The Perfect Timing to Eat Flax Seeds – Morning vs Night

When to eat flax seeds, morning or night

If you are a health and fitness enthusiast, you probably know flaxseed’s multiple benefits. This vital nutrient is an excellent source of omega-3, magnesium, and fibers and helps you tackle digestive issues such as constipation and lower cholesterol levels.

Flax seeds, also known as โ€˜linseeds,โ€™ are extracted from the flax crops, and the flax seeds can also be used to produce oil. The flax plant from which the flax seeds are produced is scientifically known as โ€˜Linum usitatissimumโ€™ and is cultivated almost everywhere in the world. Long ago, when flax seed was not a popular nutrient-rich diet staple, it was used in the textile industry. Interestingly, the fibers of flax plants are known to have two times better firmness than cotton, which is why it was primarily used in manufacturing clothing. Even today, the strength of the flax plant is admired in many parts of North America, and they use it to create linen textiles.

Some Important Facts to Know About Flax SeedsImportant Facts to Know About Flax Seeds

Letโ€™s have a quick introduction to what this amazing and healthy flax seed is about and its nutritional value.

  • Flax seeds have a crunchy consistency and nutty flavors.
  • These seeds are pressed to produce oil, which is widely used as an amazing remedy for controlling high blood pressure and reducing cardiovascular complications.
  • A healthy serving of flax seeds contains magnesium, phosphorus, fibers, alpha-linolenic acid, potassium, protein, and carbohydrates, which are important for the body’s optimum functioning.
  • Flax seeds are rich in polyphenol antioxidants, which help cut down belly fat rapidly.
  • Flax seeds can be consumed in raw or roasted form as both help boost metabolism and keep you away from various diseases.
  • Flax seeds should be powdered if you want to lose your body weight. Ground flax seeds can be used in smoothies, soups, curries, porridge, and pancake batter for weight loss.
  • Several delicious recipes can be made with flax seeds, including mukhwas, granola, porridge, chutneys, and khakhras.
  • Grounded flax seeds are easier to digest than whole flaxseed, as the shells of flaxseed make its digestion tougher for the intestine.
  • The flaxseed oil should be kept in dark glass bottles and stored in a dark place as this oil is extremely sensitive to light and heat.
  • Flaxseed oil has more amount of alpha-linolenic acid than grounded flax seeds, as one tablespoon of grounded flax seeds have 7 grams of ALA, while one tablespoon of ground flax seeds has 1.6 grams of ALA.

Health Benefits of Flax SeedsHealth Benefits of Flax Seeds

Flax seed is a wonder food, and researchers have shown how phenomenally it works in combatting various cardiovascular diseases and aids in weight loss. Considering the plethora of benefits offered by flax seeds, these are used in various foods such as crackers, waffles, oatmeal, porridge, and smoothies. Due to the high content of omega-3 fatty acids found in flax seeds, these are added to the pet diet and given to chickens to produce eggs enriched with omega-3 fatty acids.

Talking about the health benefits that can be leveraged with flax seeds, there is proven evidence that flax seeds enhance protection against various serious diseases. Due to its rich nutritional value, it has become a crucial component of a healthy diet.


Lignans, found in flax seeds, are considered to improve blood sugar levels, so those suffering from type 2 diabetes may benefit from consuming flax seeds. Insulin resistance in diabetic people can be prevented through flax seeds, which help regulate blood sugar levels. For diabetic patients, adding whole flaxseed to their diet is suggested to control their sugar levels.

Weight LossWeight Loss

Consuming flax seeds before a meal helps you feel fuller by compressing your appetite. The fibers in the flax seeds slow down the process of digestion, your stomach feels fuller, and you end up consuming fewer calories. For weight management and controlled BMI, you may take the supplements of flax seeds or consume them in the ground form.


Lignans are found to be effective in providing a protective barrier against various types of cancers. Flax seeds, when consumed during adolescence, help eliminate the risk of developing breast cancer in females by blocking the enzymes that result in the spread of tumors. ALA, which is majorly found in flax seeds, can inhibit the growth of cancerous cells and protect individuals from colon, skin, breast, and colorectal cancers.

Blood PressureEat Flax Seeds for Blood Pressure

People who complain of higher blood pressure levels should add flax seeds to their diet as it helps control diastolic and systolic blood pressure levels. Consuming 3 to 4 tablespoons of flaxseed daily helps decrease higher blood pressure levels and also helps decrease the chances of heart strokes that occur due to elevated blood pressure levels.

Cardiovascular DiseasesNatural Strategies for Achieving Cardiovascular Health

Since flax seeds work amazingly in lowering blood pressure levels, they help combat various cardiovascular complications. Omega-3 fatty acids found in flax seeds normalize the heartbeat and decrease the chance of heart failure. Adding flax seeds to your diet helps in lowering cholesterol levels as well, which in turn improves the health of your heart.

Hot Flashes

Postmenopausal women who reportedly have intense hot flashes should add two tablespoons of flax seeds powder to their diet to reduce the intensity of hot flashes. You may add it to yogurt, smoothies, or cereal or consume it with water or any way you like to have it. One week of regularly consuming flax seeds has made women feel better, with reduced instances of hot flashes.

Bowel Cleansing

Flax seeds are rich in dietary fibers, which help soften the stool and make it easy to pass out. People who are suffering from constipation or have any painful inflammation of the colon may intake flax seed supplements. Consuming it at bedtime helps regulate natural bowel movements in the daytime and reduces the chances of constipation.

What is the Best Time to Consume Flax Seeds – Day or Night?

Flax seed is a wonderful dietary component that can be taken during the day or at bedtime. You need to ensure that you take one tablespoon of ground flax seeds the entire day, or you may even divide it by taking half in the morning and half in the evening.

