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Ryan W. Ferguson – Net Worth 2023, Age, Height, Bio and More

Ryan W. Ferguson

Ryan W. Ferguson is currently among the richest editors in America who have an influencing impact. After spending more than 10 years in jail for being wrongly accused of murder, he came out and proved himself innocent. Not just he won the case afterward, but he also helped a lot of people who are spending their lives in jail for wrongful accusations. Shockingly, when he was convicted of the murder, Ryan was only 17 years old high-school student.


In this blog post, you will find everything related to the life of Ryan Ferguson, his net worth, his career, and his past life. Keep reading more about this passionate trainer, intellectual editor, and, undoubtedly, a strong human being.

Ryan Ferguson Wiki

Full NameRyan W. Ferguson
ParentsBill Ferguson (f),

Leslie Ferguson (m)

Date Of Birth, AgeOctober 19, 1984, 38 years old
Place of BirthNorthern Territory, Australia
Zodiac signLibra
CareerTrainer, editor, Show host, motivational speaker
Relationship StatusDating Brigit Mahoney
Instagram Profile


Ryan Ferguson Early Life

Ryan Ferguson

Ryan W. Ferguson was born to Leslie Ferguson and Bill Ferguson and seemed to belong the Caucasian Racial Group. He has a sister named Kylie Ferguson. Ryan was studying at Missouri College when he was accused and sent to jail.

After spending 10 years in prison for wrongful accusations, he came out, and now he is advocating for those who are wrongfully accused like him. Soon after, he proved himself innocent in the murder case, he became a celebrity overnight, gained a lot of following, and people started showing immense love towards this brave human being.

As of now, he is also working as a fitness trainer and a motivational speaker, hosts Podcasts, and shows the cruel life inside the jail. He is of the opinion that there are many innocent prisoners inside who are accused wrongfully and living unjust and extremely hard lives inside the jail. He is trying hard to advocate for these people so they may get relief from prison. He considers himself lucky to get proven innocent and does not want anyone to live a teen life as he did.

Ryan Ferguson’s Story of Being Accused

Ryan Ferguson’s Story of Being Accused

On November 1, 2001, Kent Heitholt, who was the sports editor at Columbia Daily Tribune, was found dead after being assaulted and strangled. The reason and culprit behind the murder remained a mystery for 2 years till in 2003 when the Missouri Police received the name of Charles Erickson, who was partying with Ferguson on the night of the murder near the place where Heitholt was found dead.

Since Erickson was too drunk and unconscious, he couldn’t remember if he was involved in the murder and named Ferguson as his potential partner and made a diffident confession. On the basis of Erickson and a building employee’s testimony, Ferguson was arrested and jailed for 12 years in March 2004.

Ferguson’s parents tried hard to prove him innocent, but in vain. He remained in jail for 10 years, witnessed and tolerated all the hardships the prisoners go through each day till 2012, when Kathleen Zellner, a high-profile Chicago Attorney, took Ferguson’s case and eventually proved that Erickson lied about Ferguson’s involvement in Heitholt’s murder. The civil suit that Ryan made against the Missouri Police made him win 11 million dollars.

Ryan Ferguson’s Fame

After all these false accusations and coming out of jail as an innocent, Ryan got tremendous respect from everyone. He built a solid reputation and received empathy and love from everyone around, making him one of the renowned Australian celebrities. He has a considerable number of followers on social media platforms and has also been invited on various motivational shows and Podcasts where he discusses life behind bars and the difficulties faced by prisoners. He is also advocating those who are falsely accused of various crimes and tries to give them back freedom and respect.

Ryan Ferguson Career

Ryan Ferguson Career

After Ryan was released from jail, his life story attracted filmmakers who made a documentary revolving around the complications faced by Ryan during the ten years inside the prison. The documentary was named Dreamer/Killer and was released last year at The Tribeca Film Festival. It showed how the Police were unable to find the factual DNA evidence from the murder spot and accused Ferguson wrongfully.

Ryan also published a book named Stronger, Faster, Smarter: My Life in Prison in which he explained what he went through during all those years, the circumstances he faced inside the prison as a teenager, and what he genuinely feels about other innocent prisoners and their struggles with seeking justice. In 2016, Ryan collaborated with MTV show and created the series Unlocking the Truth. He also runs a Podcast named Prison Counts.

When Ryan was in jail, he started killing time by performing exercises and taking care of his physical appearance. He started weight lifting and learned various strength exercises, and became a certified personal trainer. He has opted for it as a profession and working hard to help lots of people in attaining the fitness that they want.

Ryan Ferguson Relationship Status

Despite having a reputed and renowned identity, Ryan is still single. There are reports which claim that Ryan is dating his long-time girlfriend, Brigit Mahoney, who is also a Fox weather forecaster. The news about their marriage or further plans is still not confirmed as they have never revealed any such thing publicly.

Ryan Ferguson’s Net Worth

According to some sources, Ryan’s net worth is $10 million. He has various income sources, including TV shows, social media campaigns, a fitness center, and various promotional campaigns.


Ryan W. Ferguson is a popular name who went through a tough time during his teenage. Due to being falsely accused at the age of 17 only, he compromised his dreams and goals and suffered a lot of complications behind bars. He made himself stronger and, eventually, proved guilt-free.

He worked hard, and now he is trying to help innocent prisoners get out of bars. His life is a true example of motivation, bravery, and empowerment that leads others to follow the golden rule of not stepping back at any cost. He also stands among the most reputed personalities in Australia and earned tremendous love from the people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What was the name of the documentary that filmed the prison life of Ryan Ferguson?

The documentary was named Dreamer/Killer, which also got its release at the Tribeca Film Festival.

What is Ryan Ferguson’s podcast named?

The famous podcast of Ryan Ferguson is Prison Counts, which has 4 episodes available.

Is Ryan Ferguson married?

Ryan Ferguson is not married yet.

What is Ryan Ferguson’s height?

Ryan Ferguson’s height is 6 feet 5 inches.

What is Ryan Ferguson’s weight?

Ryan Ferguson weighs around 91 kilograms.

What is the number of  Ryan Ferguson’s Social Media followers?

Ryan has 56k followers on Instagram, and on Facebook, he has a following of 129k followers.

What is Ryan Ferguson’s Net worth?

The net worth of Ryan Ferguson is $10 million.

How much did Ryan win through a civil suit against The Missouri Police?

Ryan won $11 million through a civil suit against the police of Missouri.

Was Ryan Ferguson wrongly imprisoned?

Ryan Ferguson was falsely accused, as Charles Erickson stated false about Ferguson’s trial.

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