Why Is Timing Important for Dental Implants?

Dental Implants
Dentist performing implantation

In order to enjoy good oral health, it is vital to brush and floss daily, consume a sound, low-sugar diet, and pay regular visits to the dentist. The news indicates that dentistry in Pakistan could use improvement; for instance, around 34% of the total population is aged 14 and under, yet there are few paediatric dental specialists in Pakistan.

Dental health is important from infancy, and when permanent teeth come through, decay can lead to tooth loss, which can affect health and wellbeing for the rest of one’s adult life. Dental implants, which replace the teeth with an artificial root, are the pinnacle of dentistry, there was limited awareness of the procedure until the past few years. In this post, we highlight the importance of the early placement of dental implants to save on cost and reduce the need for more complex surgery.

How Do Missing Teeth Affect our Oral Health?

When gaps between teeth are large, your dentist may recommend dental implant surgery for various reasons. Firstly, gaps cause adjacent teeth to move, affecting your bite and possibly leading to jaw pain. Missing teeth can also change the face, causing wrinkles to appear close to the mouth, for instance. Finally, a misaligned bite can result in tooth and jaw pain, and making it difficult to smile or socialize with others confidently.

Why is Early Implantation Key?

For the first year after we lose a tooth, bone loss is much faster than in subsequent years. When the bone that used to hold our missing teeth diminishes, we may need more bone augmentation surgery if we wish to have implants, to ensure the latter have a solid base to attach to.

Bone augmentation is more complex than normal implant surgery, because it may require a sinus lift (in the case of upper teeth) and there is a chance that the implanted bone will be rejected.

Moreover, this procedure adds considerably to the cost of dental implants.

Are Dental Implants Always Necessary?

If the gap in your mouth is small, your dentist may recommend simply leaving it alone, or may suggest dentures.

Prior to implantation, your mouth should be in a healthy state to ensure implant success. If you have issues like gingivitis or considerable decay, these issues will need to be addressed prior to surgery.

Dental implants are an excellent way to restore functionality and to ensure a beautiful smile. However, if you lose teeth, it is vital to aim to have dental implant surgery within the first year, to avoid the need for more complex and costly procedures such as bone augmentation.

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