Flax Seeds in the Morning

Ground flax seeds are more effective for the body as nutrients are easy to absorb if taken in the powdered form. Due to lignan and ALA contained in flax seeds, consuming it in the morning helps improve cardiovascular health and controls blood pressure. You may add it to your bowl of cereal, yogurt, or smoothies to enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast in the morning. Those who want to lose weight may consume one tablespoon of ground flax seeds before eating, as the dietary fibers in flax seeds make your tummy feel fuller soon.

Flax Seeds in the Night

There are flax seeds capsules and supplements available, which you may intake at bedtime. Those who are suffering from constipation or do not have regular bowel movements may take a supplement of flax seeds for the easy passage of stool during the daytime. If the flax seeds are mixed with the protein smoothies and consumed at night, it prolongs the protein breakdown that helps in muscle maintenance.

Bottom Line

Flax seeds have tremendous health benefits if consumed the right way. Whether you are consuming it during the day or night, these wonder seeds provide your body with healthy nutrients. Whether you are concerned about your heart health, diabetes, or cholesterol levels or want to lose body weight, ground flax seeds, if consumed regularly, will boost your metabolism and provide you with visibly good health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is better โ€“ ground flax seeds or whole flax seeds?

Ground flax seeds are easier to digest as compared to whole flax seeds, which makes it difficult for the intestines to digest the shells of seeds. The ground flax seed should be kept in an air-tight container and can be used anytime.

Can we eat flax seeds at night?

Since flax seeds contain a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids, consuming these at night helps in regulating blood pressure levels and fight cardiovascular diseases. So, yes, you may take flax seeds at bedtime.

Can we drink water after eating flax seeds?

It is important to drink water while eating flax seeds, as without plenty of water, you wouldnโ€™t be able to digest the fiber content in flax seeds. Dehydration which is caused due to intake of flax seeds without enough water, may lead to constipation, bloating, or stomach pain.

What is the best way to eat flax seeds?

There are plenty of ways to eat flax seeds. You may add a tablespoon of ground flax seeds to a bowl of cereal, porridge, yogurt, cookie batter, or any food item of your choice to get the maximum health benefits of the serving.

Can I drink flaxseed with milk at night?

Yes, you may consume flax seeds with a warm glass of milk. It increases the serotonin level in the body, which helps in improving sleep.

Is flaxseed good for females?

Flax seeds are highly effective for those females who are struggling to conceive. These seeds help improve the femaleโ€™s reproductive system, regulate ovulation patterns, and balance her hormones. After consuming flax seeds regularly, females who have hot flashes post-menopause may feel better.

What are the health benefits of eating flaxseed?

Flax seeds help in improve cardiovascular health, boost metabolism, aid in weight loss, decrease the blood cholesterol level, and reduce the risk of various cancers.

How many spoons of flaxseed per day?

Consuming one to two tablespoons of flax seeds per day is recommended, which helps your body get the maximum benefits of its nutrients.

Does flaxseed increase hair volume?

Flax seeds help improve blood circulation in the scalp, strengthen hair roots, and prevent hair breakage. Flax seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin B, which help encourage new hair growth from the follicles.

How do you eat flaxseed for glowing skin?

Add one tablespoon of flax seeds in 1 cup of water and let the seeds soak in water overnight. Apply this face pack in the morning for glowing skin. It also helps in reducing wrinkles and anti-aging marks.

Does flaxseed tighten skin?

Flax seeds contain lignans and fatty acids, which help nourish the skin, prevent skin sagginess, and tighten the skin. The antioxidants in flax seeds help in improving the overall skin texture.

When should you eat flax seeds, morning or night, for weight loss?

Eating flax seeds is beneficial in both morning and night time. Consuming it in the morning helps boost metabolism while taking it at night helps improve the serotonin level that improves sleep.

Can we eat flax seeds raw?

Yes, you can consume flax seeds in the raw form. However, its rigidness might make it difficult for the gut to digest the seeds easily. The best way to consume flax seeds is to grind them in powder form and use it when required.

How are flax seeds beneficial for males?

Consuming flax seeds helps fight various types of cancers, and especially in males, it helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Who should not use flax seeds?

Pregnant females and those who breastfeed should not add flax seeds to their diet.

How can I take flax seeds with water?

There are several ways you may intake flax seeds with water. You may soak the flax seeds in the water overnight and drink the water. Or grind the flax seeds to make a powder and consume it with water. You may also grind flax seeds with smoothies or shakes.

How can I grind the flax seeds?

Flax seeds can be ground in any hand grinder. Put the desired quantity of flax seeds in the grinder and grind for about 5 minutes. Once the powdered form is obtained, transfer it to an ait-tight container and use it whenever you want.

Can I consume flax seeds empty stomach?

Yes, you may consume flax seeds empty stomach. If consumed before a meal, the flax seeds help suppress appetite and make you feel fuller in lesser time, which helps in reducing body weight.

Are there any possible side effects of taking flax seeds?

Flax seed is a main component of a nutritional diet. However, it has very few potential side effects, which may be triggered if consumed for more than the suggested amount or if the person is taking certain medications, pregnant, or breastfeeding. If flax seeds are consumed without plenty of water, the fiber content may absorb the water in your digestive tract, worsening constipation. Also, raw flax seeds may contain a certain amount of toxins that are harmful to the body. These toxins are destroyed if the flax seeds are toasted or mixed with other ingredients in a recipe. This is why it is not suggested to consume flax seeds in their raw form.

What is the right way to store flax seeds?

Since flax seeds are sensitive to light and heat, the ground flax seeds should be stored in dark and moist places. You may also keep the powdered flax seeds in an air-tight container or dark bottles so the heat may not reach them. The pre-ground flax seeds may be kept in the freezer as the temperature inside the freezer helps them maintain their nutritional potential.

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