What Size Area Rug Should I Get For My Space

What Size Area Rug Should I Get For My Space

When looking at area rugs, you need to choose the size carefully. The actual size of the rug is likely to affect the way your space looks and feels. You need to be comfortable with the finished effect, so it is essential to get the right size rug.

However, with such an impressive selection of rugs on the market, such as these rugs NZ, you may find it hard to decide which one works best for you.

After all, a too large rug will make the room feel smaller.

The Space Available

The Space Available

It’s essential to take a moment to look at your room and see what size rug is most appropriate. The best approach is to measure the space and then choose a rug size that is roughly two-thirds of the room size.

This will allow it to sit centrally and create the right effect.

However, this is affected slightly by what the space is used for. For example, a hallway doesn’t contain a lot of furniture, and the rug can easily cover almost all the floor, creating the effect of carpet even when it’s not.

Larger rooms are generally better, with more of the original floor show when the two-thirds option sits well.

Normal Sizes

Normal Sizes

If you’re looking at standard, factory-made rugs, you’ll automatically know the most common sizes of rugs. These are:

  • 3ft by 5ft
  • 4ft by 6ft
  • 5ft by 8ft
  • 8ft by 10ft
  • 9ft by 12ft

Most manufacturers don’t offer every size on this list. They will usually pick two or three dimensions and create their rugs in these sizes. That means you need to decide what size suits your room and see if that corresponds to a standard rug from the manufacturer.

Naturally, if you choose to have a custom or hand-knotted rug, you can dictate your size. But, if that’s not an option, then choosing the closest size to your needs is the best way forward.

Tape It

Tape it

If you’re finding it hard to visualize the rug in situ, you can get some masking tape and create a tape outline of the carpet on your floor. This will help you see how large the rug is and how well it will sit in the room. You can even move the tape to create a larger or smaller rug.

Consider Multiple Rugs

Consider Multiple Rugs

While the standard thinking is one large rug covering most of the room, this isn’t the only option. You can have smaller rugs creating areas within a space. Or you can have multiple rugs across the space, effectively separating it into different regions. You can even layer the rugs, allowing you to stack several on top of each other and create a unique effect.

Remember, the space is yours, and you need to be happy with the results. That means choosing the style and size of rug that suits your needs and budget.

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