What Is The Belly Button Phobia And How To Deal With It?

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There are many types of phobias that struck people. These phobias include certain disorders, height phobias, cluster phobias etc. These phobias are pretty common in many people. But, one of the rarest phobia that a person can encounter is the belly button phobia. It is not very common and a very few number of people encounter it.




Belly button phobia or omphalophobia as it is known scientifically is the fear of touching or even looking at belly buttons, not only your own but in certain cases of other people as well. It has no gender exception, both men and women face it the same way.

The people who have researched on this phobia has clearly stated that this is not something to be made fun about as it is a serious thing and can be dangerous for the person who is omphalophobic. So, no touching the belly button or navel of that person in case it becomes something serious. This is such an extreme phobia that sometimes merely looking at the belly button can cause disgust and not so normal behavior.

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Causes and Symptoms

The symptoms of this phobia include:  

  • People in their childhood tend to be fascinated by their belly button and in trying to remove the dirt from it they damage it due to which it becomes fear when they grow up.
  • Some people even fear the sentence spill your guts due to which they become conscious about the fact that this might happen. 
  • Children also sometimes poke or touch their navels inappropriately due to which they become phobic about belly button.

The symptoms of this phobia are triggered when a person sees or touches a belly bottom he tends to the following things:

  • He gets scared and starts to shake 
  • Feeling headache, nausea and severe vomiting sensation
  • Level of heartbeat becomes very high and accelerated 
  • Sometimes even the willingness and thoughts of death in severe conditions

If a person has done something from the above given things and in future when they grow up feel all the symptoms there is a great chance that the person has the belly button phobia and he should be asked to cure it.

Dealing with the phobia

Fear of belly

Fear of belly button can in certain cases become quite severe therefore it should be overcome. For that certain therapies are required. These include hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and CBT. These are to be done under professionals, otherwise, it can be very dangerous for the person.

Another treatment is taking anti-depressant pills which may or may not cure the phobia as they are not generally recommended by the doctors. A very easy treatment but a one that requires the full support of the family and the willingness of the patient is to expose them to what fears them, meaning they should be shown pictures of belly buttons and his fears and slowly with time they will recover if treated well. 

In this way, belly button phobia can be cured. It is not particularly difficult to overcome but it requires a strong will of the phobic person.

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