Where You Are: Your Environment’s Role in Addiction Recovery

Where You Are: Your Environment's Role in Addiction Recovery

One of the most important elements in addiction recovery is a healthy environment that will support a full recovery. You need to avoid the triggers that may cause you to fall into bad habits. You need a strong support group. You can get better, but you can’t do it on your own. Your environment is likely what got you into your addiction to start with. To beat it, you may have to leave that environment. An Austin rehab facility might be exactly what you need. Depending on your situation, you may do well with inpatient or outpatient care. What exactly you need varies from one situation to another.

Where You Are: Your Environment's Role in Addiction Recovery

Maggie came to the big city hoping to be a sensation on the stage. She did get some parts, mostly as chorus or understudy, but to get the big roles, she had to get into the party scene and socialize. At first, it was just a little wine here and there. One night, a producer invited Maggie to do a little “nose candy” with him and she went along, hoping to get the starring role in his new show. Maggie soon found herself asking for cocaine instead of being invited. She started buying it herself and blew through her money pretty quickly. She got fired from several shows for showing up wasted or not at all. Maggie was soon on the streets and willing to do anything for the next hit. Realizing this wasn’t what she wanted at all, Maggie called her parents back in the suburbs begging for help. Maggie’s parents brought her home but realized their girl needed help. Now that she was in a safe environment with a supportive family, Maggie would do well in an outpatient program. 

Darnell grew up in a rough neighborhood with a single mother who was rather neglectful and an older brother who made ends meet selling pot. Darnell took up smoking with his older brother’s friends, hoping it would make him look cool. One of these “friends” turned Darnell onto heroin. Darnell found he loved getting high far better than having to deal with the unhappiness in his real life. However, getting high-cost money, which Darnell didn’t have much of. Darnell got arrested for trying to steal a stereo to fuel his habit. The judge decided to sentence him to inpatient care at a rehab facility as it was obvious that his present environment would do nothing to help him. 

Kai realized he had a drinking problem when his wife left and took the kids. He dropped his drinking buddies and found a support group for alcoholics. Whenever he found himself wanting a drink, he’d call one of his new friends to talk him out of it. Kai relaxed a little at work, learning to delegate authority so he didn’t get stressed out. After a month of sobriety, he discussed things with Ming. She wasn’t so sure she wanted to reconcile their marriage, but she would agree to supervised visitation with the children, provided he could stay sober. Kai wants to do this for both himself and his children. His support friends are great, but they also depend on him every once in a while to talk them out of drinking. Kai could benefit from therapy and counseling to keep him from backsliding. 

Where You Are: Your Environment's Role in Addiction Recovery

Environment plays a big role in rehabilitation. If you are somewhere that doesn’t have the Forbidden Fruit to start with, you of course will not partake. If that is not possible, you should at least surround yourself with people who have your best interests at heart. In any case, healing starts with where you are.

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