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6 Ways To Lose Weight By Balancing Blood Sugar

6 Ways To Lose Weight By Balancing Blood Sugar

Have you been trying every trick in the book to lose weight, only to see zero results?

Are you tired of going through endless videos and blogs looking for a way to lose weight that works for you? Well, the problem may be with your blood sugar levels.Checking Blood Sugar Level

The fact that your blood sugar levels have a huge impact on your weight and overall health, may come as a surprise to you, but it’s true. Achieving stability may require a little extra effort, but it can reward you with not only effective weight loss, but also proper maintenance of weight even after reaching your goal.

What Exactly is Blood Sugar and How Does it Affect Weight Loss or Health?

Blood sugar or blood glucose as it is sometimes called is basically the amount of sugar contained in your bloodstream. It is produced every time your body breaks down carbohydrates or sugar absorbed from the food you eat and is one of the primary sources of energy for your body, used in carrying out your everyday tasks.

Your body does have a natural hormone called insulin produced by the pancreas which regulates sugar levels in the blood. It does the job of allocating the sugar absorbed from food, as energy across the body. However, when your body has more sugar than what it needs for energy, insulin converts the excess sugar as body fat leading to weight gain.

How insulin Works in Our Body

This is precisely why you need to optimise your blood sugar levels at all times.

So how do you do that?

Ways to Balance Blood Sugar and In Turn Lose Weight

One of the most proven effective ways to manage blood sugar levels is by taking supplements like Glucosmart.They are natural, safe and effective for people who may be finding it difficult to follow strict diet regimes.

Other than that here are 6 effective ways to lose weight by balancing blood sugar. These may take more time but are sure to work:

1. Eat Foods that are Low Glycemic Index (GI)

Low Glycemic Index (GI) Foods

The Glycemic Index is an international standard that categorises different foods based on their relative carbohydrate content and on how they affect blood glucose levels. Generally foods with a GI value less than 55 are considered ideal for the body. This means that you need to eat a whole bunch of fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains as they all mostly come under the low GI category.

The American Diabetes Association clearly lists down a set of foods, explaining their GI levels and their effect on the body.

2. Eat a Healthy Breakfast Rich in Protein

Protein Rich Foods On the Table

A protein rich breakfast not only fills your stomach satisfactorily, but also keeps your appetite under control as it digests slowly and hence keeps blood sugar levels optimised. It is also likely to prevent mid-day sugar cravings as well as energy crashes that make you consume heavy carbs. Eggs, avocados, salmon, sweet potatoes, spinach etc. make for a protein rich breakfast.

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3. Cut Down on Natural Sweeteners

Natural Sweetner

White sugar, raw honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup are some of the most active busters of a balanced blood sugar level. They are basically just carbohydrates that digest very quickly and spike up your blood sugar. Hence, although they make your food tasty, they should be used rationally and should ideally be kept to a conscious minimum.

4. Try Snacking Healthy

low-carb and healthy snacks

If snacking has become a part of your daily routine, then it is not as easy to completely avoid it. Hence the best option is to go for low-carb and healthy snacks such as nuts, seeds and low-carb fruits. Some good options include berries, apples and pears. You can pair fruit with avocados or almond butter to slow down digestion to. Here are some healthy snack ideas for everyday of the week.

5. Don’t Slack on Sleep

Have Quality Sleep to Lose Weight

There is no doubt sleep has a direct role in our healthy. The millennial generation generally has a habit of working long hours and sleeping less. This can easily be one of the major causes of weight gain. Lack of sleep can cause a myriad of complex health issues like insulin sensitivity and hormone imbalance, all of which can lead to unhealthy weight gain. Hence, it is always best to put away your work and have a sound sleep for 8 hours.

6. Reduce the Use of Stimulants

reduce the use of Coffee, alcohol, energy drinks

Coffee, alcohol, energy drinks and the like are stimulants that cause blood sugar levels to vary drastically. It is not easy to simply avoid such stimulants, but you can start by cutting down on their intake and gradually eliminate them from your daily routine.

Follow these steps to regulate blood sugar and lose weight the healthy way.

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