Improve Athletic Performance By Addressing Your Workout Routine

athletic performance

Building athletic performance is what gives you that edge. Whatever your sport, you want to be able to perform. You have your workout routines, and you know that cardio and strength training are equally important. It’s always good to look for new ideas as you find ways to take your game to a new level. Here are the best workouts for building athletic performance.

It’s All About the Core

You want to activate those core muscles, and you want to strengthen your stamina. That is going to require that you focus on a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise. Let’s begin with strength training, and we will work from there to help you build a solid exercise regimen that will help you build up your athletic performance.

Deadlift, Anyone?

How often do you deadlift? Deadlifting can help you in so many ways, including building up your overall strength. You will be improving upon your grip, and you certainly are going to add to your torso strength. Shoulder stability is an extra bonus, and there are other great benefits to adding deadlifting to your workout routine as well.

It’s Medicine Ball Time!

Do you have a medicine ball? There are so many ways to use a medicine ball to help you in regards to athleticism. One of the best strength training exercises with this equipment is the overhead medicine ball throw. You want to keep your stance hip wide, and you’re going to need to descend into the squat position prior to throwing the ball.

Keep in mind that not all of the new exercises you learn are going to be easy to execute with written instructions. You can always look at video tutorials for these exercises, and you can talk with personal trainers as well. A trainer will be more than happy to show you how to do certain exercises. You don’t want to be missing out, and you don’t want to perform any exercises incorrectly either.

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There is another exercise to mention in regards to using a medicine ball. What do you know about the open medicine ball rotation? It’s about increasing your rotational power. You need rotational power in sports. The first thing that came to my mind is when you have the basketball in the pocket on either side and you rotate to either pass or shoot. You have to move quickly, and you need that rotational power.

You also need that rotational power when you are going to be swinging a bat in baseball. Rotation comes into play in many sports and in many different ways. The suggestions so far are great, but you need more to diversify. What are some other great workouts for building up your athletic performance?

Other Options

Not only can you get suggestions for individual exercises, but there are also complete workout plans that are downloadable. Perhaps you are happy with your current overall plan, and you’re just trying to add in some exercises and perhaps focus on rotating them from time to time as well. Hopefully the suggestions have helped so far, and there are other tips coming your way as well.

Always remember when you are going to workout that you need to do dynamic stretches. It is important ‘all the time,’ and it especially bears mentioning when you are going to be trying exercises that are new to you. Keep that in mind and get some stretching in before your workouts, always.

Cardio is Key

It was mentioned that in order to increase athletic performance, you must also focus on cardiovascular exercise as well. How do you regularly get your cardio in daily? Swimming and running are great suggestions, and so is cycling. These are perhaps the three most often suggested forms of cardiovascular exercise.

Keep your options open so that you can pursue different forms of cardio. One reason for that aside from the obvious is that it can impact your body in other positive ways, too. For example, rowing and running are both cardio workouts, but they have different impacts. Diversity in exercise can help your body overall and can increase your athletic performance from all different directions.

Don’t Forget the Upper Body

Let’s talk upper body workouts for a minute. Have you been doing your plyometric pushups? What about pullups and kettlebell thrusters? Those are just three of the suggestions that are good for helping increase your upper body strength. Barbell curls and bench dips are also good suggestions.

You’re going to find all kinds of different suggestions. You need to be focused on good full-body workouts, and you want to maximize the intensity in order to increase your performance.

You want results, and you’re going to get them if you work hard. You also want diversity for both of the reasons mentioned. That’s why it’s always good to have options. When it comes to getting the best results there are plenty of supplements athletes use to get an edge

What about the lower body? Lower body workouts can consist of many great exercises. Pendlay rows and back extensions are two possible suggestions. One of the top suggestions is simply getting on an exercise bike. Can you believe that? That’s cardio and strength training wrapped up in one. That is really good to know, don’t you think?

Fancy Footwork

In sports, foot agility can make a difference of course, and there are some great suggestions. Carioca is one option you have, and then another is the ickey shuffle drill. The 90 degree jump is one of the suggested exercises as well.

Squats, standing hamstring curls and floor bridges are three more great suggestions for exercises to help strengthen your lower body. You have tons of tips to go on now, don’t you? There is so much more to learn as well, and you can always get with a personal trainer if necessary.

Personal trainers have experience working with people that are in your same position. You are trying to increase athletic performance, and they know how to get the job done. Keep improving your workouts, and keep focusing on diversity. You will start to notice the differences, and you will be glad that you addressed pushing the envelope, pardon the pun. You are going to be faster and stronger than ever.

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