Photo Printing Trends & Ideas for 2020

Photo Printing Trends & Ideas for 2020
Photo Printing Trends & Ideas for 2020

Photo printing is the process of printing a photo that you usually see on the cover page of your favorite book. It goes through various chemical processes that give the final image a better and a finer look. With the mass adoption and popularity of cameras and mobile phones, the photo industry grew rapidly.

Photo Printing Trends:

As this is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, millions of people print their memories as images. If you are working in this industry too, then you should also follow some measurable steps to boost your brand recognition. In the modern world, things are evolving rapidly and if you want to cope up with the latest trends, you go for a long and successful strategy to grow your business.

If you make your decision by following the current trends then you might have a higher chance to get success in the photo printing business.

Some of the steps you should take to follow photo trends include:

  • You should always check the information that gets provided to you through the forecasts, reports, and expert analysis. This will help you to understand the market situation better.
  • The first thing to do to be an expert in any field is to gather information about the exciting areas. This includes the discussion with the analyst to know the situation of the market.
  • The primary step you have to take in the photo printing industry is to keep yourself updated about the emerging trends and know the latest development so far.


To follow the photo printing trends, you should consider the research, marketing strategies, along with other things that help people to know about the photo printing industry more.

Related policies also help to forecast data in a broader base. Following new photo printing trends supports the business plans and development that help to grow your business. It also enhances your brand recognition.

Photo Printing Products Services:

For digital printing in Dubai, you can find the latest technology to print your images on the books, papers, etc. The photo printing process is done on papers that keep the image safe from the debris. Printing can also be done on fabric, ceramic, metal, etc., depending upon the material of your choice.

Types In Photo Printing:

As the photo printing industry has been completely revolutionized, you can adopt new techniques of printing photos on a different surface. There are several different techniques and types that you can use to print your photos. You can even print them on your couch, mug, etc.

There are a few techniques which are used in the photo printing process. Some of these include:

1. The Photogravure:

The other name of the photogravure is the photo-mechanical process and till today, it is the vaguest printing process. This procedure uses a thin copper plate to get the image transparency that is built by light gelatin. This process is also called image transparency because the gelatin is revealed to light and then the photo is printed on the desired material. The next step is to place the image on the copper plate and after going through this process, the final image is printed. Although this is an old printing process, many people still opt for it.

Some of the advantages of using the photogravure process are as follows:

  • The photogravure printing process is capable of high-speed printing.
  • It can save labor costs.


2. Daguerreotypes:

Daguerrotypes is a famous photo printing procedure. This was the latest technology at the time of its launch. This process helps in printing bright and shiny images.

The method of this photo printing is simple. Firstly, it is printed on the metal sheet, usually silver or a copper plate. Then, hydrogen gas is used to sanitize the silver to create the image. Once the silver plate is sensitized, it is put into the camera and the image is created. The final product of the daguerreotypes is exceptionally professional and the surface of the photo printing is smooth.

Some of the qualities are as follows:

  • The daguerreotypes printing is secured from the debris and other environmental damages.
  • The quality of this print is much better than other processes.
  • The image is bright, clear, and shiny.

3. Platinum Prints:

Platinum printing is heaven for the people who love art. When it was introduced in the late 19th century, it was one of the latest techniques to print an image on a smooth surface with better and more elegant quality. The best part about this printing process is that it is long-lasting and it has a lower chance of damage as compared to silver-coated printing. The procedure of printing the image is that the layer of the platinum is coated on the paper through a chemical process and light exposure method, after that the image is printed on the desired material.

photo frame printing

Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • The platinum printing is permanent and its quality is subpar as compared to other printing methods.
  • This platinum printing is cheaper as compared to silver printing.

4. Gelatin Silver Prints:

The gelatin silver printing is a premium technology discovered in the late 20th century. It developed the concept of black and white images on the paper. The images derived through this process are up to the printing standard. Until digital printing was introduced in the market, this was one of the most modern technologies. It creates images by exposing a photo on the gelatin silver paper. Then, to protect the image, it goes through the chemical process that gives the image a finishing look and shield from environmental damages.

The pros of the gelatin silver printing are as follows:

  • It prints a smooth image on the paper.
  • It prints the most exceptional quality of black and white images on the paper.

5. Chromogenic Prints:

A chromogenic print is a digital print that is developed by a digital file rather than using the old techniques. It is composed of different silver halide layers that combine with multiple waveforms of lights to print the desired image on the paper. Once the process is done, it goes through chemicals, which make the surface of the image shiny and durable.

Advantages of chromogenic prints are as follows:

  • The best part about this photo printing process is that you can use the different range of materials to print images.
  • The quality of this image is fabulous.

6. Digital C-Prints:

The digital c-prints is the developed version of chromogenic prints. It is the most digital way to print any image. The process of printing the image is similar to chromogenic printing, but the only difference is that it uses the LED lights for the exposure. Once the process is done, all the steps are similar to chromogenic printing.

There are different reasons to use digital c-prints. These are as follows:

  • It is used to print the maximum number of high-quality images in a shorter time.
  • The C-printing process does not require a silver plate so it does not need a considerable investment.
  • It is the most affordable way to print customized business cards, marketing material, etc.

7. Giclee and Inkjet Prints:

Giclee and inkjet printing are utterly different from each other but both processes require inkjet printers. They are used to print photographic images. The quality of the image is much decent as compared to other methods. Giclee is used to print higher quality images as it uses the top standard paper with the best quality inks. The process includes spraying the ink on the paper to produce high-quality images with a clear and better resolution.

Digital photo printing
Digital photo printing

Advantages of the giclee and inkjet printings are as follows:

  • Giclee printing is long-lasting because it can hold their colors for more extended periods.
  • The quality of this print is better as compared to other processes.
  • The prints are very much accurate.
  • It is used by almost all the photographers for creating their portfolio.

While there are different digital printing methods used in Dubai to print the images, all the above techniques have their benefits.


All the above photo printing processes are widely used throughout the world and each one of them follows different methods to print top-notch images. These images have better and high-quality and are long-lasting. The purpose of following the photo printing trends is to mitigate the threats and to get new opportunities in the industry.

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