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Smoke Smell Removal: Effective Tips for Clothes and Non-Washable Fabrics

How to get the smoke smell out of clothes

After spending a weekend at the campfire, you come back with amazing memories and the pungent smell of smoke in your clothes like a stringent ashtray. Once it gets into your clothes, the nasty smell of the smoke is hard to get away from and stays there for longer. Cigars or cigarettes produce the same effects, and due to the nicotine residues in the smoke, its smell stays on the fabric. If such a fabric is put in the wardrobe without completely removing its smoky smell, it can curb into your closet.

The whiff of smoky odor penetrates into the clothes very quickly but is hard to wash out completely and takes gradual time to go away. But let us break it down to that you don’t have to live with this unpleasant odor forever as there are some effective ways to get rid of the smoke smell of your clothes without any hassle. Whether you are on your vacation to a campfire or living among smokers, these useful tips are life-savers for your clothes. Do not live with that bad smell when you can tackle it easily and effectively.

Baking SodaBaking Soda

Baking soda is not only effective as a cleaning agent, but it also possesses the ability to remove the stinky smell of smoke from clothes. Adding a half cup of baking soda into the wash cycle helps absorb the unpleasant smoke odor from the fabric and freshen it up. If the fabric still smells smoky, soak it in the mixture of baking soda and water overnight and wash as usual. Alternatively, you can put the smoke-laden fabric into a sealed container or zipped plastic bag with a cup of baking soda and seal it tightly. Baking soda will absorb the stringent odor of all types from your clothes.

White VinegarWhite Vinegar to Remove Smoke from Cloths

White vinegar is yet another powerful and miraculous kitchen item that does wonders with its stain and odor-removal properties. Add half a cup of white vinegar into your spray bottle and apply it with a smoky whiff on the clothing. Vinegar neutralizes the pungent cigar odor and leaves your clothes fresh and odorless.

Lemon Juice

Suppose you think that vinegar and baking soda are the only easily available kitchen products that can help in removing the smoke smell from the fabric. In that case, you will be surprised to know the effectiveness of lemon juice. The acetic properties of lemon absorb the smoky pigments from the fabric and leave it smelling fresh and new. All you need to do is to soak your cloth in the mixture of two parts of water and one part of lemon juice for 20 minutes, then rinse it as usual.

Hang your Clothes OutsideHang your Clothes Outside

If you are on the campsite or cannot access the above-mentioned kitchen ingredients, this is what you can do to get rid of the smoky smell from your clothes. Hang it outside in the open atmosphere for the time, depending upon how much smoke the cloth has absorbed. If you have spent only a few hours near the campfire, you may hang your smoke-laden cloth outside for a few minutes and vice versa. To help air pass around the cloth, you may use a fan. For better and rapid results, you may hang it in a spot where there is a lot of greenery in the surroundings so the odor may get absorbed rapidly.

Air-Dry at Low Temperature

You may hang your freshly washed clothes outside in the sun or use an electric air dryer to do the job quickly. However, while putting it in the drying machine, ensure the temperature setting is set between low to moderate, as any excessive temperature can make the smoky pigments bond with the fabric. Similarly, the brighter and warmer sunlight damages the fibers and makes the fabric lose its colors.

Use a Fabric Freshener or Laundry Scent BoosterFabric Freshener or Laundry Scent Booster

Plenty of laundry scent boosters available in the market work great in removing unpleasant odors without damaging the fabric. Just add the booster of your choice in the wash cycle and let it neutralize any smoky odor from the clothes. You can also prepare a laundry scent booster at home by mixing a cup of rock salt into 20 drops is any essential oil and adding this homemade scent booster into the fabric.

After washing, if the smell still persists, you may use a scented or unscented fabric spray to cover that odor. These sprays’ formulas effectively mask the pungent smoke odor by bonding with its molecules. After spraying the fabric with the freshener, put it outside in the air to dry it naturally.

Use a Steaming Iron

If you do not want to put the smoked cloth into the washing machine to remove its odor, you may use an iron with the steaming option. Fill it with a solution of distilled water and rubbing alcohol in the proportion of 3:1. Steaming helps neutralize the smoky odor from the clothes and makes them smell fresh. However, always check the fabric’s label before putting it to steaming as the manufacturer might specify any steaming limitation.

