Times When You Need Professional Plumber Central Coast Services

Many homeowners prefer to save time and money by taking care of home plumbing issues themselves. But as with many household projects in the Central Coast, some regulations designate what the homeowner can do and what a professional plumber needs to take care of.

According to Australian Law and Regulations, these are requirements not suggestions for the safety of those living in the home. Licensed plumbers in Australia are “legally” the only person permitted to take care of most plumbing due to the level of risk posed if these issues are not carried out properly.

With the price of these services, people are often hesitant to employ professionals when there is a defect. But if a DIY repair results in an error, it could lead to significantly more damage and higher costs when the expert finally arrives to take care of the problem. It’s better to only do things that you have confidence you can handle without professional skill and knowledge assisting in the process and that you’re legally allowed to do.

DIY Plumbing Allowed In Australia

The Australian regulations regarding DIY plumbing vary from states and territories so it’s crucial that you research your particular location to learn the specifics for your locale. The important thing to remember is that professional plumbers have thorough knowledge and experience pertaining to the problems that can affect your plumbing and gas.

Without being versed in the trade, doing it on your own has the potential to cause severe hazards which is why the laws have been implemented to where only the very basic issues can be considered for DIY handling. Other than those issues, experts must be employed for overall safety. Click to learn common issues dealt within Australia.

That said, homeowners can take the opportunity to try to determine what the issue may be, particularly if the water bill is in excess with no obvious cause. Everything can be shut off to see if the meter continues to spin. Simple investigative steps like these help to inform the professional in diagnosing the problem upon arrival. Other things that are commonly permitted throughout Australia:

  • Replacing the showerhead
  • Washer tap change
  • Using a drain snake or a plunger for drain cleaning
  • Ground-level grates cleaning and maintenance to the traps of the drains
  • Sanitary drains cap replacements

If you don’t feel comfortable in handling these situations, you should call for help. You should never participate in any type of home plumbing you’re unsure of because it can lead to significant problems or potential damages. It’s better to call an expert and let them handle the situation for you.

What You Need To Allow A Plumber To Handle

Anything that goes beyond the very basic plumbing as described above should be handled by a licensed, reputable plumbing service, one of which can be found at and other similar sites. These experts offer the skills and experience necessary to keep your home and family safe by repairing the problems adequately and successfully the first time with no worry of recurrence. Some things included in these types of repairs are:


  • Any situation pertaining to the drinking water supply or the sewer system.
  • With gas plumbing, it’s required to use an expert with a “gas fitting” license and there must be a “gas compliance certificate” to make sure that the work has been completed to standard.
  • Anything relating to the hot water system must be taken care of by an expert service provider.


Some of these plumbing issues may seem nonthreatening and may prove simple to correct, not creating a massive amount of damage to the plumbing system as a whole. But it’s imperative to have any issues large or small taken care of right away and have them done correctly.

The water system is a major component of a household and has the potential to cause the greatest damage including loss for the structure and personal property. No matter how trivial the issue may appear, fast response to every issue can save a nightmare situation in the future.

Finding The Right Professional For Your Home

It’s much better to be prepared than to be caught unaware of damaging, costly problems with your pipe and water system. Finding an expert to suit your specific household needs is the ideal way to prevent problems from cropping up in the future. And developing such a relationship gives you a resource to contact if there is an emergency with your system. How to find the right expert in Central Coast

  • Always check for licenses. It’s necessary when employing professional services to use a licensed plumber who, according to law, can handle the problems in the most effective, efficient manner with a successful outcome.
  • Check the company website for testimonials and reviews from customers who have utilized the services. Look for complaints to see how these were resolved. Also, see if there are any examples of projects that were completed.
  • Compare prices and find out about upfront fees. You should always try to get quotes from at least three quality options. Not all service providers charge upfront fees. But it’s important to remember, the cheapest option does not mean the best choice. In many situations, this can also mean lesser quality.
  • Check for a “workmanship guarantee.” If you find the problem comes back or hasn’t been fixed to satisfaction following the plumber leaving, it’s important that you have their guarantee so that they return to handle the issue.

You can also check with friends and family regarding people they’ve used in the trade that they’re willing to recommend. These are great resources because you’re bound to receive honest feedback whether good or bad.

Taking all these things into consideration allows a homeowner to make a much more informed decision when the water system in the home is not acting as it should and you need to contact someone to help, particularly since it’s the law.

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