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Neck Exercises for Loose Skin

Neck Exercises for Loose Skin

While we all firmly believe that beauty shines from within, there are things you will not be able to change regardless of yoga, exercises, or diets. Amongst the list of these things, we have a turkey neck or double chin. Though Loose neck skin at 40 is often hereditary and very common, it can negatively affect your confidence and radiance.

What is Loose neck skin at 50? What are the causes, and how is turkey neck treated? Here we cover everything you need to know about a turkey neck and how to deal with it.

What Is A Turkey Neck?

What is Turkey Neck

Turkey neck is a common term used to describe a condition where the skin becomes wrinkled or saggy, often an effect of aging. This condition occurs when the neck muscles become weak and use their elasticity. As a result, this loose skin becomes wrinkled and droopy, looking much like a turkey wattle, hence earning the name of a turkey neck.

Reasons for Loose Neck

The neck and chest skin is the thinnest of your entire body. Moreover, this area also had fewer oil glands. Since there is less beneficial oil, it can quickly become dehydrated over time. The most common reasons behind the turkey neck are the lack of essential oil and thin skin. Moreover, some environmental elements may also result in the skin becoming more relaxing and losing elasticity. As we age, our body’s ability to produce moisture and collagen reduces, often resulting in a turkey neck.

While most people believe that aging is the primary culprit of a loose or turkey neck, this condition has other reasons. The causes of Loose neck skin at 30 are explained below.

1. Aging

The most important reason behind a turkey neck is aging. The skin starts losing elasticity and becomes loose or saggy as you age. Resulting from motion and gravity, the elastin, collagen, and other factors keeping the skin tightened will begin to lose, resulting in skin wrinkled and droopy skin, resembling a turkey neck.

2. Genetics

Another reason for a loose or turkey neck is genetics. In most cases, if someone in your family has turkey neck, or if it runs in your family, you’re also likely to have it. While it tends to affect everyone, genetics may cause it to happen earlier.

3. Weight

Another reason for turkey neck can be extra weight. Extra weight can slowly shift from the facial area to the lower chin and jaw, increasing the look of a turkey neck.

4. Exposure to The Sun

If you sit under the sun for too long, you are exposed to ultraviolet rays that can harm the skin and boost the skin aging process.

5. Facial Structure

The facial structure can also affect the neck. People with a smaller jaw may get saggy skin much faster than those with a larger or stronger jawline.

6. The Gender

Though this is a lesser-known fact, gender is also a factor affecting the turkey neck. Men have thicker skin, making them look younger than similarly aged women.

Can You Tighten Neck With Skin Exercises?

Can You Tighten Neck With Skin Exercises

Loose neck skin treatment includes several different procedures, but one of the simplest, non-invasive medical procedures is exercise. It is believed that regular neck exercises can help build the muscles back up.

Loose neck skin exercises help to improve the blood circulation to the neck, thereby giving it a trimmer and tighter appearance. Several neck and facial exercises can be beneficial in alleviating turkey neck by toning the muscles and tightening them. Nevertheless, it won’t help in eliminating excess skin.

Neck Exercises for Loose Skin

Exercising regularly is a great way to stay fit. Exercising helps to boost circulation, tone, strengthen, and tighten the neck muscles. Here are some Skin tightening exercises for the face and neck.

1. Fish Face

Fish Face Exercise

For this pose, sit comfortably in a chair and keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed. Point your chin upwards and look much up in the sky as you can. Next, slowly move your lower lip up and bring it over the upper lip, covering it completely. Here, you will experience tightness around the neck muscles. Stay in this position for around 10 seconds and do 10 rounds for the best results.

2. Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum Exercise

The chewing gum exercise is one of the best exercises for the turkey neck, yet it is also the easiest. It is as simple as acting that you are chewing gum. Just think you’re chewing gum and act accordingly. While exercising, make sure to turn the head right and left as much as possible.

3. Upward-Facing Dog Pose

Upward-Facing Dog Pose

To start, lie down with your face towards the floor. Slowly and gently get yourself up with your forearms. Position your elbows in a straight line precisely beneath the shoulders. Now push your body up, forming the position of reverse “C.” Now tilt your chin out and hold this position for 30 seconds.

4. Tongue Pressure

Tongue Pressure

For doing this exercise, sit comfortably and keep your shoulders relaxed. Now, look up as often as possible, keeping the mouth closed and face muscles relaxed. Next, press your tongue tightly on the roof of the mouth. While doing so, flex the neck muscles present under the jaw. While keeping the tongue pressure, bring the chin down towards the chest.

5. Lip Pursing

Lip Pursing Neck Exercise

In this exercise, try pursing your lips as much as possible, trying to extend the chin to the front. While doing this, you will feel a neck muscle stretch as they become tighter. Stay in this position for about 15 seconds.

6. Tongue Circle

Tongue Circle

For doing this exercise, you’d need to sit in a chair comfortably and keep your mouth closed. While keeping it closed, move your tongue into circles, 15 times to the right side first and then 15 times to the left side.

7. Kiss The Ceiling

Kiss The Ceiling

How to tighten neck skin naturally? Another exercise that you can do is “kiss the ceiling.” This exercise helps tighten and strengthen the loose chin muscles, thereby giving your neck a taut look. While doing this exercise, sit in a chair with your back straight. Next, lean back your head, looking at the ceiling above. Pucker the lips like you’re kissing the top. Maintain this position for about 10 seconds and repeat it 10 times. When letting go, try making the kissing noise to ensure engagement of all the muscles.

