6 Stats and Trends in Nursing Workforce 2023

Stats and trend in nursing

From their first to their last day, just about everyone has had to interact with a nurse during their life. The nursing profession has greatly enhanced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making the world realize the importance of nurses in the healthcare system. After the pandemic, the nursing profession is innovating due to the increased demand for nurses. If you aim to be a nurse or want to propel forward in this career, you must have a close eye on the recent trends in the nursing profession. Let’s look at the stats and trends in the nursing workforce.

More Nurses Will Specializeself-care-for-nurses

Nursing is a continuously evolving and highly competitive field. To march forward in this career, nurses are acquiring a higher level of education. The more knowledge they have, the better services they can provide. There has been an increased demand for nurses specializing in a particular field. Hence, many nurses are opting to gain higher education. Many universities provide these degrees through online programs in response to this trend. Online education has enabled more nurses to earn a master’s degree and their job.

Check out the Master’s in Nursing online Program FAQ if you are also interested. Additionally, many governments and universities offer incentives to encourage students to join nursing programs.

Increase in Nursing DemandCool Nurse

Nursing is one of those professions where demand is more than supply. According to research, the United States could face a shortage of 55,200 primary care physicians by 2032. Nursing is always a hard and challenging job, but the pandemic has worsened. Nurses are facing widespread burnout due to managing complex patients. Experts say that burnout is the driving force for nurse shortage.

The second factor that contributes to the shortage is the aging workforce. The age of one-third of the nurses is around 50 years. Most of them have planned to retire in the next five years.

Due to these factors, the healthcare systems face persistent issues recruiting and retaining needed staff. The situation is so worse that there is even a shortage of nurse educators. The applications of more than 10,000 students who applied to these programs were rejected due to the shortage of faculty.

Technological Skills and Telehealth ServicesNurse Wearing Hand Masks

Technological advancements in the 21st century have revolutionized the nursing profession. The coronavirus pandemic has especially accelerated the use of technology. Telehealth and chatbot services have made things quite easier for the nurses. However, many nurses think that technology is replacing them, but technology removes their burden. Nurses are not only using these technologies but also inventing them. According to CDC, telehealth visits increased by 154% compared to 2019.

The use of technology has prevented the nurses from direct exposure to the diseases and decreased their workload. Telehealth services have also enabled nurses and physicians to manage patients with mobility challenges. In addition, technology offers opportunities to provide better healthcare to the world and help the healthcare industry cope with the increasing demand for healthcare.

Increased Job Opportunities

According to the BLS report, the job opportunities for registered nurses are expected to increase by 9% from 2020 to 2030. This means that almost 200,000 job opportunities will be created every year in the next decade. Demand for more healthcare providers increases because a large population is getting older. As older people require more care than young people, nurses will be needed to educate and treat these patients.

The main reason for the wave in demand for nurses is retirements and resignations. Many nurses are deciding to leave this profession as it requires a lot of dedication and passion for serving humanity which they don’t have. The burnout from workload due to many patients is also their early retirements and resignation.

Increase in Support for Nursestwo female young nurses having fun with tablet computer during break

Nurses have to see every kind of human suffering, which results in adverse effects on their health. Most nurses go through stress and trauma daily because of these pressures. In recent times, awareness for self-care has increased a lot. Many organizations are stepping up and focusing on nurses’ mental health. It is the responsibility of the management to ensure a healthy working environment. The well-being of nurses should be their top priority.

Increase in Demand for Bilingual NursesAvoid to go in struggle

Speaking multiple languages is a highly desired skill in every career. A bilingual nurse also enjoys exceptionally high benefits. The trend for bilingual nurses is becoming more and more. It is because of the influx of non-English speakers in the United States. That’s why the demand for bilingual nurses increases in large healthcare systems.

The recent trends in the nursing profession show that the nursing profession is evolving fast. To keep pace with it, nurses have to be on their feet and upgrade their abilities. Changing yourself along with the time is the need of the hour. Keep these trends in mind and prepare for the future to progress in your career.

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