Negotiating Tree Removal Costs: Tips and Strategies

Negotiating Tree Removal Costs

The tree removal process can be expensive if you plan to hire an arborist. The expenses and the lack of knowledge regarding negotiations are particularly the reasons why people consider cutting down a tree on their own.

DIY is good, especially when you have a tight budget and want to explore the process. But for newbies who have never removed a large tree trunk earlier, it could be a really threatening task as they are unaware of the nitty gritty of the tree removal process. To help you save money and find out the negotiations which could be made to remove a tree safely and at a lesser price, we have made this blog post.

Do you know that you can save more than 50% of the tree removal process by finding the right negotiations? Let’s debunk this curiosity and find out more about it.

What’s The Typical Cost for Tree Removal?Cost for Tree Removal

You cannot estimate the tree removal expenses in two different localities without considering certain factors. You need to understand:

  • The size of the tree that is to be removed
  • The surroundings and the risk associated with the falling of trees on the property
  • The tools which are required to remove it
  • Whether it is a front yard or backyard

Based on these vital aspects, the company suggests a price for the tree removal such as; if the tree is located in the front yard and has a clear surrounding with lesser to no risk associated with its removal, the charges will be lesser; however, if a tree is in the backyard and has electricity cables or property which might get affected by its fall, the expenses will be higher.

Moreover, the faster you consult a tree removal company for the removal process, the lesser damage will be done by the tree fall. The quicker they remove the diseased or dead tree, the cheaper the removal process will be. Also, in different regions, the tree removal expenses vary so you need to look for the local expenses, terms, and conditions before deciding upon the tree removal. Also, it is extremely important to request quotes from multiple tree removal service providers and then compare the prices to reach the one that suits your budget.

Now, if you’re considering how to cut a tree yourself, it’s essential to approach the task with caution and prioritize safety. Tree removal can be a hazardous undertaking, especially if you don’t have the necessary experience and equipment. Hiring a professional tree removal service for such tasks is generally recommended due to the potential risks involved.

For a tree that is smaller or less than 30 feet tall, its removal may cost around $250 to $400; for a taller tree, i.e., between 30 to 60 feet, the removal expense may be around $450 to $1200. For a gigantic tree more than 80 feet long, the removal process may cost between $1200 to $2000.

How to Pick The Best Tree Removal Company?

Considering the tree removal expenses in mind, if you decide to proceed with the removal process, it’s time to choose the service provider that ticks the right boxes. You should be very clear about the expenses involved in the tree removal process and note all the considerations that help you pick the right service provider.

Always look for the reviews and reputation of the tree removal company and choose the one with proven experience in the field. A company that has been working for more than five years and has made a true mark on its customers (you may check the reviews for this purpose) is more likely to provide you with trustworthy tree removal.

Once you have chosen the tree-removing company, the next step is to look for its services. Always ask them about the types of trees they have expertise in removing, the number of staff they are working with, and the value for money they are offering.

Most importantly, ask the company if it is licensed for the services in your area. You should not invest in its services if the company is not licensed.

Is it Possible to Negotiate The Tree Removal?Negotiate The Tree Removal

YES. The tree removal expenses can be negotiated.

We always emphasize researching tree removal services providing companies and looking for their quoted price along with the services which are covered under that price. At this moment, you should be aware that the tree removal process is expensive due to heavy and expensive equipment being used in the process. The tree removal companies invest massive amounts in the equipment and the business, which is around $200,000. The equipment they require includes a crane, truck, bobcat, cherry picker, and, moreover, the workforce, such as climbers and the rest of the crew, to which they must pay.

Now that you know what goes into the process let’s see how you can negotiate to make the overall cost budget-friendly. Communication is the key, and once you have chosen the right service provider for tree removal, get into the negotiations. You should know that the negotiations in the tree removal process can be made on specific criteria such as:

Cleaning The Area After Tree Removal

First and foremost, if you want to negotiate the cost of tree removal, opt for cleaning the area of debris on your own. Some companies also offer additional services, including shredding and grinding, which you may look for before hiring them. If you want cost reduction, you may dispose of the green waste on your own by hiring local dump collecting services.