8. Swan Neck

Swan Neck

This simple yet effective yoga technique targets the saggy neck skin around your jaw. For doing this exercise, just turn your head to one side, so you’re able to look over the shoulder. Now tilt back the head towards the ground. Do this till you feel the muscles around the jaw and neck lengthen and tighten.

9. The Neck Lift

The Neck Lift

To perform this exercise, lie on a bed while hanging your head over the edge. Now slowly and carefully lift your head as high as possible with your neck muscles. Repeat this exercise five times. Nevertheless, if you experience neck pain, do not do this exercise.

10. Forehead Push

Forehead Push

Start by placing one hand on the forehead. Now try to push forward your head in the direction of the hand. Make sure not to move your head forward. Maintain this position for about 10 seconds. Next, bring both hands behind your head and, using your neck, push backward. Again, maintain this position for 10 seconds.

The exercises for sagging neck and jowls are very beneficial in tightening the neck muscles. Since a turkey neck results from loose and sagging neck muscles, tightening is just what they need.

The results from turkey neck exercises before after showing promising and effective results, giving one confidence in their use as a treatment for turkey neck.

Other Ways to Treat Turkey Neck

Other Ways to Treat Turkey Neck

If you’re tired of turkey neck and need a way to resolve the issue, you have several options at hand. The most simple and non-invasive process would be neck exercises, but you have a few options here to consider. Here are some effective treatments for the loose neck skin.

1. Skin and Neck Exercises

How to tighten neck skin without surgery? Many necks and skin exercises have proven effective in treating turkey neck because this helps to build the muscles up. These exercises work by improving the blood circulation to the neck, resulting in a tighter and trimmer neck appearance. While it doesn’t eliminate the excess skin, exercises can tighten and tone the neck muscles and reduce the effects of skin aging and turkey neck.

2. Skincare Products

Before heading towards more invasive or injectable treatments for turkey neck, topical skincare products may be worth trying. Several anti-aging products, such as anti-aging creams, comprise ingredients that help hydrate the skin and boost collagen production to reduce the effects of aging like wrinkles.

3. Tightening Skin With Laser Treatment

Different types of lasers are also used to tighten and heat the neck skin without heading to surgery. Based on the type of laser used, the results can range from mild to more moderate. The treatment, however, may also require more than one session to get the desired results. Laser treatment for turkey neck can last a few years and doesn’t require much recovery time.

4. Botox Injections

Botox is another way to treat turkey neck that results in noticeable results with a quick recovery time. This injectable treatment method helps smoothen the neck skin, reducing the effects of aging, including neck wrinkles. The results of this treatment, although last only for 3 to 6 months. You may need several injections to get the desired results.

5. Cosmetic Surgery

If you don’t find the methods above suitable, the final solution is a Loose neck skin surgery, ideal for those with excess fat in the area around the neck. In this method, small incisions are made under the chin and behind the ears to insert the liposuction cannula for removing excess fat. In other cases, neck lift surgery can also be used. Platysmaplasty, as it is known, is used to remove the excess fat and skin around the neck to give a smoother and smiler look.


Our skin naturally starts losing its elasticity and begins sagging over time as we age. As unwanted as it may seem for most, this is a natural change one must learn to embrace and deal with. And yet, just because it’s natural doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to deal with it. There are multiple options available for you to treat turkey neck today, such as 5 face yoga exercises to tighten your saggy neck, helping you maintain your youthful look.

If you’re someone who suffers from turkey neck, tighten the skin under chin exercises can be very useful to tighten the neck muscles and reduce the effects of aging. How effective the treatment for your turkey neck is will depend on what treatments are used. While neck exercises are a standard and preferred treatment used, it isn’t always effective in the best way. For this reason, people can opt for other treatments like medical or surgical procedures that often prove to be most effective if you are suffering from loose neck muscles, its best to consult your doctor to see what treatment will go best for you.

While this issue can be treated, the best option will be to take care of your skin before it happens. Eat healthily, maintain regular exercise, minimize sun exposure or use sunblock, and follow a proper skincare routine to keep healthy skin and reduce the effects of aging. Prevention is always better than cure.


Do exercises work for treating turkey neck?

It is believed that many neck and facial exercises can help reduce the appearance of a turkey neck, but no studies have confirmed this so far. Nevertheless, exercise will help tone and tighten your neck muscles.

When does the neck start to sag?

In most cases, your neck muscles and skin will start loosening once you reach the age of 40. The skin muscles begin to weaken and lose their elasticity at this age and after, therefore leading to wrinkled and droopy skin.

How can I prevent turkey neck?

The best way is to take care earlier, meaning taking care of your skin before you age. This includes performing regular exercises, using sunscreen, moisturizing the skin, and eating healthy.

Will turkey neck get better by losing weight?

Yes, if you consistently exercise and maintain a healthy diet to lose weight, the fat deposit around the neck will be reduced, thereby tightening the skin.

What exercise is best for getting rid of turkey neck?

The best exercise for reducing turkey neck is the “chewing gum” exercise. This is also the easiest of the activities for treating the problem. Try it out for yourself, and you will see the results.

Why do I have a turkey neck all of a sudden?

It occurs most commonly because of aging. As we age, the neck muscles become weak and loosen their elasticity. Other factors contributing to turkey neck include genetics, exposure to the sun, weight, etc.

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