Fun Ways for Older Adults to Stay Mentally and Physically Fit

Ways for seniors to stay mentally and physically fit

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Before they learn how to do anything, babies have an innate urge to play. As people age, this desire to stay stimulated and engaged doesn’t disappear but evolves. Older adults are very driven to stay busy. Let’s check out some of the most stimulating activities older adults love and need.

A Walk

There’s no better or healthier way to get the body up and moving than walking. Older adults need exercise that doesn’t put any undue pressure on their joints or present other risks. Plus, you get to enjoy the fresh air, connect with neighbors, and take in sights from your local neighborhood. Go for a stroll by yourself or make it a group activity. The choice is yours.


Have you ever dreamed of being an artist or at least taking a stab at producing something beautiful? Older adults often use their free time to create some art or refine old works finally.

Whether you dive into a new form of creation or study the work of other artists, art is incredibly stimulating to create. People can really broaden their horizons and push their boundaries by deciding to grab that brush and plunge into painting or take that novel off the shelf they’ve always wanted to read. Challenge and grow your mind or revel in the escapism and play of art, as you prefer.

GamesPicture of elderly playing chess

Games are always fun, but they’re hard to play alone. The leading communities for senior living in Whitby and across Ontario offer casual games for friends and neighbors to play and friendly tournaments to help ramp up the drama and spectacle.

Games can help promote bonding with friendly competition. Older adults can become friends as they encourage each other and share some laughs. The best senior living centers help foster camaraderie and excitement by encouraging residents to play games throughout the year, like bocce ball, board games, or Wii bowling, in addition to holding a week-long games tournament they promote for weeks prior.


Nothing is as satisfying as spending quality time with the people we love most in this world. There really is no substitute for a visit from someone special, even pets.

Older adults love spending time with their family and old friends, in addition to hanging out with the new friends they make. The best meal in the world isn’t as good when you eat it alone, just like you need someone to share the laughter of a good joke.

Leading senior living communities for older adults are staffed by supportive, caring experts, so there’s always a friendly face around between visits from old friends. It’s nice when there’s always a warm smile nearby.

People need to keep busy and productive throughout their lives, but our approach has changed over the years. Older adults need suitable physical and recreational activities that promote good health they find interesting and engaging. Keep the above tips in mind to enjoy years of meaningful pleasure.

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