basal Metabolic Rate, is lower as compared to the times when the body is doing exercise or any other activity. During this resting state, the body uses energy to keep the body’s essential organs in the optimum state.

You have seen people not gaining weight even after consuming tons of calories, which means they have a faster metabolism. People with a high metabolic rate tend to lose weight faster as the number of calories they consume breaks down into energy briskly, making it difficult for them to gain weight. In a nutshell, if you have a fast metabolism, your body burns more calories, and you appear naturally skinny.

How do I Gain Weight with a Fast Metabolism?

If you have a fast metabolism and you have been told a countless number of time that you cannot gain a healthy weight, this is the time to know the truth. Fortunately, several ways are helpful in gaining healthy weight without stuffing yourself with unhealthy or junk food, which is extremely deteriorating for your health. Naturally, skinny people have thin bones, smaller appetites, and narrow frames, which makes them think of needing to gain more pounds. Although it is harder to gain weight with fast metabolism as your body is shedding calories faster, you may see some healthy growth in your body weight by modifying your eating habits and changing your lifestyle patterns.

If you want to know how to gain weight with a fast metabolism, there are a few helpful ways to look into.

Increase Your Protein Intakeprotein rich snacks for lifestyle

When you have a rapid metabolism, consuming more protein is one of the easiest ways to increase your body mass. Although protein-rich foods might help you feel full and reduce your appetite, consuming them frequently with each meal will result in quickly acquiring weight. For a healthy protein intake, you may look for options like beef, poultry, seafood, crab, lobster, eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, chicken, duck, and turkey, or even add protein shakes and protein supplements into your diet.

Increase Your Calorie Intake

assorted foods with their calorie count
assorted foods with their calorie count

Calorie surplus occurs when your body consumes more calories than your body’s requirements. Those struggling to gain weight due to fast metabolism may need to increase their calorie intake by adding at least 300 more calories than the number of calories burnt daily. For this purpose, you may need to add healthy fats into your diet, which are richer sources of supplying the body with more calories. You may look for food such as avocado, eggs, nuts, peanut butter, fatty fish, olive oil, and dark chocolate for healthy fat intake.

Do Some High-Volume Resistance TrainingHigh Resistance Training

Eating an excessive amount of calorie-rich foods is an easy way to gain weight. However, it does not guarantee to help you with the healthy weight gain in the future. Adding high-volume resistance training exercises into your routine is crucial in preventing extra calories from being stored as fat and instead using them to build lean muscle. They also allow fast muscle growth and healthy gaining of bulk. Squats, crunches, deadlifts, and bench presses help you gain weight with increased strength. Additionally, adding a protein supplement to resistance exercise helps people build up to 27% more lean muscle mass during the initial weeks of training.

Keep Munching on Small Meals Throughout the DayMeal Planning and Portion Control

Our bodies are considerably energized for the day when we eat on time, so we frequently need to pay more attention to consuming our meals at the right time. If meals are not taken properly, our bodies become tired soon, and we start feeling lethargic. Our regular activities may suffer as a result of low energy levels. To keep our bodies full of energy and prevent our bodies from draining out calories, we should skip heavy meals and start eating smaller and more frequent meals for the entire day to maintain enough energy intake and a calorie surplus. As we know, a fast metabolism allows you to burn calories more effectively all day, eating a lot of food throughout the day to keep your body in a calorie surplus.

Consume Weight-Gaining SupplementsWeight- Gaining Supplements

You may take this as your ultimate resort if your diet and exercise are not helping you gain weight. The supplements with high protein and carbs have a lot of calories, so you can use them to meet your caloric targets. Additionally, they contain a lot of sugars which is a massive contributor to weight gain. Be aware that you should only take a weight gainer supplement if you have tried eating whole foods but still don’t get enough calories or if you cannot consume high-calorie meals frequently for any other reason. Supplements can only be effective if you have a suitable dietary plan that is tailored to your needs. You should prioritize consuming most of your calories from premium whole foods and supplementing the rest.

Improve Your Sleeping HabitsPhoto of a woman sleeping

Getting enough sleep is directly linked to having a healthy body. You’ll have greater energy and willpower when you get enough sleep. Your ability to exercise and make healthy diet decisions will be aided if you get plenty of sleep. You’ll acquire weight more leanly if you get enough sleep as well. It’s one of the best things you can do to boost your outcomes when gaining muscle.

