6 Inspirational Items to Design Your Home With

6 Inspirational Items to Design Your Home With

Creating the perfect space in a home that can provide both originality and fulfillment is not always an easy undertaking. Knowing the best way to choose items that merge well together is also not an easy venture. However, the good thing about home design is that inspiration can come from anywhere and anything such as the products that we have listed below.

These six items are uncomplicated and are able to complement existing items or create inspirational centerpieces that can be expanded upon.

1. Custom Size Door

custom size door can provide originality and style to any room in your home

Bringing in a custom made item such as a custom size door can provide originality and style to any room in your home. They can be designed to complement many other mediums that are able to match easily. When you place custom doors, they are able to change the entire atmosphere while improving your existing layout.

2. Area Rug

Area Rug

It will never be easy to find the best area rug. In fact, the search can be nonstop if you are unable to find the perfect rug. But when you do find it, you’ll be able to enjoy a space that is truly inspirational.

In order to choose the perfect rug is to determine the size that you need. It is suggested that a border of at least one and a half feet should be maintained in order to reveal some underlying floor.

Once you’ve found the right size, it is time to choose the color. Decide if the color should be cool or warm. Should it be full of color or delicate? Having bright colors such as yellow, red, and orange can easily inspire many to laugh, become motivated, and express strength. Other colors like greens, blues, and purples are perfect bedroom colors due to their calming effect.

3. Artwork

Room Artwork

Artwork does not need to be a huge painting to make an impact. In fact, a tiny piece can inspire every space in your home. When incorporating artwork, make sure to remember a few things:

  • The artwork’s color is able to inspire a room’s color scheme. Your art piece should be allowed to have its own color to inspire the color of other items in the room such as furniture
  • You can draw inspiration from your art piece’s medium. For example, a sculpture made of marble can be matched perfectly with a gold-laden table
  • Having antique paintings laying around should inspire you to use other similar art to create one single style that compliments the space

4. Heirlooms


With an heirloom, you can easily utilize a single piece to inspire a design or blend many heirlooms together to create a modernization of your design.

Developing a room design around heirlooms goes along with the artwork concept. Nevertheless, when an heirloom is used in a modern way, there are several ways to do it.

  • If your heirloom is furniture, then simply providing it with new upholstery will do the trick to express a modern feel
  • Mix it up with pieces from different eras so as to reflect a nice collection
  • Incorporate ideas surrounding architecture that takes from other parts of a room like wainscoting or other types of flooring
  • Bring in heirlooms that are similar in designs and colors to existing items in your home

5. Fluffy Pillow or Two

Fluffy Pillow

Even a fluffy pillow or two is able to make a significant impact on your room’s design. A fluffy pillow, such as a throw, normally has soft tones and lines that can make a room’s design pop.

Having a pillow with certain palettes are able to inspire other color choices for different parts of a room, such as a wall. Also, the design of the pillow is able to set a mood and give everything a tranquil feeling and a more refreshing appeal. You can obtain many pillow designs and patterns on the market or even having them custom made could make all the difference too.

6. Upholstery


Incorporating upholstery on a sofa or ottoman is able to provide a huge influence in an existing room. To get the best out of the upholstery that you choose, make sure that its color and weight makes a great match.

You can create an easy center of attention when you add new upholstery. For floral design furniture, your space would do great if it maintains a feminine feel.

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