How to Get the Smell of Smoke out of Non-Washable Fabric?How to Get the Smell of Smoke out of Non-Washable Fabric

It is quite easy to remove the unpleasant smell of smoke from washable fabrics, but people are usually concerned about removing the smoke odor from non-washable fabrics such as curtains, carpets, etc.

Hydrogen Peroxide TreatmentHydrogen Peroxide Treatment

Hydrogen peroxide works great in absorbing the unpleasant odor from carpets, upholstery, etc. Take a spray bottle and pour an it an equal amount of water and Hydrogen Peroxide. Spray the mixture or apply it using a sponge on the carpets, curtains, or any non-washable fabric and let it rest for an hour or so. Now tap the area using a damp piece of cloth. The Hydrogen Peroxide treatment does wonders in combatting the excessive smell of smoke from all types of fabrics, especially non-washable ones.

Proper Ventilation

The room that usually has a pungent smoky smell coming out of it must have proper ventilation. Fresh air not only gives you a pleasant feel inside the room but also takes away the unpleasant whiff of odor, especially the odor caused due to smoking or cigars. Ensure all the windows are open to bringing in the natural air.

Baking Soda

Baking soda not only works great to remove unpleasant smells from washable fabric, but it is equally effective in turning down the smell of smoke from the unwashable fabric such as carpet, curtains, rugs, and upholstery. Sprinkle the plain baking soda on the carpet or the fabric that smells like smoke. Let it sit there for at least an hour, and vacuum it.

Essential Oils Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser has become popular over time with its ability to control unpleasant smoke odors from non-washable fabrics. Add a few drops of any essential oil in a diffuser and operate it near the stinky area. The diffuser will neutralize the smoke particles and removes them completely from any non-washable cloth, including curtains, carpets, etc.

Bottom Line

It takes time to remove the smoke or cigarette stains from the fabrics. If any of the remedies are not working on the first try, repeat the process again and be patient with the process. Do not go too harsh on the fabric or rub it vigorously, as it can damage it even more. You should be able to remove various odors from different types of stinky fabrics by utilizing one or more of the above-mentioned tips. However, if nothing works, it’s time to ask for professional help tackling the pungent odors and making your clothes smell fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the smell of cigarette smoke take to get out of clothes?

It depends upon how deeply the smoke has penetrated into the fabric. After the clothes have come in contact with the smoke, if these are treated effectively and washed the right way, the smell gets out of it quickly. Using laundry scent boosters and fabric boosters works great in removing the smoke odor and gives a fresh feel to the clothes.

Is dry cleaning effective in removing the smoke odor from the clothes?

Dry cleaning works on removing the smoke from certain types of fabric, so always ask the dry cleaning service provider about the effectiveness of the process on your fabric. Also, always look for the label and see if it is safe to dry clean it or not.

Why does the cigarette smoke stick to the clothes?

The bonding between the smoke molecules is quite sticky, instantly creating a strong bond with anything it comes in contact with, such as clothes, hair, carpet, etc. Moreover, the carcinogenic residues and chemicals found in each puff of smoke leaves its smell behind that does not fade away easily without taking proper measures.

Does smoke stay on the clothes?

The cigarette smoke stays on the fabric, upholstery, and carpets and stays there for a while even if there is no smoking around. The smoke can even spread in the surroundings such as on the walls and furniture like dust particles.

Is smoke smell permanent?

The smell of cigarette smoke stays around the house and revolves around through the ventilation. Although it smells unpleasant, it eliminates slowly with time.

Which essential kitchen ingredients absorb the smoke smell?

Baking soda and white vinegar has exceptional properties to absorb the smoke from the washable and non-washable fabrics.

Does an air freshener work effectively in getting rid of the smell of smoke?

Air freshener works great in masking the pungent smell of smoke from the surroundings but this is only a temporary solution. To get rid of the smell permanently, you need to look for other ways.

Does sunlight help in killing the smoke odor?

The UV rays of sun have the ability to kill germs, bacteria and also to destroy unpleasant odors. If any of your clothes have the smell of smoke embedded in it, hang it outside for some time. Also if your carpet or furniture items have a cigar smell coming out of them, take them out in the sunlight for a few aways. Do not keep your fabric or furniture outside in the sun for too long as it can damage their color.

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