One common question that arises during the tree removal process is, ‘Can I throw neighbor’s tree branches back in their yard?‘ It’s important to handle this situation with care and considerate communication. If your neighbor’s tree branches have fallen into your yard due to the tree removal process, it’s generally a good idea to discuss the matter with your neighbor before taking any action. Opening a dialogue and finding a mutually agreeable solution is often the best approach.

Leave The Stump at its Place

Leaving the stump where it belongs works great in terms of cutting down the tree removal expenses. As we know that stump grinding is costly and requires lots of time, it may add up to an extra $300 to $500 to your tree removal expenses. You may get a 10% reduction on your bill by leaving the stump.

Hire Small Companies

Small local companies usually offer discounted tree removal costs as they have to establish a repute for a stronger customer base. The professionals at small-sized companies remove small to medium-sized trees without using heavy and expensive tools with the help of ground crew so it is an affordable solution to try small companies for tree removal services.

Multiple Trees Removal

When it’s not about only one tree but more than one, you will surely get some amazing discounts on the cost of tree removal. The average cost of removing two or three trees is around $1300, including stump cutting, cleaning up the debris, sealing the area, etc. When multiple trees are removed at once, the average cost per tree removal goes lower, which makes it a cost-effective solution.

Look for Free Tree Removal Companies

There are various utility companies that offer free tree removal in case the tree is threatening the electricity lines or sewerage pipes, etc. If the tree that is to be removed is located in an area that is affected by severe climatic conditions, you may ask for government assistance to remove it, as the tree in such surroundings may harm the living beings and property nearby. Under the tree removal assistance program, tree growers and orchardists can rehabilitate and replant the trees damaged by natural disasters such as storms, heavy rain, etc.

Look For Tree Removal During The Off-Season

Winter is usually when the demand for tree removal is significantly lower, so removing the damaged tree during winter will significantly reduce the overall tree removal cost. You may get an affordable tree removal estimate if you are going to hire tree removal services during the winter time when people do not prefer to sit outside.

Google the Best Options

If you search for ‘free tree removal near me’ or ‘professional tree removal near me’, you will get a myriad of companies that offer these services around you. However, you need to compare different prices and do not get fooled by the advertisement spot on the Google pages as these are paid to be there.

Wrap Up

Not all trees are of the same type and height, so it is obvious that their removal charges wouldn’t be the same too.  A tree removal cost either increases or decreases depending upon various factors, including tree trunk, location, equipment, and labor used in its removal. If you request the clean-up after the tree removal, it will add up to your total bill, depending on whether you want to tolerate such extra expenses.

If you want to get a tree removal estimate, talk to the tree removal services providing company and discuss the details so you may have a precise cost estimate before hiring them. You may also negotiate with them to reach a price that both parties feel is suitable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to remove a tree without permission?

Cutting down a tree without a permit may cost you $10,000. However, this amount is just an average, as there are instances when people have to pay a whopping $100,000 penalty for tree removal without permission.

Is there free tree removal for seniors?

Yes, there are various tree removal companies that offer these services for free to seniors. All you need is to consult these companies regarding the areas where they offer free services.

What is the best time to remove trees?

The best time for tree removal in terms of cost is during the winters when there is snow on the ground, and there wouldn’t be a lot of debris to collect after the tree removal. During this time, the tree that is to be removed is less likely to be crowded by the nearby plants, so removing the tree ensures no damage to the nearby green areas.

Can we get tree removal for free in exchange for wood?

Yes, multiple tree removal services provide companies that offer free tree removal in exchange for wood. It usually works when more than one trees are to be removed, and the company may get huge benefits from the collected wood. However, you may consult the tree removal company f that service works in your area.

What extra expenses are added to the cost of tree removal?

Some extra expenses that may be added to the total cost of tree removal include emergency tree removal, large-sized tree trunk, hardwood trees, obstacles such as electricity lines nearby, etc.

Which expensive equipment is required to remove the tree?

Tree removal companies use expensive and heavy equipment used in the process of tree removal, including chipper, truck, crane, and bobcat. Due to this large equipment, professional tree removal costs more.

Can the city’s local tree removal authorities cut down the trees on my property?

Yes, if a tree in your property is causing damage to public assets or is causing a threat to lives, the local authorities have the right to remove it.

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