What Is Considered A Motor Yacht?

motor yacht

What Is Considered A Motor Yacht?

Many tourists in Dubai are looking to have a luxurious time and considering renting a yacht or sailboat. But if you’re only making your first steps into the yachting lifestyle, then you need some assistance with navigating this field. In this article, you’ll find some tips on how to tell which kind of yacht will suit you best for your leisure and why motor yachts have been winning the hearts of many people for years.

When exploring motor yachts Dubai propositions, you’ll see that the market is really competitive as Dubai Marina is one of the most luxurious in the world.

What is a Motor yacht, and How is It Different From a Powerboat?Motor yacht differ from sailing yacht

From a technical perspective, there are motor, sailing, and hybrid yachts, depending on the propelled way of a vessel. Motor yachts are powered by two or more motors, while sails power sailing yachts. Depending on purposes of use they categorized on luxury, sports, cruiser, cabin yachts, and more.

The main advantage of motor yachts over powerboats would be the size. Powerboats are smaller which makes them extremely fast, which would be suited for speed and adrenaline lovers. Motor yachts come in a variety of sizes and number of cabins and motors. It doesn’t mean that motor yachts are slow and calm, it can also take you for quite a ride! Depending on the size and level of floors you can find yachts that will fit up to 50 people and have more than 5 cabins. Dubai yacht renting market is suited for any wallet and purpose.

Is it Expensive to Rent a Luxury Motor Yacht in Dubai Marina?Luxury Yacht

It’s no secret that Dubai is not a cheap destination, but you don’t have to be a millionaire to afford to rent a motor yacht in Dubai. The affordable prices vary between 70 and 400 euros per hour. If you’re traveling with a group of friends you can save some money by splitting the cost of renting. Make sure to read details of the yacht that you fancy, to make sure the company offers everything you might need to enjoy your journey and doesn’t have any hidden fees. That way, a luxurious yacht party in Dubai is not only a dream but a pretty affordable reality.

What Types of Motor Yachts are There?Types of yachts

Motor yachts differ by the purpose of use. For tourists who want to have a nice sightseeing experience, or planning to have a big cocktail party for any type of celebration, the best would be a cruiser yacht. Cruiser yachts have significantly bigger deck space that will fit more people and have enough space for some unique setup.

Active and sporty tourists, who would enjoy fishing or water sports and fast rides along the coast or in the deep sea, should consider renting sports motor yachts. It has more powerful motors which make it faster.

The sailing yachts come with sails and motors. It’s a great location for a photoshoot or romantic dinner, celebration of engagement. So if you’re looking for a more romantic set-up, consider hybrid sailing motor yachts

Reasons to Enjoy Your Day on a Motor Yacht in DubaiEnjoy motor yacht in dubai

  • Get away from noisy city and crowds of tourists and spend the day in the sea, sunbathing, swimming in the open water, and relaxing with a drink.
  • Get a view of the Dubai skyline. Skippers and captains of the motor yachts could make a special trail and take you to see the best views of Dubai, with an exclusive view from a sea point.
  • Witness the unbelievable sunset while cruising in the open water of Dubai coast.
  • Make a unique party. Yachts can host between 10 and 50 people so it’s a great idea for a holiday or birthday celebration, party with your friends or coworkers. Make sure to learn details of the renting proposition to see what is already on board. Most companies allow you to bring your own food and drinks, so you can enjoy a loud celebration with no intruders.
  • Give your family a deserved holiday. Yachts are family-friendly and safe for kids, as long as they have some basic supervision. Yachting and cruising alongside the Dubai coast is a unique family getaway idea.
  • Enjoy fishing and making a barbeque with your own catch. Lots of companies offer fishing charters with an instructor, so it’s possible to learn something new and get into the local culture of fishing.
  • Spend a romantic date with your significant other. There is no better way to celebrate your honeymoon or engagement party than with the magnificent views that you can get from cruising along the Dubai coast.
  • Meet local people. Each yacht comes with a skipper that can share with you lots of great sailing stories, give you a little tour of what are you seeing on the mainland, tell unique facts about UAE and Arabic culture.

The best thing about cruising on a motor yacht in Dubai is that you’re your own captain. There is no tour guide who will tell you the schedule of the day. It’s suited for a relaxing day with a book and refreshing cocktail, for a DJ party, for children’s birthday, for some water activities with the best views you can get from UAE.

Some companies offer yacht renting services without any team and skipper for those clients that are experienced in sailing and know their way around the boat. And let’s be honest, sailing in Dubai by yourself, being the captain of a luxurious yacht is a must-do for sailing lovers

To sum up, motor yachts are an alternative way to learn more about Dubai culture. Luxury motor yachts are affordable to rent in Dubai for any occasion you might have planned or just a fun idea on how to explore more of such a vibrant city in the UAE. As you see choosing a motor yacht is pretty easy and companies have all the details you might need to know listed on their websites that you can check online beforehand here

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