Increase the Value of your House by simply Rendering it

House Rendering
House Rendering

Either you are planning to sell your house or simply reside in it, the goal always is to increase the value of the property one way or the other. Driving down the street, your eye sets on the most well-maintained house and even though you might not contain the mental state of renovating your house at the moment, you do wish yours was this well maintained as well. However, if you do plan on putting your property on sale, you might want to consider optimizing its value. The pragmatic way to do this is through rendering.

What is rendering?

Rendering is the process of applying a paste of cement and sand to coat the bare bricks of the house, prepped to be painted afterward. Many improved formulas such as synthetic and silicone based renders are now being used to provide your exterior with a smooth finish and for your paint to glide on even smoother.

How can Rendering increase the value of your house?

Rendering basically works like plastic surgery for your house and everybody is attracted towards a new neat look. If your property has been existing for quite some time now, it must have unappealing wear due to the years of exposure and demands a fresh look. If your house was previously done, the old render might have to be stripped off and done again depending on the severity of the cracks in it.

Render your house

Not just the appearance but this process helps you to achieve a better infrastructure. In some areas, bare bricks become prone to dampness which risks the entire infrastructure of the building and gives it an unfavorable dense damp mist. Adding a layer of render to the exterior of the house avoids the penetration of water and steer clear off a number of problems. Not to forget that it even slightly helps to provide your house with insulation. All these added benefits simply add up to the worth of your house.

Choose the best rendering material

There are multiple kinds of renderings available but you need to make sure that you choose the specific type that covers the need of your building.

  • Acrylic: This is the cheapest kinds which are available in striking colors, however, the acrylic kind is not breathable which may not suit many building renovation requirements.
  • Mineral: This kind is the less cheap one which does provide a breathable effect to some extent and is comparatively the most preferred as well.
  • Silicone Silicate: this type of render is the most expensive from the above, however, comes with numerous qualities such as self-cleaning and completely breathable. However, its application requires to be carried out during the summer as it demands a warmer temperature.

From providing a brand new look for your house and providing it with insulation to preventing a number of foreseen issues, rendering is bound to raise the sale value of your property. However, make sure that you choose wisely from the options of renders, keeping in mind the specific requirements of your building and the most cost-effective on

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