Do Some Heavy-Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting
Weight Lifting

If you are struggling to gain weight, your focus should be on gaining weight through increased muscle mass rather than increased fat. If you start focusing on bulking the fats inside your body, the fat deposit will result in increased cholesterol levels and other poor health conditions. The exercise you choose should work on the muscle groups throughout your body, and weight lifting really helps in this regard. It works on increasing muscle mass, and when combined with cardio and protein supplementation, you gain a healthy weight and feel fitter than ever.

How Long Does it Take to Gain Weight?

Determining it is more difficult than finding out how long it will take to lose weight, as each individual has different weight gain and loss patterns. Your body’s metabolic rate is another significant factor that plays a pivotal role in determining how long it will take to gain weight. When a person loses or gains weight, his metabolism and hunger levels start regulating accordingly. This is why, after consuming a lot of calories, we do not feel hungry, and our metabolism gets faster. Since every person has a different metabolic rate, his body responds differently to caloric intake.

If a person adds a calorie surplus of 500 more calories for 4 to 6 months, he is likelier to gain 7 kgs. If the caloric intake is increased up to 1,000 calories per day for 4 to 6 months in a row, the weight gain is faster, and you may gain 11 kgs. The results are not medically evident as weight gain after consuming calories depends on your metabolism rate and your body’s natural response to the calorie intake.

Bottom Line

It may be difficult to acquire weight with a high metabolism if you are naturally skinny. However, gaining weight isn’t impossible, even if your metabolism is quick. The above-mentioned tips are really helpful in gaining weight quickly. You must work harder to gain muscle over time and gradually increase your body fat percentage. Although it won’t happen immediately, it will ensure that you don’t lose any muscle mass as you put on body fat, which may help you maintain a stable weight over time.

Once you have started gaining 1-2% of your body mass each month, you need to work on maintaining that weight by cutting calories for at least a few consecutive months. However, it should be done at a different intensity than it leads to weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you bulk with a fast metabolism?

People with fast metabolism may struggle a lot with fast weight gain. They may feel fuller after consuming calories and feel frustrated as well without gaining no more than a few pounds only.

What are the symptoms of having fast metabolism?

People with fast metabolism may suffer through fast weight loss, anemia, increased heart rate, and fatigue.

How can I test my metabolism rate?

You may easily test your metabolism rate by performing a blood test where your blood is drawn to see the metabolic rate. There are also at-home metabolism testing kits available which are really helpful in determining if your metabolism is working at a balanced pace.

Who is considered underweight?

People who have a BMI below 18.5 are considered underweight.

What are the health risks associated with being underweight?

Underweight people are most likely to develop illnesses like metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, heart stroke, reduced muscle strength, malnutrition, and lowered immunity levels.

Can you still gain weight with a fast metabolism?

You may increase your body mass even with a fast metabolism by consuming energy-rich foods, increasing your calorie intake, and getting into high-volume resistance training exercises.

How can I increase my metabolism to gain weight?

Consuming food rich in carbs and other nutrient-dense food helps gain weight with a fast metabolism. You may also take protein-rich smoothies and shakes, which help in increasing muscle mass.

Why is my weight not increasing?

If you are not gaining weight even after consuming a lot of food, this is an indicator that you have a fast metabolism. It may also indicate that you have an underlying health condition causing your weight to drop rapidly, even if you are eating tons of calories. Genetics also plays a vital role in the physique of an individual.

Which food is good for weight gain?

If you want to gain a healthy weight, you may include the following food into your diet; milk, rice, peanut butter, nuts, protein smoothies and shakes, salmon, fish, potatoes, and red meat.

What are the signs of a slow metabolism?

Constipation, fatigue, continuous headache or migraine, and depression are some prominent signs of slow metabolism.

How is a male’s metabolism different from a female’s?

A male’s metabolism is higher than a female’s as a male’s body has naturally lesser fat concentration and more muscle mass than a female’s body. The increased muscle mass indicates having a faster metabolic rate.

What is the primary reason for having a fast metabolism?

When Hyperthyroidism results in more than required hormone secretion from the glands, it triggers fast metabolism.

Is it good to have a fast metabolism?

Having fast metabolism indicates that the person may have a poor health condition, poor nutrition, or hormonal imbalance. People with high metabolism rates are more likely to have high mortality rates.

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