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Learn About the 4 Different Ways To Consume CBD

Learn About the 4 Different Ways To Consume CBD

Cannabidiol, the Cannabis plant chemical also commonly known as CBD, provides several health benefits such as neuroprotection and relief for physical pain, depression and anxiety. Despite these effects, not everyone feels comfortable taking this drug via its mainstream form of consumption, inhalation. Some people still feel uncomfortable smoking it due to its social stigma, while others might find it unhealthy, especially if they have vulnerable lungs and throat. There is also the misconception that CBD products contain the same psychoactive impact as THC that can discourage some individuals from trying these remedies.  

The versatility of CBD allows for the creation of multiple options, from creams to pills, that can be more comfortable than smoking and vaping. These types of administration also have different forms of effectiveness and side effects. Therefore, anyone who can benefit from CBD can learn more about these methods and combine this information with their doctor’s advice to make the choice best suited to their needs. 

Learn About the 4 Different Ways To Consume CBD

1. Inhalation 

CBD is usually consumed via inhalation, either through smoking or vaping. This is the most preferred option since it delivers the highest concentration through the lungs and alveoli straight into the bloodstream. This process allows the chemical to instantly work within the body. Smoking presents the highest concentration and the fastest delivery, but it also requires additional equipment (dabber, oil rig, etc.) and its effects can damage consumers’ throat and lungs. A vaporizer pen allows people to control their dosage and provides a more pleasant experience on the respiratory organs. However, it still needs equipment and some users can accidentally take a higher dose than they need. 

Learn About the 4 Different Ways To Consume CBD

2. Ingestion 

One of the most discrete methods to take CBDs is the ingestion of edibles. Due to the solid nature, the chemical must pass through the digestive system and get broken down by the liver before entering the bloodstream. The effects take longer to manifest, but they also last for a longer amount of time. Most of these products come in the form of oil capsules and liquid drops. Patients can consume the former as regular medication, while the latter can be subtly added to foods and drinks. They can also use isolate, or CBD crystals, to create their own mixes. Super high quality CBD gummies, lollipops, chocolates and other candies and snacks also provide appealing ways to consume the substance. 

3. Sublingual 

Yet another easy and convenient form of CBD intake comes in the form of herbal tinctures. They are liquids made by soaking the plant in alcohol or vinegar, which dissolves it and concentrates the important parts. Consumers can place a few drops underneath their tongues and wait between 30 seconds and a minute until the oral mucosa absorbs the chemical. Isolate is also another option that people can take under the tongue. This method is quite easy to accomplish and requires no additional equipment. Just like edibles, users can control the dosage, but they will need to estimate the right amount for them. The concentrated flavor may also not appeal to everyone. 

Learn About the 4 Different Ways To Consume CBD

4. Topical Application 

People who do not want to inhale or orally consume CBD have one more option via topical application. These CBD products are usually creams, ointments, lip balms and gels. Unlike the other consumption methods, they are not absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Instead, they are absorbed by the skin interceptors, which reduces the effectiveness. Still, the chemical boosts the skin treatment and reduces the effects of issues such as inflammation, rashes and aging. The product also relieves muscle pain and other discomforts. Individuals will have to apply greater quantities to get the desired effect, but it is still a relatively effortless method that requires no other tools. 

Learn About the 4 Different Ways To Consume CBD

CBD relieves a variety of ailments, from anxiety and physical pain to insomnia and others. Not everyone can enjoy those benefits because smoking might not be the right choice for their issues. They can learn about other CBD administration methods such as ingestion, sublingual and topical before trying a product. With the right information at hand, as well as expert advice by a healthcare provider, they can make responsible decisions that not only lead them to a pleasant first attempt, but also to an effective treatment for their medical problems.

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