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Pros And Cons Of Gifting A Watch


Gifting is a social activity. Gifting a watch involves thoughtfulness and a sense of affection. Watches are given out as prizes or a token of remembrance still in the twenty-first century. They have not gone out of fashion. The designs and materials might have changed and evolved, but the concept has not lost its place in the lives of humans. Gifting watches create a long-lasting impression. 

But if you are stuck in a dilemma as to whether gift someone a watch or not. Here are the pros and cons of gifting a watch.


1. Classic Gift

silver color watch

As mentioned already, watches are classic gifts. Watches are objects of gifts in many ceremonies. Most notably as retirement or a farewell gift. Birthdays are also great occasions to gift a watch. Not just birthdays but for any type of anniversaries. Watches are timeless. Sports watches such as Casio Watches and Timex watches are excellent choices if you even like outdoor activities.

2. Looks Great On The Wrists

Wrist Watch Looks Great on the Wrist

Watches are jewelry. They bring a sense of elegance. A wrist without a watch seems empty. Its absence creates a sense of incompleteness.

Watches are a great fashion statement. They express personality and taste. That is why they will continue to be a favorite gifting option among people.

3. Many Options


As with clothes, watches also come with many options. Not just in shape and color but also in type. Primarily, they come in two types, digital and analog. But there is a new category called a smartwatch. And there are many more sub-categories that you can explore. More options mean more fun and less dullness.


1. People Might Take It The Wrong Way

As mentioned in the beginning, gift-giving is a thoughtful activity. There is a place and time for everything. Meanings and intentions can reverse at any point.

Some people can take it the wrong way. They might think of you as being condescending or thoughtless in action. Such a situation is rare but who can say when things go wrong.

2. Not Everyone Likes A Watch

Businessman showing time on his wrist watch.

Even though watches are timeless and classic pieces of gifts, people do not like them. Mostly it is a thing of preference. Some people just like their wrist empty. Some people think having a clock on the smartphone is enough. As mentioned already, not everyone has the same preference. Some people choose differently.

3. Expensive

The quality watches are usually expensive. You can also buy cheap ones, but they do not carry the same elegance and value as the higher-end ones. They both show the time but watches are not only about time. There is a lot at stake. So if you want to gift a great experience, then it is going to be costly.


Gifting watches have both ups and downs. On the one hand, they are timeless and classic gifting options. They look good on the wrist and come with many options. And on the other they are expensive and not everyone is into them, and some can even take the sentiment otherwise.

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